The Big Tree: R-Y21284

R-P312/S116 > Z40481 > ZZ11 > U152/S28 > L2/S139 > Z367/S255 > Z34/S368 > Y21284

Y21286 FGC46731
Y21284 FGC46762
Y20996 FGC46735
Y20997 FGC46738
Y21287 FGC46761
Y20998 FGC46739
Y20999 FGC46740
Y21288 FGC46765
Y21283 FGC46742
Y21278 FGC46744
Y21279 FGC46745
Y21289 FGC46754
Y21002 FGC46756
Y21003 FGC46757

Overlay STR Data for an STR:

A red background is used for men whose data has not yet been fully analyzed. His position on the tree is not yet final, and will in general be downstream of the current position. He may not be positive for all the SNPs/INDELs in the block he descends from.

Men whose NGS data have been fully analyzed are indicated with a grey background color.

Those men with a grey background and a pink bar to their left have been finalized, but haven't gone through as much scrutinity as earlier kits have. In particular, no search has been made for recurrent SNPs or other unusual mutations. For the vast majority of kits, this has no effect at all, but I will review them as necessary in the future.