Tree Position

R-P312/S116 > Z290 > L21/S145 > DF63/S522 > CTS6919 > A92

Unique Mutations

The mutations unique to this man are summarized in the table below. Those with a '+' or '*' confidence level are considered by FamilyTreeDNA or FullGenomesCorp to be high quality SNPs/INDELs. For completeness, all other mutations of lesser confidence are included as well. These additional mutations may be useful for distinguishing between very closely related men.

Occasionally, some of the mutations listed here will be thought to be shared with other men in which case they might appear in upstream blocks on the tree. When this happens, the 'Blocks' field will indicate what block they appear in. Such a situation might arise with BigY men if the BED data suggests another man may be positive for a SNP, even though it doesn't appear in his VCF data. It might also happen if Chromo2 testing or Sanger sequencing of other men not on the tree show the SNP to be shared.

POS-REF-ALT (hg19) POS-REF-ALT (hg38) Blocks Names Region McDonald BED combBED STRFTDNA
18528977-G-A 16417097-G-A FGC61347 P6_Dst A+
22215906-A-T 20054020-A-T YA+
20595430-G-A 18433544-G-A P5_Dst A*
23182220-G-T 21020334-G-T Y***A*A*
19750925-G-A 17639045-G-A P5_Prx ***A*A*
6182286-C-G 6314245-C-G BY59400 IR3_Dst ***+A*
19592141-T-G 17480261-T-G P5_Prx Y***A*A*
20587632-A-C 18425746-A-C P5_Dst A*
6171451-C-T 6303410-C-T IR3_Dst A*
20428849-C-T 18266963-C-T P5_Dst A*
6408665-A-C 6540624-A-C A*
24338220-G-A 22192073-G-A P3_t1 ***A*A*
26482625-A-C 24336478-A-C P1_Y1 A*
18314993-C-T 16203113-C-T P6_Prx ***A*A*
18297257-C-T 16185377-C-T P6_Prx ***A*A*
23459023-G-A 21297137-G-A Y44333 YY+++
5534789-C-T 5666748-C-T FT75297 **+
23161983-AG-A 21000097-AG-A +++
19437058-C-T 17325178-C-T YY+
23851713-G-A 21689827-G-A BY44209 Y+++
21354096-C-T 19192210-C-T FT77141 YY**+
5908125-A-C 6040084-A-C FT75432 +
5632629-A-G 5764588-A-G FT75333 +
5566499-G-A 5698458-G-A FT75310 +
4400112-A-G 4532071-A-G FT74852 +
4382850-C-G 4514809-C-G FT74848 +
4350298-T-C 4482257-T-C FT74832 +
4004310-A-T 4136269-A-T FT74707 +
13533993-A-C 11378317-A-C FGC50435 +
3066799-T-TA 3198758-T-TA 9×A+
16344997-C-G 14233117-C-G FT76565 YY**+
21306426-C-T 19144540-C-T Y43257 YY**+
7311594-C-T 7443553-C-T FT75747 YY**+
13866439-G-A 11745733-G-A FT76068 *+
4687423-C-T 4819382-C-T FT74966 +
4366781-C-T 4498740-C-T FT74839 +
21484344-G-A 19322458-G-A Y43366 YY+++
7785912-T-C 7917871-T-C Y39119 YY+++
14280044-C-T 12159338-C-T Y40410 YY+++
14201671-C-A 12080965-C-A Y40339 YY+++
14171935-T-C 12051229-T-C BY93524 YY+++
13594101-C-T 11438425-C-T PF6704 **++
9880706-G-A 10043097-G-A Y40108 YY+++
9708937-G-A 9871328-G-A BY80507 IR3_Prx **++
7813284-C-T 7945243-C-T Y39144 YY+++
14287367-A-C 12166661-A-C Y40419 YY+++
2752813-T-C 2884772-T-C BY56257 YY+++
9422293-T-C 9584684-T-C Y40017 YY+++
9027324-TG-T 9189715-TG-T +++
8614894-C-A 8746853-C-A Y39669 YY+++
8328261-T-C 8460220-T-C BY71716 YY+++
8268852-G-A 8400811-G-A Y39410 YY+++
21405752-T-C 19243866-T-C Y43314 YY+++
14280594-G-C 12159888-G-C Y40411 YY+++
19414262-C-T 17302382-C-T Y43022 YY+++
19544748-T-G 17432868-T-G Y43107 YY+++
16750486-A-G 14638606-A-G Y41637 YY+++
16767170-T-C 14655290-T-C F2256 YY+***
16798332-T-C 14686452-T-C Y41672 YY+++
18899860-G-T 16787980-G-T Y42733 YY+++
19032177-T-C 16920297-T-C Y42818 YY+++
19208279-G-C 17096399-G-C Y42913 YY+++
22281066-C-T 20119180-C-T DYZ19 *****
22281183-G-T 20119297-G-T DYZ19 *****
13448641-TT-C 11292965-TT-C *
3403107-A-G 3535066-A-G *
28817606-AT-A 26671459-AT-A *
13451315-T-C 11295639-T-C *
22345198-G-A 20183312-G-A DYZ19 ****
14675018-T-C 12563084-T-C **
24875430-C-T 22729283-C-T g1 **
14671588-G-A 12559654-G-A **
14718999-G-T 12607067-G-T **
14755677-C-T 12643746-C-T **
14555149-G-A 12443350-G-A **
14718164-G-A 12606232-G-A **
24875462-G-A 22729315-G-A g1 **
14716942-T-A 12605010-T-A **
14544107-A-C 12432308-A-C **
14384706-G-T 12264002-G-T **
14513176-C-A 12401381-C-A **
14445479-G-A 12324752-G-A **
14432356-C-A 12311629-C-A **
15904114-C-A 13792234-C-A **
14424994-A-C 12304269-A-C **
14384998-C-A 12264294-C-A **
14373721-C-A 12253017-C-A **
14361941-T-G 12241236-T-G **
14352791-C-T 12232086-C-T **
14289440-G-T 12168734-G-T **
14279712-C-A 12159006-C-A **
14270755-C-A 12150049-C-A **
14230165-GA-G 12109459-GA-G **
14867120-G-A 12755190-G-A **
15297355-G-A 13185454-G-A **
14871071-T-A 12759141-T-A **
15347078-C-A 13235197-C-A **
15584537-C-A 13472657-C-A **
15776258-C-G 13664378-C-G **
15898900-C-A 13787020-C-A **
15575052-A-C 13463172-A-C **
15556920-C-A 13445040-C-A **
15556917-T-C 13445037-T-C **
14204413-G-T 12083707-G-T **
15452282-A-C 13340402-A-C **
15433503-T-C 13321623-T-C **
15432624-C-A 13320744-C-A **
15355210-A-G 13243329-A-G **
15355208-T-G 13243327-T-G **
15321404-C-A 13209522-C-A **
14916890-CAAAAAA-C 12804957-CAAAAAA-C 15×A**
15297455-G-T 13185554-G-T **
15297346-A-G 13185445-A-G **
15290247-C-A 13178346-C-A **
15221628-C-CT 13109714-C-CT **
15202292-G-C 13090378-G-C **
15128121-CTTTTTTT-C 13016208-CTTTTTTT-C 18×T**
15126456-C-A 13014543-C-A **
15109196-T-C 12997283-T-C **
15081357-C-A 12969447-C-A **
15012607-T-G 12900695-T-G **
15012562-C-A 12900650-C-A **
14926265-C-A 12814330-C-A **
24877504-T-TC 22731357-T-TC g1 **
10938766-T-C **
14183296-T-A 12062590-T-A **
11003224-C-A **
13298251-G-T 11142575-G-T **
13298239-C-A 11142563-C-A **
13271684-T-G 11116008-T-G **
13271669-AG-A 11115993-AG-A **
13267762-C-A 11112086-C-A **
13255229-C-T 11099553-C-T **
13234922-A-G 11079246-A-G **
27039109-G-T 24892962-G-T P1_r4 **
13196715-A-G 11041039-A-G **
27583120-G-T 25436973-G-T P1_Y2 **
11018806-C-A **
11005553-A-T **
10997068-T-C **
13326237-T-C 11170561-T-C **
10988630-C-A **
10988513-TC-T **
10985274-C-A **
10981994-G-T **
10980083-T-G **
10980078-T-G **
10979090-C-T **
10961150-C-T **
10950095-C-A **
10950084-C-A **
10941432-C-A **
19062072-C-A 16950192-C-A CTS9769 M1437 ****
13307173-A-G 11151497-A-G **
13399474-C-G 11243798-C-G **
14183294-G-A 12062588-G-A **
11666741-T-C **
14183284-A-G 12062578-A-G Y90541 **
14180737-A-T 12060031-A-T **
14157928-C-G 12037222-C-G **
25564811-G-C 23418664-G-C P1_gr1 **
14089818-C-A 11969112-C-A **
14035938-C-A 11915232-C-A **
14033878-A-G 11913172-A-G **
26181402-A-AC 24035255-A-AC P1_Y1 **
13942420-G-T 11821714-G-T Z26982 **
13866251-A-G 11745545-A-G **
13800613-TG-T 11679907-TG-T **
26427333-G-T 24281186-G-T P1_Y1 **
11665640-G-T **
15921061-C-G 13809181-C-G **
11665375-C-A **
11656365-A-G **
13637959-G-C 11482283-G-C **
13605744-T-C 11450068-T-C **
13597420-C-A 11441744-C-A **
13513016-G-A 11357340-G-A **
13502662-C-A 11346986-C-A **
13491081-C-T 11335405-C-T **
13483843-T-C 11328167-T-C **
26723536-G-T 24577389-G-T P1_g2 **
13461414-T-G 11305738-T-G **
13417809-A-C 11262133-A-C **
13404634-GTT-G 11248958-GTT-G **
15915521-C-A 13803641-C-A **
17371155-G-T 15259275-G-T **
15941452-C-A 13829572-C-A **
19812767-G-T 17700887-G-T P5_Prx **
21262527-T-C 19100641-T-C **
21237926-C-A 19076040-C-A **
21201390-A-G 19039504-A-G **
21172119-C-A 19010233-C-A **
23981952-T-C 21835805-T-C **
21073261-C-A 18911375-C-A **
20478223-T-G 18316337-T-G P5_Dst **
20478216-C-T 18316330-C-T P5_Dst **
20425948-G-T 18264062-G-T P5_Dst **
20376663-C-A 18214777-C-A P5_Dst **
19901806-T-C 17789926-T-C P5_Prx **
19851561-A-C 17739681-A-C P5_Prx **
19563286-C-A 17451406-C-A **
21392601-C-A 19230715-C-A **
19479436-T-C 17367556-T-C **
19461196-C-A 17349316-C-A **
19449245-G-T 17337365-G-T **
19418291-A-G 17306411-A-G **
19324130-C-A 17212250-C-A **
19322396-A-G 17210516-A-G **
19318142-C-A 17206262-C-A **
19271453-C-A 17159573-C-A **
19245975-T-C 17134095-T-C **
19125142-A-G 17013262-A-G **
19071799-A-G 16959919-A-G **
19062207-T-C 16950327-T-C **
21325664-C-A 19163778-C-A **
21409022-C-G 19247136-C-G **
19056196-C-T 16944316-C-T **
22114698-A-G 19952812-A-G **
23128706-C-A 20966820-C-A **
23062301-C-A 20900415-C-A **