Tree Position

A0-T-YP2191 > P305 > L413/PF1409/V31 > M168/PF1416 > M145/P205/PF144 > M96/PF1823 > Exact position not yet finalized.

Unique Mutations

The mutations unique to this man are summarized in the table below. Those with a '+' or '*' confidence level are considered by FamilyTreeDNA or FullGenomesCorp to be high quality SNPs/INDELs. For completeness, all other mutations of lesser confidence are included as well. These additional mutations may be useful for distinguishing between very closely related men.

Occasionally, some of the mutations listed here will be thought to be shared with other men in which case they might appear in upstream blocks on the tree. When this happens, the 'Blocks' field will indicate what block they appear in. Such a situation might arise with BigY men if the BED data suggests another man may be positive for a SNP, even though it doesn't appear in his VCF data. It might also happen if Chromo2 testing or Sanger sequencing of other men not on the tree show the SNP to be shared.

POS-REF-ALT (hg19) POS-REF-ALT (hg38) Blocks Names Region McDonald BED combBED STR1kG
7988964-C-T 8120923-C-T A1290A1290 YY+
17831200-G-A 15719320-G-A Y27219 YY+
18419028-A-G 16307148-A-G Y25429 P6_Gap +
18228356-G-T 16116476-G-T +
18159944-A-T 16048064-A-T Y27225 YY+
18122791-A-G 16010911-A-G Y27224 YY+
18102504-G-T 15990624-G-T Y27223 YY+
18087749-G-A 15975869-G-A Y27222 YY+
18041639-A-C 15929759-A-C Y25428 Y+
17954581-T-C 15842701-T-C Y38107 Y+
17947168-C-A 15835288-C-A Y25427 YY+
17945419-T-A 15833539-T-A YY+
17929257-C-A 15817377-C-A Y25426 Y+
17928927-A-G 15817047-A-G Y25425 Y+
17898080-A-T 15786200-A-T Y27220 YY+
17812825-G-T 15700945-G-T Y38106 Y+
18586456-T-A 16474576-T-A Y25431 YY+
17806382-A-T 15694502-A-T Y25424 YY+
17775933-T-C 15664053-T-C Y25423 Y+
17741685-C-T 15629805-C-T Y25422 YY+
17731835-C-A 15619955-C-A Y25421 Y+
17645021-G-T 15533141-G-T F2544 AM00711 YY+
17631968-A-G 15520088-A-G Y25420 YY+
17613899-A-T 15502019-A-T Y27218 YY+
17595793-G-C 15483913-G-C YY+
17590512-G-A 15478632-G-A YY+
17580567-C-T 15468687-C-T Y25419 YY+
17541234-C-A 15429354-C-A Y25418 Y+
17508350-T-A 15396470-T-A Y25417 YY+
17444664-G-C 15332784-G-C Y25416 YY+
17410158-C-T 15298278-C-T Y25415 YY+
18422541-G-A 16310661-G-A Y25430 P6_Gap +
18589688-T-A 16477808-T-A BY122398 YY+
17305592-A-T 15193712-A-T YY+
19017284-C-T 16905404-C-T Y25442 Y+
19288925-G-C 17177045-G-C Y25451 YY+
19283606-T-C 17171726-T-C Y25450 YY+
19283458-T-G 17171578-T-G Y27232 YY+
19261703-G-T 17149823-G-T Y25449 YY+
19191389-C-T 17079509-C-T YP5091 YY+
19168203-A-T 17056323-A-T Y25448 Y+
19161661-C-G 17049781-C-G Y25447 YY+
19114610-A-C 17002730-A-C Y25446 YY+
19090888-G-A 16979008-G-A Y25445 YY+
19086806-A-T 16974926-A-T Y27231 YY+
19066726-G-A 16954846-G-A YY+
19052954-T-C 16941074-T-C Y25444 YY+
19031106-G-T 16919226-G-T Y25443 Y+
18977283-A-G 16865403-A-G Y25441 YY+
18654901-G-A 16543021-G-A Y25432 YY+
18971806-A-C 16859926-A-C Y27230 Y+
18961742-G-A 16849862-G-A Y25440 YY+
18951281-T-C 16839401-T-C Y25439 YY+
18944820-G-A 16832940-G-A Y25438 YY+
18913880-T-C 16802000-T-C Y27229 YY+
18901035-G-A 16789155-G-A Y25437 YY+
18876502-T-C 16764622-T-C Y27228 Y+
18852987-C-T 16741107-C-T Y25436 YY+
18848604-T-C 16736724-T-C Y25435 Y+
18823954-T-A 16712074-T-A YY+
18801880-G-GCTAAGCAT 16690000-G-GCTAAGCAT +
18800370-A-C 16688490-A-C Y25434 Y+
18772157-T-C 16660277-T-C Y25433 YY+
18761619-C-T 16649739-C-T Y27226 YY+
17322985-GA-G 15211105-GA-G +
17302471-T-A 15190591-T-A Y27217 YY+
19306986-G-T 17195106-G-T YY+
15841267-G-T 13729387-G-T Y27204 YY+
16275856-A-G 14163976-A-G Y+
16256093-T-C 14144213-T-C SK967 YY+
16239255-C-T 14127375-C-T Y25397 YY+
16216480-C-T 14104600-C-T Y25396 Y+
16096267-A-G 13984387-A-G Y25395 +
16096263-T-C 13984383-T-C Y25394 +
16022386-A-G 13910506-A-G Y25393 Y+
15995308-T-C 13883428-T-C Y25392 YY+
15962113-T-C 13850233-T-C Y25391 Y+
15952753-G-A 13840873-G-A Y25390 YY+
15878490-T-C 13766610-T-C Y25389 YY+
15857609-C-G 13745729-C-G Y27205 Y+
15853520-G-A 13741640-G-A Y+
15823542-G-A 13711662-G-A YY+
16396597-T-C 14284717-T-C Y27208 Y+
15815323-C-A 13703443-C-A YY+
15802082-A-G 13690202-A-G Y25388 YY+
15783256-TTATC-T 13671376-TTATC-T +
15761011-T-G 13649131-T-G Y27203 Y+
15733914-A-T 13622034-A-T Y27202 Y+
15658067-T-C 13546187-T-C YY9×AC+
15611833-A-T 13499953-A-T Y25387 YY+
15583625-G-C 13471745-G-C Y27201 FGC58355 YY+
15574975-C-T 13463095-C-T Y25386 YY+
15522019-C-T 13410139-C-T Y27200 YY+
15514310-A-C 13402430-A-C Y25385 YY+
15484793-T-C 13372913-T-C Y25384 YY+
15428780-T-G 13316900-T-G Y93781 YY+
15424123-A-G 13312243-A-G Y27199 Y+
16320064-C-T 14208184-C-T Y27206 Y+
16428555-C-A 14316675-C-A Y27209 Y+
17288301-G-GAA 15176421-G-GAA +
17046831-T-A 14934951-T-A Y25407 YY+
17266507-G-T 15154627-G-T Y25414 Y+
17249998-A-T 15138118-A-T Y27216 Y+
17249497-C-G 15137617-C-G Y+
17223240-G-T 15111360-G-T Y25413 YY+
17171375-AT-A 15059495-AT-A +
17120834-C-T 15008954-C-T YY+
17117135-G-A 15005255-G-A Y25412 YY+
17110262-C-T 14998382-C-T Y25411 YY+
17092722-C-G 14980842-C-G Y25410 YY+
17086946-A-G 14975066-A-G YY+
17085386-C-A 14973506-C-A Y25409 Y+
17077619-A-C 14965739-A-C YY+
17052457-A-G 14940577-A-G Y25408 YY+
17046404-G-A 14934524-G-A Y25406 YY+
16472789-C-A 14360909-C-A SK964 YY+
17001578-T-C 14889698-T-C Y25405 Y+
16988613-G-T 14876733-G-T Y27214 YY+
16932910-C-T 14821030-C-T Y27213 YY+
16896194-A-G 14784314-A-G Y27212 YY+
16857644-A-G 14745764-A-G F21139 YY+
16818967-A-G 14707087-A-G Y27211 YY+
16787377-G-T 14675497-G-T SK970 YY+
16768050-T-C 14656170-T-C Y25404 YY+
16660182-C-T 14548302-C-T Y27210 YY+
16523137-A-C 14411257-A-C Y25402 YY+
16517649-T-C 14405769-T-C Y25401 YY+
16516074-T-C 14404194-T-C Y25400 YY+
16493027-T-A 14381147-T-A Y25399 YY+
16475175-A-C 14363295-A-C Y25398 YY+
19299810-C-T 17187930-C-T Y25452 Y+
19317420-G-A 17205540-G-A Y75114 YY+
15393009-G-T 13281129-G-T Y25382 YY+
22858868-C-A 20696982-C-A Y27241 YY+
23445170-A-G 21283284-A-G Y25487 YY+
23427758-C-T 21265872-C-T Y27248 YY+
23395948-T-C 21234062-T-C Y27247 YY+
23313172-C-T 21151286-C-T YY+
23312287-A-C 21150401-A-C Y27246 YY+
23284603-AAAAG-A 21122717-AAAAG-A +
23204998-T-C 21043112-T-C Y27245 Y+
23189259-T-A 21027373-T-A Y25486 Y+
23124885-C-A 20962999-C-A Y25485 YY+
23080118-G-A 20918232-G-A Y25484 YY+
23064975-G-C 20903089-G-C Y25483 YY+
23025782-C-G 20863896-C-G YY+
23020875-A-T 20858989-A-T Y27243 YY+
22817968-G-C 20656082-G-C Y25482 YY+
23463284-G-A 21301398-G-A Y25488 YY+
22766742-G-T 20604856-G-T Y27240 YY+
22765419-G-A 20603533-G-A Y25481 YY+
22759415-G-A 20597529-G-A Y25480 YY+
22726709-A-G 20564823-A-G Y109580 YY+
22693720-T-G 20531834-T-G Y+
22665397-G-C 20503511-G-C Y25479 YY+
22653156-G-A 20491270-G-A Y25478 YY+
22634169-G-A 20472283-G-A Y27239 Y+
22539719-G-A 20377833-G-A Y25477 Y+
22534527-C-T 20372641-C-T Y+
22533850-T-G 20371964-T-G Y+
22532759-T-A 20370873-T-A Y+
22528291-A-AT 20366405-A-AT +
22514935-G-C 20353049-G-C Y25476 Y+
23447994-A-G 21286108-A-G Y+
23535708-T-A 21373822-T-A Y25489 YY+
22506215-T-G 20344329-T-G BY49548 DYZ19 +
24451557-G-T 22305410-G-T Y25498 Y+
28800337-G-A 26654190-G-A Y27252 +
28780076-G-C 26633929-G-C Y27251 +
28751775-T-C 26605628-T-C Y25503 +
28639214-T-G 26493067-T-G Y38177 +
28590985-G-A 26444838-G-A Y25502 +
28584958-T-C 26438811-T-C Y25501 +
28512410-C-T 26366263-C-T Y25500 +
28501652-G-A 26355505-G-A +
28478232-T-G 26332085-T-G Y25499 +
28460497-C-T 26314350-C-T Y27250 +
27576114-G-T 25429967-G-T P1_Y2 +
25305436-A-G 23159289-A-G P2_r1 +
23983288-T-C 21837141-T-C Y25497 Y+
23540517-CT-C 21378631-CT-C +
23981656-G-T 21835509-G-T Y27249 Y+
23892308-T-C 21730422-T-C Y+
23887578-A-C 21725692-A-C Y+
23867444-G-A 21705558-G-A BY48051 Y+
23862202-G-A 21700316-G-A BY48050 Y+
23825378-T-C 21663492-T-C Y+
23814339-C-G 21652453-C-G Y25496 Y+
23788992-G-T 21627106-G-T Y25495 +
23756501-T-G 21594615-T-G Y25494 Y+
23653449-T-C 21491563-T-C BY147087 Y+
23600922-T-A 21439036-T-A Y25493 Y+
23561069-C-T 21399183-C-T Y25492 YY+
23560123-T-C 21398237-T-C Y25491 YY+
23559089-C-T 21397203-C-T Y25490 BY50534 YY+
22512229-G-A 20350343-G-A Y25475 DYZ19 +
22489126-C-A 20327240-C-A DYZ19 +
19319498-G-A 17207618-G-A Y25453 YY+
21646631-C-T 19484745-C-T SK965 YY+
22027755-G-A 19865869-G-A YY+
22007380-A-G 19845494-A-G YY+
22006548-C-A 19844662-C-A Y25470 YY+
21918474-T-G 19756588-T-G Y25469 YY+
21899310-T-C 19737424-T-C Y25468 YY+
21887458-T-C 19725572-T-C Y25467 Y+
21868192-G-A 19706306-G-A SK961 YY+
21862177-A-G 19700291-A-G Y27238 YY+
21855819-G-A 19693933-G-A Y25466 YY+
21841224-C-T 19679338-C-T SK966 Y+
21810111-G-T 19648225-G-T Y25465 YY+
21783346-C-G 19621460-C-G Y25464 YY+
21670968-G-C 19509082-G-C Y25463 Y+
21640979-A-G 19479093-A-G Y25462 YY+
22066396-T-C 19904510-T-C Y25472 YY+
21617788-AAAAG-A 19455902-AAAAG-A 5×AAAG+
21559840-G-A 19397954-G-A Y25461 YY+
21559640-AC-A 19397754-AC-A +
21559475-C-G 19397589-C-G Y25460 YY+
21533372-C-T 19371486-C-T BY4541 YY+
21471914-G-A 19310028-G-A Y25459 YY+
21446070-G-T 19284184-G-T Y27235 YY+
21410458-G-C 19248572-G-C Y25458 YY+
21408057-A-G 19246171-A-G Y25457 YY+
21388148-A-G 19226262-A-G Y27234 YY+
21190047-G-C 19028161-G-C Y25456 YY+
20814548-C-G 18652662-C-G SK969 P4_Gap +
19339906-C-T 17228026-C-T Y25455 YY+
19329702-C-G 17217822-C-G Y25454 Y+
22047193-G-A 19885307-G-A Y25471 YY+
22073510-C-G 19911624-C-G Y25473 YY+
22489091-T-C 20327205-T-C DYZ19 +
22432616-T-G 20270730-T-G BY49513 DYZ19 +
22484466-T-A 20322580-T-A BY48949 DYZ19 +
22483540-T-C 20321654-T-C DYZ19 +
22483294-G-T 20321408-G-T DYZ19 +
22480278-A-G 20318392-A-G BY46160 DYZ19 +
22479707-A-G 20317821-A-G DYZ19 +
22472197-A-C 20310311-A-C DYZ19 +
22472195-G-T 20310309-G-T DYZ19 +
22472076-A-T 20310190-A-T BY46387 DYZ19 +
22469496-C-A 20307610-C-A BY46672 DYZ19 +
22464884-G-T 20302998-G-T BY48613 DYZ19 +
22458971-C-T 20297085-C-T BY47338 DYZ19 +
22444672-G-C 20282786-G-C DYZ19 +
22440374-G-A 20278488-G-A BY47957 DYZ19 +
22437263-T-A 20275377-T-A BY48900 DYZ19 +
22339687-T-G 20177801-T-G DYZ19 +
22154396-G-A 19992510-G-A Y+
22319651-C-T 20157765-C-T BY47316 DYZ19 +
22312562-A-G 20150676-A-G BY46117 DYZ19 +
22281448-G-A 20119562-G-A BY47912 DYZ19 +
22275059-A-G 20113173-A-G BY46101 DYZ19 +
22273409-G-T 20111523-G-T BY48489 DYZ19 +
22272915-C-G 20111029-C-G BY46815 DYZ19 +
22270736-C-G 20108850-C-G BY46813 DYZ19 +
22234249-C-T 20072363-C-T DYZ19 +
22229763-C-T 20067877-C-T BY47255 DYZ19 +
22220148-T-C 20058262-T-C DYZ19 +
22210508-C-T 20048622-C-T Y25474 Y+
22195327-C-G 20033441-C-G Y38108 Y+
22177147-G-A 20015261-G-A YY+
22162357-AC-A 20000471-AC-A +
15423927-A-G 13312047-A-G Y25383 Y+
15339651-C-T 13227769-C-T Y25381 YY+
8831143-G-A 8963102-G-A S27900FGC39545 YY+
6593076-G-A 6725035-G-A Y27171 +
6869240-C-G 7001199-C-G Y24819 YY+
6861400-A-G 6993359-A-G Y25297 YY+
6859326-T-A 6991285-T-A Y25296 YY+
6826024-G-A 6957983-G-A Y38104 YY+
6805439-C-G 6937398-C-G Y25295 YY+
6779658-C-A 6911617-C-A SK971 YY+
6752894-T-C 6884853-T-C Z20783 YY+
6743244-C-A 6875203-C-A Z20782 YY+
6723783-A-T 6855742-A-T Y25294 Y+
6721443-C-T 6853402-C-T Y25293 Y+
6720493-A-C 6852452-A-C Z20781 YY+
6633711-G-A 6765670-G-A Y25292 YY+
6629008-A-G 6760967-A-G Y25291 YY+
6405302-C-A 6537261-C-A Y27170 +
6952197-A-G 7084156-A-G Y25298 YY+
6357225-A-G 6489184-A-G BY45860 +
6090201-G-A 6222160-G-A +
6075768-G-A 6207727-G-A +
6046710-C-A 6178669-C-A +
6036002-G-A 6167961-G-A +
6018862-G-A 6150821-G-A +
5945945-C-T 6077904-C-T +
5806717-G-C 5938676-G-C Y25290 +
5774559-T-G 5906518-T-G +
5710260-C-T 5842219-C-T +
5701424-C-T 5833383-C-T +
5645997-G-A 5777956-G-A +
5454717-G-A 5586676-G-A +
5441302-C-T 5573261-C-T +
6874798-T-G 7006757-T-G Y38174 YY+
6989185-C-T 7121144-C-T Y25299 YY+
5312650-G-A 5444609-G-A +
7602659-G-A 7734618-G-A Y25308 YY+
7929846-C-T 8061805-C-T Y25316 YY+
7926043-A-G 8058002-A-G Y25315 YY+
7914732-G-A 8046691-G-A YY+
7907009-G-A 8038968-G-A Y25314 YY+
7767779-A-G 7899738-A-G Y27178 YY+
7763275-G-A 7895234-G-A Y25313 YY+
7742398-C-T 7874357-C-T Y25312 YY+
7687799-C-T 7819758-C-T Y25311 YY+
7638975-C-T 7770934-C-T Y25310 YY+
7634048-T-C 7766007-T-C Y25309 YY+
7632200-C-T 7764159-C-T Y+
7621623-A-G 7753582-A-G Y27177 Y+
7603147-G-A 7735106-G-A Y27176 YY+
7585162-G-A 7717121-G-A Y27175 YY+
6992975-A-G 7124934-A-G YY+
7555105-C-A 7687064-C-A YY+
7512707-A-G 7644666-A-G Y+
7481000-A-C 7612959-A-C IR1_L +
7435746-G-A 7567705-G-A Y27174 Y+
7434175-G-C 7566134-G-C Y25307 Y+
7430939-C-G 7562898-C-G Y25306 YY+
7312395-C-T 7444354-C-T Y25305 YY+
7245108-C-T 7377067-C-T SK962 YY+
7226064-C-G 7358023-C-G Y25304 YY+
7193710-C-A 7325669-C-A Y25303 YY+
7165541-C-T 7297500-C-T Y25302 YY+
7144232-G-A 7276191-G-A Y27173 YY+
7072454-G-A 7204413-G-A Y25301 YY+
7037100-A-C 7169059-A-C Y25300 YY+
5438757-A-G 5570716-A-G +
5301011-C-G 5432970-C-G +
8002267-C-T 8134226-C-T Y25317 YY+
3052078-G-A 3184037-G-A +
3654836-A-T 3786795-A-T +
3597131-G-T 3729090-G-T +
3583083-G-T 3715042-G-T +
3582694-C-A 3714653-C-A +
3436968-G-C 3568927-G-C +
3426376-C-T 3558335-C-T +
3403741-C-T 3535700-C-T Y27163 +
3353256-T-C 3485215-T-C +
3225943-T-C 3357902-T-C Y27162 +
3199594-C-T 3331553-C-T +
3151659-G-T 3283618-G-T +
3149841-C-T 3281800-C-T +
3089728-G-A 3221687-G-A +
3031713-A-G 3163672-A-G +
3767926-G-A 3899885-G-A +
3005691-A-G 3137650-A-G +
2966494-A-T 3098453-A-T +
2931206-TC-T 3063165-TC-T +
2926306-G-A 3058265-G-A +
2799434-G-A 2931393-G-A Z20780 YY+
2724561-C-G 2856520-C-G Z20779 YY+
2675514-G-T 2807473-G-T Y27160 Y+
2663889-C-A 2795848-C-A P210 M41 YY+
14062010-C-CAAA 11941304-C-CAAA 34×A+
13516255-G-A 11360579-G-A +
13397025-C-T 11241349-C-T FGC69352 +
8754504-G-A 8886463-G-A Y38176 YY+
3882066-C-T 4014025-C-T +
3474558-AG-A 3606517-AG-A +
3673026-A-T 3804985-A-T +
3778777-A-T 3910736-A-T +
5299901-G-A 5431860-G-A +
4370968-A-G 4502927-A-G Y27167 +
5291789-A-G 5423748-A-G +
5252885-C-G 5384844-C-G +
5245591-A-C 5377550-A-C +
5184246-G-T 5316205-G-T Y27168 +
5117893-A-G 5249852-A-G +
5116271-G-A 5248230-G-A +
4946972-C-A 5078931-C-A +
4816307-TA-T 4948266-TA-T +
4756164-T-A 4888123-T-A +
4684200-G-C 4816159-G-C +
4591235-C-G 4723194-C-G +
4421249-C-A 4553208-C-A +
4391382-CTT-C 4523341-CTT-C +
4311457-T-A 4443416-T-A +
3786209-G-T 3918168-G-T +
4245262-C-T 4377221-C-T +
4239385-C-T 4371344-C-T +
4225713-G-A 4357672-G-A +
4220474-A-T 4352433-A-T Y25289 +
4174193-A-G 4306152-A-G +
4109208-A-C 4241167-A-C Y27166 +
4060185-G-C 4192144-G-C +
4001862-G-A 4133821-G-A Y27165 +
3995588-C-A 4127547-C-A +
3964844-T-C 4096803-T-C +
3959435-A-G 4091394-A-G +
3838825-C-T 3970784-C-T +
3822299-G-C 3954258-G-C +
3816379-C-G 3948338-C-G +
7936799-G-A 8068758-G-A Y27179 YY+
8003525-T-C 8135484-T-C Y25318 Y+
15307288-C-T 13195390-C-T Y25380 YY+
14272141-C-A 12151435-C-A Y27192 Y+
14512465-C-T 12400670-C-T Y25357 Y+
14489062-C-T 12368331-C-T Y25356 YY+
14473662-A-T 12352931-A-T F18982 YY+
14458183-TG-T 12337456-TG-T +
14448689-T-C 12327962-T-C Y25355 YY+
14442048-T-C 12321321-T-C Y25354 Y+
14411411-A-G 12290708-A-G Y27193 YY+
14369807-A-G 12249103-A-G Y25353 YY+
14361040-C-T 12240335-C-T Y25352 YY+
14327324-T-G 12206618-T-G Y25351 YY+
14313663-G-A 12192957-G-A YY+
14306302-C-G 12185596-C-G Y25350 Y+
14282105-T-C 12161399-T-C Y25349 YY+
14267565-T-C 12146859-T-C Y25348 Y+
14607834-T-A 12496036-T-A Y27194 Y+
14259986-C-T 12139280-C-T Y25347 Y+
14257697-A-G 12136991-A-G Y+
14246121-G-A 12125415-G-A Y25346 YY+
14212706-G-A 12092000-G-A Y25345 Y+
14137117-C-T 12016411-C-T Y25344 YY+
14103921-G-T 11983215-G-T Y25343 YY+
14095562-T-C 11974856-T-C Y27191 YY+
14084191-C-T 11963485-C-T YY+
14050395-C-A 11929689-C-A Y27190 Y+
14013675-C-G 11892969-C-G Y+
13958051-T-A 11837345-T-A Y+
13930653-G-A 11809947-G-A Y27188 Y+
13926267-C-T 11805561-C-T Y25342 Y+
13867780-T-G 11747074-T-G Y25341 +
14602172-C-T 12490374-C-T Y25359 YY+
14650898-T-C 12538963-T-C Y25360 YY+
13822272-C-T 11701566-C-T Y25339 +
15062974-TC-T 12951066-TC-T +
15262261-G-T 13150345-G-T YY+
15234344-C-A 13122430-C-A Y25379 Y+
15229930-A-C 13118016-A-C Y25378 Y+
15180368-A-T 13068454-A-T Y25377 YY+
15168803-GC-G 13056889-GC-G +
15166797-C-G 13054883-C-G Y25376 YY+
15137476-C-G 13025563-C-G Y25375 YY+
15131195-A-G 13019282-A-G Y27198 YY+
15126384-A-G 13014471-A-G Y27197 YY+
15099194-C-A 12987282-C-A Y25374 Y+
15077259-C-T 12965349-C-T Y25373 YY+
15071627-G-C 12959718-G-C Y27196 YY+
15071573-T-C 12959664-T-C Y25372 YY+
15057408-T-C 12945500-T-C Y25371 YY+
14659112-G-T 12547177-G-T Y25361 YY+
15022005-A-G 12910094-A-G M250 YY+
15013867-GA-G 12901955-GA-G +
14991487-A-C 12879572-A-C Y25370 YY4×AAAC+
14984425-G-C 12872493-G-C Y27195 YY+
14931017-G-A 12819082-G-A Y25369 YY+
14923438-G-C 12811503-G-C M237 YY+
14916149-A-G 12804216-A-G Y25368 YY+
14875261-A-G 12763331-A-G Y25367 YY+
14840320-T-C 12728387-T-C Y25366 YY+
14826752-C-G 12714819-C-G Y25365 YY+
14803968-C-A 12692039-C-A Y25364 YY+
14727762-GCA-G 12615830-GCA-G +
14717773-G-A 12605841-G-A Y25363 Y+
14706507-G-A 12594573-G-A Y25362 YY+
13832989-T-C 11712283-T-C Y25340 +
13812438-G-A 11691732-G-A Y25338 +
8008263-G-T 8140222-G-T Y27180 YY+
8579983-G-A 8711942-G-A Y27182 YY+
9397467-A-G 9559858-A-G Y25333 YY+
9397455-C-T 9559846-C-T Y27183 YY+
9147070-C-G 9309461-C-G Y38175 Y+
9144132-C-T 9306523-C-T Y+
9078229-C-G 9240620-C-G Y25332 +
8979603-A-G 9141994-A-G Y38105 Y+
8911759-C-T 9043718-C-T Y25331 +
8827961-C-T 8959920-C-T Y25330 YY+
8786783-C-T 8918742-C-T Y25329 YY+
8755546-C-A 8887505-C-A Y25328 YY+
8744822-A-T 8876781-A-T Y25327 YY+
8661201-T-C 8793160-T-C Y25326 Y+
8649678-G-C 8781637-G-C Y25325 YY+
8572234-G-A 8704193-G-A Y25324 YY+
9414178-G-C 9576569-G-C Y25334 Y+
8564133-A-G 8696092-A-G Y25323 YY+
8560900-C-T 8692859-C-T YY+
8521116-C-T 8653075-C-T YY+
8476770-A-C 8608729-A-C SK963 YY+
8466298-C-G 8598257-C-G A10089 YY+
8424683-C-T 8556642-C-T YY+
8418112-G-A 8550071-G-A SK968 YY+
8411907-G-GA 8543866-G-GA +
8402722-G-A 8534681-G-A Y25322 YY+
8263250-A-T 8395209-A-T Y27181 YY+
8258168-A-G 8390127-A-G Y25321 YY+
8240207-G-A 8372166-G-A M10445 YY+
8204554-C-T 8336513-C-T Y25320 YY+
8095655-T-C 8227614-T-C Y25319 YY+
9403200-GTACATA-G 9565591-GTACATA-G +
9440062-C-T 9602453-C-T Y25335 YY+
13717036-G-T 11561360-G-T BY48414 +
10075233-CA-C 10237624-CA-C +
13710988-A-G 11555312-A-G BY89402 +
13685560-G-T 11529884-G-T BY48398 +
13679239-G-C 11523563-G-C +
13637682-C-A 11482006-C-A +
13629575-AG-A 11473899-AG-A +
13621118-G-A 11465442-G-A +
13603579-T-C 11447903-T-C +
13584891-T-G 11429215-T-G +
13493530-T-C 11337854-T-C +
13308780-G-A 11153104-G-A +
13201224-C-A 11045548-C-A +
13132507-G-T 10621993-G-T Y25337 +
13130872-C-G 10620358-C-G +
13127611-A-G 10617097-A-G +
10038202-A-G 10200593-A-G BY45924 +
9507593-C-T 9669984-C-T +
10029901-C-T 10192292-C-T Y+
10007929-G-C 10170320-G-C Y+
10006721-C-G 10169112-C-G BY46740 Y+
9969162-G-A 10131553-G-A S12874 Y+
9929043-T-C 10091434-T-C Y+
9916317-C-T 10078708-C-T FGC37459 Y+
9913150-C-A 10075541-C-A Y27187 Y+
9904237-A-C 10066628-A-C Y27186 Y+
9896863-C-G 10059254-C-G Y+
9825589-T-C 9987980-T-C Y27185 Y+
9820352-G-A 9982743-G-A Y27184 YY+
9786441-T-C 9948832-T-C Y25336 Y+
9642181-C-T 9804572-C-T SK972 IR3_Prx +
9515211-G-A 9677602-G-A BY47554 +
28808405-T-A 26662258-T-A BY151952 +

In the table above, the meaning of the confidence field depends on whether the data comes from an FTDNA kit or an FGC kit. For FTDNA kits, + implies a "PASS" result with just one possible variant, * indicates a "PASS" but with multiple variants, ** indicates "REJECTED" with just a single variant, and *** indicates "REJECTED" with multiple possible variants. 'A*' are heterozygous variants not called by FTDNA, but still pulled from the VCF file. For FGC kits, + indicates over 99% likely genuine (95% for INDELs); * over 95% likely genuine (90% for INDELs); ** about 40% likely genuine; *** about 10% likely genuine. Manual entries read directly from a BAM file will be either + indicating positive, or * indicating that the data show a mixture of possible variants.

For the FTDNA kits, the BED data is encoded in the background color of the cells. Those cells with a white background have coverage, those with a grey background indicate no coverage in the BED file, and those with a pink background indicate the mutation is on the edge of a coverage region. These pink regions often indicate that the individual may be positive for a SNP even if there is no corresponding entry in the vcf file.

The combBED column indicates whether or not the mutation is a SNP and falls in the combBED region defined in Defining a New Rate Constant for Y-Chromosome SNPs based on Full Sequencing Data by Dmitry Adamov, Vladimir Guryanov, Sergey Karzhavin, Vladimir Tagankin, Vadim Urasin.

The McDonald BED column indicates whether or not the mutation is a SNP and falls in the BED region used by Dr. Iain McDonald in the age analysis he does for R-U106 men.

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