Tree Position

R-M269 > L23 > Z2103 > Z2106 > Z2108 > KMS67 > BY46842

Unique Mutations

The mutations unique to this man are summarized in the table below. Those with a '+' or '*' confidence level are considered by FamilyTreeDNA or FullGenomesCorp to be high quality SNPs/INDELs. For completeness, all other mutations of lesser confidence are included as well. These additional mutations may be useful for distinguishing between very closely related men.

Occasionally, some of the mutations listed here will be thought to be shared with other men in which case they might appear in upstream blocks on the tree. When this happens, the 'Blocks' field will indicate what block they appear in. Such a situation might arise with BigY men if the BED data suggests another man may be positive for a SNP, even though it doesn't appear in his VCF data. It might also happen if Chromo2 testing or Sanger sequencing of other men not on the tree show the SNP to be shared.

POS-REF-ALT (hg19) POS-REF-ALT (hg38) Blocks Names Region McDonald BED combBED STRKane-BY3
5342130-T-A 5474089-T-A A+
25994226-C-CT 23848079-C-CT P1_Y1 9×TA*
14680960-C-CA 12569026-C-CA 11×AA*
10676733-C-T A*
19601974-C-T 17490094-C-T P5_Prx YA*
26315876-A-AT 24169729-A-AT P1_Y1 9×TA*
25945178-C-CT 23799031-C-CT P1_Y1 10×TA*
25850953-C-T 23704806-C-T P1_Y1 A*
28817188-A-G 26671041-A-G A*
6431385-G-C 6563344-G-C A*
10685921-A-T A*
11643714-G-C A*
13292456-C-T 11136780-C-T A*
3416300-G-A 3548259-G-A A*
25354889-T-G 23208742-T-G P2_r2 A*
18972400-G-T 16860520-G-T YYA*
25929676-G-GT 23783529-G-GT P1_Y1 9×TA*
6861416-T-TA 6993375-T-TA 12×A*A*
24298612-T-G 22152465-T-G P3_t1 A*
15202331-A-AT 13090417-A-AT 10×TA*
15405203-A-AT 13293323-A-AT 11×TA*
6165662-C-CA 6297621-C-CA IR3_Dst 13×AA*
27641766-C-CT 25495619-C-CT P1_Y2 14×TA*
20769010-C-CA 18607124-C-CA P4_Prx 10×AA*
25939403-C-CT 23793256-C-CT P1_Y1 11×TA*
26505530-C-CA 24359383-C-CA P1_Y1 11×AA*
20703014-G-GA 18541128-G-GA P4_Prx 10×AA*
25981407-G-GA 23835260-G-GA P1_Y1 9×AA*
2971503-A-G 3103462-A-G A*
6675843-G-GA 6807802-G-GA 12×AA*
25934941-T-TA 23788794-T-TA P1_Y1 10×AA*
15558503-C-T 13446623-C-T BY43398 YYA*
25873100-T-TA 23726953-T-TA P1_Y1 9×AA*
7103974-C-CT 7235933-C-CT 11×TA*
26199613-G-A 24053466-G-A BY182389 P1_Y1 A*
58990461-C-T 56844314-C-T A*
13489888-G-A 11334212-G-A A*
26006574-A-AT 23860427-A-AT P1_Y1 10×TA*
26026065-A-AT 23879918-A-AT P1_Y1 10×TA*
19685856-A-AT 17573976-A-AT P5_Prx 9×TA*
26316686-G-C 24170539-G-C P1_Y1 A*
26338113-C-T 24191966-C-T P1_Y1 A*
13470417-C-T 11314741-C-T A*
26356158-T-G 24210011-T-G P1_Y1 A*
26329233-A-C 24183086-A-C P1_Y1 A*
26495977-C-T 24349830-C-T P1_Y1 A*
20796770-A-G 18634884-A-G P4_Prx A*
26252447-A-AT 24106300-A-AT P1_Y1 9×TA*
6068017-C-CT 6199976-C-CT 10×TA*
20869229-C-CT 18707343-C-CT P4_Dst 22×TA*
17794245-T-G 15682365-T-G YYA*
13464430-G-T 11308754-G-T A*
26089061-C-A 23942914-C-A P1_Y1 20×AA*
13818138-G-T 11697432-G-T A*
23178689-T-C 21016803-T-C YA*
26509419-A-G 24363272-A-G P1_Y1 A*
3999815-G-A 4131774-G-A A*
5357363-T-C 5489322-T-C A*
13292727-C-T 11137051-C-T *A*
19874215-A-AT 17762335-A-AT P5_Prx 10×TA*
16162095-C-CA 14050215-C-CA P8_Dst 19×AA*
26101356-G-T 23955209-G-T P1_Y1 A*
14069926-C-A 11949220-C-A YY+
18286151-G-A 16174271-G-A A9029A9029 P6_Prx +
13222396-GGAGA-G 11066720-GGAGA-G +
13531710-A-AAAT 11376034-A-AAAT +
13558911-C-T 11403235-C-T +
13569460-A-T 11413784-A-T +
17952562-G-A 15840682-G-A FTB60642 YY+
3663316-T-TATATACAC 3795275-T-TATATACAC +
14317308-AC-A 12196602-AC-A +
17316056-AGG-A 15204176-AGG-A +
19555381-G-A 17443501-G-A FTB60930 Y+
17316063-G-T 15204183-G-T YY+
19532657-C-T 17420777-C-T FTB60924 YY+
19484841-G-A 17372961-G-A FTB60914 Y+
16686302-C-CT 14574422-C-CT +
17316060-C-T 15204180-C-T YY+
21457814-A-G 19295928-A-G FTB61028 Y+
17316055-A-C 15204175-A-C YY+
13929725-C-T 11809019-C-T MC02Z25926 F14415 Y+
20613609-CT-C 18451723-CT-C P4_Prx 13×T+
10763138-T-TTTCAC +
10763143-C-G +
17081248-AAT-A 14969368-AAT-A 9×AT+
6347777-G-GGAAA 6479736-G-GGAAA 9×GAAA+
5996599-C-CTTT 6128558-C-CTTT 41×T+
10969991-C-CTCCACTCCA +
7595397-CAG-C 7727356-CAG-C +
17316026-ACAGCCAAAC-A 15204146-ACAGCCAAAC-A +
17316038-TATC-T 15204158-TATC-T +
17316052-G-GGTC 15204172-G-GGTC +
21551693-A-G 19389807-A-G Y+
17316046-GCCAA-G 15204166-GCCAA-G +
56677988-G-C +
28503527-T-A 26357380-T-A FTB61438 +
28502098-C-T 26355951-C-T FTB61437 +
23618222-T-C 21456336-T-C FTB61383 YY+
22246639-A-T 20084753-A-T DYZ19 +
5275051-C-G 5407010-C-G L21/S145L459 +
21329107-C-T 19167221-C-T FTB61000 YY+
14030878-C-T 11910172-C-T Z16500Y16134 YY+
9950442-G-A 10112833-G-A Y+
23832832-T-C 21670946-T-C Y+
7524826-C-T 7656785-C-T YY+
22319291-TCC-T 20157405-TCC-T DYZ19 +
10756735-AT-A +
10921118-C-CTCCATTCCAT +
10769382-C-CTCCAT +
56885287-T-A MC02 +
10794134-GCA-G MC02 +
4331029-G-A 4462988-G-A MC02FT81352 +
11022113-CTCCAT-C +
13305319-G-T 11149643-G-T FT268541 +
5147441-CAA-C 5279400-CAA-C 30×A+
56677989-G-A +
10916424-G-A FT200142 +
10756744-C-CCT +
5976915-C-A 6108874-C-A FTB68868 +
18717752-A-G 16605872-A-G FTB60750 YY+
58912859-A-T 56678012-T-A +
10998005-A-T +
10832941-T-C +
10887326-A-ACCATTCCATT +
15654428-C-G 13542548-C-G L21/S145L21 S145 M529 YY+
10762519-C-T +
16624849-C-T 14512969-C-T FTB60396 Y+
9082258-G-A 9244649-G-A MC02Y33399 Y+
10775255-T-TCACTC +
58912865-G-C 56678006-C-G +
10756741-C-A +
10756746-A-C +
8575956-A-ATT 8707915-A-ATT 28×T+
13960586-A-AGGAT 11839880-A-AGGAT 13×GGAT+
5619594-G-A 5751553-G-A FTB68859 +
5342086-G-A 5474045-G-A +
5329093-G-C 5461052-G-C FTB68849 +
4648193-G-A 4780152-G-A FTB68840 +
4553982-G-A 4685941-G-A FTB68838 +
4148665-C-G 4280624-C-G FTB68834 +
3795537-T-C 3927496-T-C FTB68827 +
3070262-A-G 3202221-A-G +
2924303-C-T 3056262-C-T FTB68812 +
22287053-T-A 20125167-T-A DYZ19 +
11014427-C-A +
10756748-C-T +
25565654-GT-G 23419507-GT-G P1_gr1 20×T+
10969986-T-TTCAC +
13963824-A-ATTTTTTTT 11843118-A-ATTTTTTTT 49×T+
17316073-GACA-G 15204193-GACA-G +
10969985-A-AC +
10756767-C-T +
10756756-ACGCCT-A +
10756753-A-T +
10756749-GT-G +
17316064-TACCTAG-T 15204184-TACCTAG-T +
13947567-C-T 11826861-C-T FTB59956 Y+
17316077-GT-G 15204197-GT-G +
24365177-AAGAGAT-A 22219030-AAGAGAT-A 8×AGAGAT+
9982991-G-A 10145382-G-A Y45382BY82444 Y+
4284260-G-A 4416219-G-A FTB78826 +
4750494-T-C 4882453-T-C FT94382 +
4768931-G-A 4900890-G-A FT244995 +
4977804-C-A 5109763-C-A FT94395 +
16496000-T-TA 14384120-T-TA S7421 8×A+
17593567-G-C 15481687-G-C MC02MC02 Z17901 YY+
17904970-C-G 15793090-C-G Y45382Y53895 YY+
9163885-G-A 9326276-G-A BY61543 Y45382Y48276 +
5356255-CTGA-C 5488214-CTGA-C +
5575489-G-A 5707448-G-A FT94447 +
11033035-C-A FT268542 +
18812472-C-A 16700592-C-A Y45382Y54924 YY+
15212692-A-G 13100778-A-G FT94618 YY+
19225417-G-A 17113537-G-A Y45382Y55555 YY+
4099375-A-G 4231334-A-G FT94327 +
8393601-C-A 8525560-C-A Y45382Y47221 YY+
22977539-AATAC-A 20815653-AATAC-A 11×ATAC+
2888825-C-T 3020784-C-T Z32053 YY+
13809522-AGGAAT-A 11688816-AGGAAT-A 10×GGAAT+
56828962-T-G +
22114006-A-AT 19952120-A-AT +
23832834-T-C 21670948-T-C Y+
19492290-C-CAAAAAAA 17380410-C-CAAAAAAA 37×A+
27936764-CA-C 25790617-CA-C P1_Y2 15×A+
6861764-C-T 6993723-C-T Y45382Y45382 YY+
19283984-C-CTATGG 17172104-C-CTATGG 7×TATGG+
22319290-G-GAA 20157404-G-GAA DYZ19 +
3268768-T-C 3400727-T-C FT94273 +
24422478-C-CAAAAAAAAA 22276331-C-CAAAAAAAAA 43×A+
7811849-C-T 7943808-C-T Y45382ZS3854 YY+
4619767-C-A 4751726-C-A S552FGC3218 S552 Y2598 +
7892072-G-A 8024031-G-A Y45382Y46580 YY+
15369896-C-T 13258016-C-T FT94623 Y+
56828963-C-T +
20823468-G-T 18661582-G-T Y45382Y56121 P4_Gap +
21778034-C-A 19616148-C-A Y45382Y57191 YY+
22479227-T-C 20317341-T-C Y45382BY53237 DYZ19 +
22569849-A-T 20407963-A-T Y45382Y57966 YY+
23093721-C-T 20931835-C-T FT94769 Y+
2836431-A-C 2968390-A-C DF13CTS241 DF13 S521 YY+
28632468-G-C 26486321-G-C Z290S461 Z290 Y+
23453412-T-C 21291526-T-C Y45382Y59194 YY+
19334567-C-T 17222687-C-T Y45382Y55730 YY+
23832827-T-C 21670941-T-C Y+
17885577-C-T 15773697-C-T DF13CTS8221 Z2542 Y+
17681656-C-T 15569776-C-T Z16500Z16500 Y5305 YY+
22463448-G-C 20301562-G-C Y45382BY221124 DYZ19 +
22168972-G-C 20007086-G-C FT94755 Y+
22272444-A-C 20110558-A-C Y45382FT454457 DYZ19 +
17000698-C-A 14888818-C-A Y+
17316080-CT-C 15204200-CT-C +
23832828-T-C 21670942-T-C Y+
17316084-CTCTG-C 15204204-CTCTG-C +
21775730-T-C 19613844-T-C Y45382Y57185 YY+
17316100-G-A 15204220-G-A YY+
21724093-G-A 19562207-G-A FTB74062 YY+
17316099-T-A 15204219-T-A YY+
17316090-AGG-A 15204210-AGG-A +
22200784-C-G 20038898-C-G Z290S245 Z245 YY+
17316093-TG-T 15204213-TG-T +
24411932-G-T 22265785-G-T Z290Z260 Y+
4650524-C-T 4782483-C-T *
21078613-A-T 18916727-A-T Y*
9556485-C-CT 9718876-C-CT IR3_Prx 9×T*
18512058-G-GT 16400178-G-GT P6_Dst 9×T*
10686664-T-A *
56838109-T-C *
15208845-CAA-C,CAAA 13096931-CAA-C,CAAA 23×A*
3561500-CAAA-C 3693459-CAAA-C 25×A*
13931739-CTTTT-C 11811033-CTTTT-C 22×T*
8470549-CA-C,CAA 8602508-CA-C,CAA 22×A*
18195154-ATTT-A,ATT 16083274-ATTT-A,ATT 29×T*
5253170-CT-C,CTT 5385129-CT-C,CTT 23×T*
17926534-CAA-C,CA 15814654-CAA-C,CA 25×A*
5395446-A-T 5527405-A-T *
10892173-C-T *
6929132-C-CT 7061091-C-CT 26×T*
17446755-C-A 15334875-C-A YY*
56827988-C-G *
5502254-CAAA-C 5634213-CAAA-C 16×A*
4773481-CTTT-C,CTT 4905440-CTTT-C,CTT 25×T*
3427709-C-G 3559668-C-G FGC81636 *
4269800-C-A 4401759-C-A *
21096458-C-CAA 18934572-C-CAA 16×A*
10673509-TTCC-T *
3270924-ATTTT-A 3402883-ATTTT-A 25×T*
17431152-GT-G 15319272-GT-G 10×T*
23181453-C-CAA 21019567-C-CAA 34×A*
15733879-CA-C,CAA 13621999-CA-C,CAA 25×A*
21175749-CA-C,CAA 19013863-CA-C,CAA 27×A*
4807246-C-A 4939205-C-A *
28017356-C-CAA 25871209-C-CAA P1_Y2 16×A*
15410667-C-G 13298787-C-G YY*
19146569-CTT-C,CT 17034689-CTT-C,CT 28×T*
5960696-ATT-A,ATTT 6092655-ATT-A,ATTT 30×T*
6089764-GT-G,GTT 6221723-GT-G,GTT 31×T*
5770338-CT-C,CTT 5902297-CT-C,CTT 25×T*
16666079-AT-A,ATT 14554199-AT-A,ATT 25×T*
18290737-C-A 16178857-C-A P6_Prx *
18804474-AAGAGAG-A,AAGAG 16692594-AAGAGAG-A,AAGAG 26×AG*
23773323-T-TAC,TACAC 21611437-T-TAC,TACAC 24×AC*
9804878-A-G 9967269-A-G Y*
9429480-TAA-T,TA 9591871-TAA-T,TA 18×A*
16250624-GTTT-G,GTTTT 14138744-GTTT-G,GTTTT 28×T*
4583025-GTT-G 4714984-GTT-G 27×T*
28814167-G-T 26668020-G-T *
5972473-T-C 6104432-T-C *
10673506-CGA-C *
18290801-G-T 16178921-G-T P6_Prx *
13611988-GT-G,GTT 11456312-GT-G,GTT 19×T*
15410633-CAAAA-C,CAAA 13298753-CAAAA-C,CAAA 28×A*
9640889-TTGTGTG-T,TTG 9803280-TTGTGTG-T,TTG IR3_Prx 22×TG*
4983174-A-ATT 5115133-A-ATT 28×T*
6091720-ATT-A,AT 6223679-ATT-A,AT 28×T*
4650526-C-T 4782485-C-T *
5378192-CAA-C 5510151-CAA-C 21×A*
22464679-C-T 20302793-C-T DYZ19 *
23293598-GTATATA-G,GTA 21131712-GTATATA-G,GTA 20×TA*
3403267-A-C 3535226-A-C *
10686708-T-TTCCGC *
15592550-CA-C,CAA 13480670-CA-C,CAA 22×A*
7199342-CT-C,CTT 7331301-CT-C,CTT 24×T*
28814166-G-T 26668019-G-T *
56833823-A-ACGATT *
5203779-TAA-T,TA 5335738-TAA-T,TA 24×A*
56871623-T-TAAAAAA 9×A*
2888870-CAAAA-C 3020829-CAAAA-C 32×A*
5381061-TTTTA-T 5513020-TTTTA-T 6×TTTA*
21085779-CAA-C,CA 18923893-CAA-C,CA 24×A*
13722699-T-A 11567023-T-A *
14324894-C-CTT 12204188-C-CTT 26×T*
28721498-TC-T 26575351-TC-T *
16290775-GTATA-G,GTA 14178895-GTATA-G,GTA 19×TA*
4778200-TA-T 4910159-TA-T 11×A*
56844858-G-C *
15336019-CAAAAAA-C 13224137-CAAAAAA-C 30×A*
13883999-A-G 11763293-A-G Y*
13884008-G-T 11763302-G-T Y*
13386608-T-TA 11230932-T-TA 12×A*
2807024-TTATA-T,TTA 2938983-TTATA-T,TTA 20×TA*
28543953-CA-C 26397806-CA-C 11×A*
56826133-G-A *
5430848-C-A 5562807-C-A *
10772450-C-T *
4836963-A-AT 4968922-A-AT 11×T*
56844856-T-C *
14774253-CT-C,CTT 12662322-CT-C,CTT 28×T*
10673563-ACTCCT-A *
8428974-C-A 8560933-C-A YY*
16904710-C-A 14792830-C-A YY*
6059092-CAA-C 6191051-CAA-C 25×A*
5631285-A-AT 5763244-A-AT 13×T*
28468253-C-CT 26322106-C-CT 13×T*
28816449-G-T 26670302-G-T *
3499681-TA-T 3631640-TA-T 10×A*
3707259-C-CAT 3839218-C-CAT *
14203018-C-CAT 12082312-C-CAT *
19052414-C-CAA 16940534-C-CAA 24×A*
13712712-C-T 11557036-C-T *
13718094-G-A 11562418-G-A *
13722700-C-T 11567024-C-T *
10992268-T-A *
13447078-A-T 11291402-A-T *
6440991-TAAA-T 6572950-TAAA-T 19×A*
20778781-TTGTG-T 18616895-TTGTG-T P4_Prx 18×TG*
13214292-T-C 11058616-T-C *
18297907-TGA-T 16186027-TGA-T P6_Prx *
16904711-T-A 14792831-T-A YY*
26437169-CAA-C 24291022-CAA-C P1_Y1 28×A*
5520571-G-GA 5652530-G-GA 11×A*
10673626-T-C *
18255888-TA-T,TAA 16144008-TA-T,TAA 22×A*
8428979-C-A 8560938-C-A YY*
5486876-CAAA-C 5618835-CAAA-C 21×A*
5904031-CAAAA-C 6035990-CAAAA-C 27×A*
56834906-T-TC *
10892183-C-T *
18846011-CA-C 16734131-CA-C 25×A*
16297330-GT-G,GTT 14185450-GT-G,GTT 26×T*
3809136-ATTTTT-A 3941095-ATTTTT-A 31×T*
5752261-C-A 5884220-C-A *
6525768-CAA-C 6657727-CAA-C 24×A*
28814157-G-T 26668010-G-T *
56833347-ATTC-A *
7258755-CAAA-C 7390714-CAAA-C 25×A*
10673601-C-T *
56857748-T-A *
56832964-C-CACTCCATTCT *
4377969-CT-C,CTT 4509928-CT-C,CTT 19×T*
4848574-GT-G 4980533-GT-G 29×T*
56856103-C-CA 14×A*
12903343-CTTTT-C,CTTT 25×T*
7282159-CTT-C,CT 7414118-CTT-C,CT 22×T*
13611405-CAAA-C 11455729-CAAA-C 16×A*
10673617-C-A *
56834907-TACATGTCAA-T *
23747205-CTTTTTTT-C 21585319-CTTTTTTT-C 29×T*
10972115-GT-G *
4981758-T-TA 5113717-T-TA 11×A*
56833851-A-ACTCCACTCTT *
15151502-CA-C,CAA 13039589-CA-C,CAA 23×A*
28816448-G-T 26670301-G-T *
22894151-GAAA-G 20732265-GAAA-G 28×A*
4019672-TA-T 4151631-TA-T 13×A*
4571069-C-CA 4703028-C-CA 13×A*
13257464-G-A 11101788-G-A *
5213710-C-CT 5345669-C-CT 12×T*
13591661-A-AT 11435985-A-AT 8×T*
9747142-T-G 9909533-T-G *
56834920-T-TTCA *
6093470-T-TG 6225429-T-TG 12×G*
16710763-GTA-G,GTATA 14598883-GTA-G,GTATA 14×TA*
15558844-A-AT 13446964-A-AT 10×T*
15410672-A-T 13298792-A-T YY*
13540314-C-A 11384638-C-A *
7166642-T-TA 7298601-T-TA *
28369974-C-A 26223827-C-A P1_gr2 *
56873364-A-AAC,AACAC 20×AC*
56843715-A-C *
10673583-A-T *
28814162-C-G 26668015-C-G *
13448144-CTA-C 11292468-CTA-C *
18039366-ATT-A,ATTT 15927486-ATT-A,ATTT 30×T*
7567753-C-CT,CTT 7699712-C-CT,CTT 25×T*
7573175-A-C 7705134-A-C Y*
8201919-T- *
8167170-A-G 8299129-A-G Y*
8481026-ATGTG-A 8612985-ATGTG-A *
9803283-TGTGTG- IR3_Prx *
10663382-C- *
7388053-A- *
17946946-G-GTTTT 15835066-G-GTTTT *
17946943-TGAG-T 15835063-TGAG-T *
10785046-T-A *
10821428-A-AATCTG *
10821432-C-CG *
10821434-TTACA-T *
10821440-T-C *
10821443-T-TCTA *
10892168-T-A *
10892178-C-T *
17923882-T-TG 15812002-T-TG *
7414120-T- *
7100939-C-A 7232898-C-A Y*
18401199-CAA-C,CAAA 16289319-CAA-C,CAAA P6_Gap 30×A*
2930319-GT-G,GTTT 3062278-GT-G,GTTT 26×T*
3081812-C-CAA 3213771-C-CAA 33×A*
3633239-G-A 3765198-G-A *
3909109-C-CAAAAAA 4041068-C-CAAAAAA 22×A*
19071363-A-C 16959483-A-C Y*
18846045-C-A 16734165-C-A Y*
4392282-C-CAAAA,CAAAA 4524241-C-CAAAA,CAAAA 45×A*
4427327-A-G 4559286-A-G *
4427523-A-G 4559482-A-G *
4735573-C-T 4867532-C-T *
5129480-G- *
6929169-A-T 7061128-A-T Y*
5036591-T-C 5168550-T-C *
5128384-G-A 5260343-G-A *
5235774-T-C 5367733-T-C *
5770336-G-T 5902295-G-T *
5905890-CA-C,CAA 6037849-CA-C,CAA 27×A*
5936147-G-GTGTGT 6068106-G-GTGTGT *
18292597-A-G 16180717-A-G P6_Prx *
18067401-TAGAA-T,T 15955521-TAGAA-T,T 15×AGAA*
6784476-G-T 6916435-G-T YY23×A*
6929163-TAGG-T 7061122-TAGG-T *
6929167-A-T 7061126-A-T Y*
10924725-T-A *
10936683-GTTCCA-G *
2803533-A-C 2935492-A-C YY*
14532372-G-C 12420573-G-C Y*
13977204-C-CA 11856498-C-CA *
13977211-T-A 11856505-T-A Y*
13977217-G-A 11856511-G-A Y*
14114867-GT-G 11994161-GT-G *
14456670-CAG-C 12335943-CAG-C *
14456673-C-T 12335946-C-T Y*
14532368-CGA-C 12420569-CGA-C *
13518171-A-G 11362495-A-G *
14612335-TGATA-T,T 12500541-TGATA-T,T 12×GATA*
17446767-CT-C,CTTT 15334887-CT-C,CTTT 33×T*
14727319-ATTT-A,ATTTT 12615387-ATTT-A,ATTTT 23×T*
14796196-T-G 12684267-T-G Y*
15128121-CTTTT-C,CTTT 13016208-CTTTT-C,CTTT 18×T*
13197843-C-CAAAA,CAAAAA 42×A*
16505988-C-CTTT,CTTT 14394108-C-CTTT,CTTT 31×T*
16692757-GAA-G,TAA 14580877-GAA-G,TAA 27×A*
17030757-ATT-A,ATTT 14918877-ATT-A,ATTT 24×T*
17281991-TGATA-T,T 15170111-TGATA-T,T 7×GATA*
17441175-A-AAT,AATAT 15329295-A-AAT,AATAT 20×AT*
13923558-A-AATATAT,T 11802852-A-AATATAT,T 20×AT*
10954739-T-A *
17662167-GTAGATAGA-G,G 15550287-GTAGATAGA-G,G 16×TAGA*
11017517-TCCAGC-T *
17597920-G-GA,GAA 15486040-G-GA,GAA 11×A*
13199164-CAAA-C,CAAAA 11043488-CAAA-C,CAAAA 18×A*
13252718-C-T 11097042-C-T *
13254004-T-G 11098328-T-G *
13292048-G-C 11136372-G-C *
13292076-A-T 11136400-A-T *
13354219-C-T 11198543-C-T *
13447551-CTCCGT-C 11291875-CTCCGT-C *
13451967-C-T 11296291-C-T *
13451971-TCCACTCCA-T 11296295-TCCACTCCA-T *
13452014-A-T 11296338-A-T *
13452073-CA-C 11296397-CA-C *
13452151-T-TG 11296475-T-TG *
17543962-TA-T,T 15432082-TA-T,T 11×A*
19125694-C-CA,CAA 17013814-C-CA,CAA 24×A*
2729648-CT-C,CTTTT 2861607-CT-C,CTTTT 25×T*
13448148-T-TCC 11292472-T-TCC *
56834415-T-TTCCTCTCCAC *
10693322-A-ACCGTTG *
56834779-G-GCGTTC 4×CATTC*
28545880-CA-C,CAA 26399733-CA-C,CAA 20×A*
21620494-GTACTA-G,G 19458608-GTACTA-G,G 12×TACTA*
28437292-G-GA 26291145-G-GA P1_gr2 9×A*
23114014-A-AAT,AATATAT 20952128-A-AAT,AATATAT 22×AT*
56834405-C-CTCCACTCCTG *
3800092-AACACAC-A,AAC 3932051-AACACAC-A,AAC 17×AC*
28023633-T-G 25877486-T-G P1_Y2 *
13476890-A-C 11321214-A-C *
13447066-C-T 11291390-C-T *
22269433-C-T 20107547-C-T DYZ19 *
22269442-T-G 20107556-T-G DYZ19 *
14532363-T-TGCCC 12420564-T-TGCCC *
27936325-G-GA 25790178-G-GA P1_Y2 10×A*
15752638-C-CCTT,CCTTCTT 13640758-C-CCTT,CCTTCTT 25×CTT*
8644324-C-CAAA,CAAA 8776283-C-CAAA,CAAA 32×A*
27839897-A-T 25693750-A-T P1_Y2 *
24884168-CTT-C 22738021-CTT-C g1 20×T*
5430840-G-T 5562799-G-T *
8901076-CAT-C,CATAT 9033035-CAT-C,CATAT 15×AT*
56827984-C-CATTAAA *
13450843-C-CCCCA 11295167-C-CCCCA *
56834188-TTA-T *
56836153-T-TTCCGC *
56871627-A-AT *
10661296-T-TCCACTC *
28778852-C-CTTTT,CTTTTT 26632705-C-CTTTT,CTTTTT 33×T*
56871655-A-ATAT *
13450844-T-TCCCACA 11295168-T-TCCCACA *
13540253-A-AAC,AACAC 11384577-A-AAC,AACAC 23×AC*
28748329-T-C 26602182-T-C *
22510299-C-G 20348413-C-G DYZ19 *
28619323-T-G 26473176-T-G *
13451481-TTCTA-T 11295805-TTCTA-T *
13451488-CT-C 11295812-CT-C *
13429347-T-C 11273671-T-C *
13451199-T-TTCCAC 11295523-T-TTCCAC *
5945467-C-CTTT 6077426-C-CTTT 25×T*
4936053-CA-C,CAA 5068012-CA-C,CAA 26×A*
28619320-A-C 26473173-A-C *
23006086-G-GT 20844200-G-GT 8×T*
18411871-G-T 16299991-G-T P6_Gap *
20835458-T-G 18673572-T-G P4_Gap *
19226188-AATAGATAG-A,A 17114308-AATAGATAG-A,A 14×ATAG*
21109633-C-T 18947747-C-T Y*
22253436-G-C 20091550-G-C DYZ19 *
6052859-C-CT 6184818-C-CT 11×T*
21853677-C-CAAA,CAAA 19691791-C-CAAA,CAAA 43×A*
21553403-CTTT-C,CTT 19391517-CTTT-C,CTT 31×T*
21475542-T-A 19313656-T-A Y*
20640176-C-T 18478290-C-T P4_Prx *
21411718-CAAAA-C,CAAAAA 19249832-CAAAA-C,CAAAAA 31×A*
21402181-CT-C,CTTTT 19240295-CT-C,CTTTT 34×T*
21050838-TTATC-T,T 18888952-TTATC-T,T 10×TATC*
22253446-G-C 20091560-G-C DYZ19 *
20815462-T-G 18653576-T-G P4_Gap 12×AC*
20815458-T-G 18653572-T-G P4_Gap *
20363066-GAAAC-G 18201180-GAAAC-G P5_Dst 5×AAAC*
20305768-TA-T 18143882-TA-T P5_Dst 9×A*
19500593-GAGAAAGAA-G,G 17388713-GAGAAAGAA-G,G 15×AGAA*
19393098-CT-C,CTTT 17281218-CT-C,CTTT 30×T*
4175134-AT-A 4307093-AT-A 8×T*
10889266-GCCATT-G,G *
17731014-C-CA 15619134-C-CA 35×A*
22253438-G-A 20091552-G-A DYZ19 *
22270035-C-T 20108149-C-T DYZ19 *
24283189-G-T 22137042-G-T P3_t1 *
22312649-A-G 20150763-A-G DYZ19 *
22312661-T-A 20150775-T-A DYZ19 *
24614413-GA-G 22468266-GA-G P3_t2 10×A*
13252722-A-G 11097046-A-G *
24575876-CTT-C,CT 22429729-CTT-C,CT P3_t2 24×T*
6699020-ATTT-A,ATT 6830979-ATTT-A,ATT 24×T*
3838601-C-CTT 3970560-C-CTT 31×T*
56833475-T- *
56833736-TCC-T *
56833739-A-AAG *
56833841-A-AT *
22437822-C-T 20275936-C-T DYZ19 *
24283184-C-A 22137037-C-A P3_t1 *
21105159-T- *
23241950-T-G 21080064-T-G Y*
23063698-TTTTA-T,T 20901812-TTTTA-T,T 10×TTTA*
22713350-G-A 20551464-G-A Y*
22473135-G-T 20311249-G-T BY222856 DYZ19 *
22473134-G-C 20311248-G-C FT459392 DYZ19 *
22473131-G-A 20311245-G-A FT459389 DYZ19 *
22468501-G-C 20306615-G-C DYZ19 *
22468493-T-A 20306607-T-A DYZ19 *
22468489-T-C 20306603-T-C DYZ19 *
6468926-TAA-T 6600885-TAA-T 28×A*
19510300-A-T 17398420-A-T YY*
17081290-T-A 14969410-T-A YY*
9871665-TAC-T 10034056-TAC-T 8×AC*
24425365-ATG-A 22279218-ATG-A 8×TG*
59001559-G-A 56855412-G-A *
59021928-G-GTTTT 56875781-G-GTTTT 9×T*
8462064-C-CA 8594023-C-CA 26×A*
7461754-G-GTT 7593713-G-GTT IR1_L 23×T*
26320658-TA-T 24174511-TA-T P1_Y1 14×A*
5042180-G-GAT 5174139-G-GAT 17×AT*
28633965-T-TA 26487818-T-TA 10×A*
17187566-CAA-C 15075686-CAA-C 28×A*
5776576-G-GA 5908535-G-GA 13×A*
13271775-T-TA 11116099-T-TA 12×A*
5551548-T-G 5683507-T-G Z1987 *
21412261-C-CTT 19250375-C-CTT 36×T*
23766562-AAC-A 21604676-AAC-A *
3172631-G-A 3304590-G-A *
3200161-A-C 3332120-A-C FT316405 *
3331462-AAT-A 3463421-AAT-A 8×AT*
3930620-AAC-A 4062579-AAC-A 8×AC*
4585401-A-G 4717360-A-G *
5087317-C-T 5219276-C-T *
5139530-A-T 5271489-A-T *
5552714-C-T 5684673-C-T *
5634233-A-T 5766192-A-T *
5639052-G-T 5771011-G-T *
5980639-C-T 6112598-C-T *
7325053-GTA-G 7457012-GTA-G *
7543900-AAT-A 7675859-AAT-A *
23851470-ATG-A 21689584-ATG-A 9×TG*
21087755-CCT-C 18925869-CCT-C 8×CT*
13449956-CCCATT-C 11294280-CCCATT-C *
6948092-G-GTT 7080051-G-GTT 31×T*
5086968-A-T 5218927-A-T *
5137411-G-C 5269370-G-C Z8629 *
5139407-A-G 5271366-A-G *
5378471-A-G 5510430-A-G *
5554844-C-T 5686803-C-T *
5607994-G-T 5739953-G-T *
5637843-C-A 5769802-C-A *
5637881-C-T 5769840-C-T *
5646107-AAT-A 5778066-AAT-A *
5679938-T-C 5811897-T-C *
5786159-AAC-A 5918118-AAC-A 8×AC*
6089296-GAT-G 6221255-GAT-G 10×AT*
6598964-G-A 6730923-G-A *
7285285-AAT-A 7417244-AAT-A *
19309422-C-CAT 17197542-C-CAT 19×AT*
7428072-A-G 7560031-A-G YY*
7428075-G-C 7560034-G-C YY*
7428091-A-C 7560050-A-C CTS1471 YY*
8462091-G-A 8594050-G-A YY*
8644547-CTA-C 8776506-CTA-C 8×TA*
13254020-C-T 11098344-C-T *
13451191-T-TC 11295515-T-TC *
14295541-CGT-C 12174835-CGT-C 8×GT*
14297038-CTA-C 12176332-CTA-C 10×TA*
14567704-GGT-G 12455904-GGT-G 8×GT*
16134549-TAC-T 14022669-TAC-T 10×AC*
16508482-GTAA-G 14396602-GTAA-G 8×TAA*
18511565-C-CAT 16399685-C-CAT P6_Dst 20×AT*
13203742-GTGA-G 11048066-GTGA-G 5×TGA*
13687959-G-A 11532283-G-A *
4559967-G-T 4691926-G-T *
13578034-C-CA 11422358-C-CA 14×A*
15518278-CT-C 13406398-CT-C 10×T*
4539217-GA-G 4671176-GA-G 15×A*
4282565-A-G 4414524-A-G MC02Y18169 *
3351783-A-G 3483742-A-G *
13718874-C-A 11563198-C-A *
7464037-CA-C 7595996-CA-C IR1_L 19×A*
17086602-C-CAT 14974722-C-CAT 22×AT*
5936159-GAT-G 6068118-GAT-G 19×AT*
18468353-GA-G 16356473-GA-G P6_Dst 13×A*
16913422-C-CA 14801542-C-CA 21×A*
2984950-C-CTA 3116909-C-CTA 16×TA*
6349176-C-CT 6481135-C-CT 12×T*
3076069-C-CT 3208028-C-CT 25×T*
5587108-A-C 5719067-A-C A13692 *
13476975-A-C 11321299-A-C *
20815408-C-CATATATAT 18653522-C-CATATATAT P4_Gap 22×AT*
6944943-C-CA 7076902-C-CA 28×A*
28492689-CAAA-C 26346542-CAAA-C 18×A*
6539997-C-CA 6671956-C-CA 13×A*
17703236-T-TA 15591356-T-TA 22×A*
19250664-G-GTTTT 17138784-G-GTTTT 45×T*
22662289-G-GT 20500403-G-GT 13×T*
5344471-TA-T 5476430-TA-T 37×A*
21895600-TA-T 19733714-TA-T 12×A*
23850755-TA-T 21688869-TA-T 10×A*
3253170-CTT-C 3385129-CTT-C 22×T*
22437889-C-T 20276003-C-T BY218446 DYZ19 *
4826400-TTA-T 4958359-TTA-T 22×TA*
21940037-CAT-C 19778151-CAT-C 22×AT*
13718826-G-A 11563150-G-A *
58993119-C-A 56846972-C-A *
14311874-TTTA-T 12191168-TTTA-T 6×TTA*
18609322-TCA-T 16497442-TCA-T 8×CA*
19510294-A-T 17398414-A-T YY*
21083512-TAG-T 18921626-TAG-T *
21269482-CCA-C 19107596-CCA-C *
22269439-A-T 20107553-A-T BY38154 DYZ19 *
22903820-ATG-A 20741934-ATG-A *
23415294-ATATATG-A 21253408-ATATATG-A *
28470598-CTA-C 26324451-CTA-C *
28545016-CAA-C 26398869-CAA-C 22×A*
58981320-C-G 56835173-C-G *
58981677-A-G 56835530-A-G *
58982588-T-C 56836441-T-C *
59001513-G-A 56855366-G-A *
8631383-CTTTTT-C 8763342-CTTTTT-C 26×T*
23551264-C-CGT 21389378-C-CGT 22107634CGTGT-C 14×GT*
21922080-CAA-C 19760194-CAA-C 23×A*
5036583-CAT-C 5168542-CAT-C 27×AT*
5088451-CTTTT-C 5220410-CTTTT-C 27×T*
6597876-CT-C 6729835-CT-C 10×T*
8406123-TA-T 8538082-TA-T FTA81879 10×A*
18317461-TAA-T 16205581-TAA-T P6_Prx 15×A*
28600983-ATTT-A 26454836-ATTT-A 17×T*
21717648-A-ATG 19555762-A-ATG 17×TG*
6858592-C-CTTTT 6990551-C-CTTTT 25×T*
14862939-A-AT 12751005-A-AT 12×T*
58981073-T-C 56834926-T-C *
23070772-CT-C 20908886-CT-C 29×T*
4560606-C-T 4692565-C-T FT238593 *
4559964-C-T 4691923-C-T *
8016710-CA-C 8148669-CA-C 8×A*
7643329-GGA-G 7775288-GGA-G 9×GA*
15909754-C-CATAT 13797874-C-CATAT 18×AT*
7162654-T-TA 7294613-T-TA 10×A*
16308486-C-CT 14196606-C-CT 25×T*
20804885-GTA-G 18642999-GTA-G P4_Gap 15×TA*
27994688-T-TA 25848541-T-TA P1_Y2 13×A*
27918646-GT-G 25772499-GT-G P1_Y2 11×T*
18982547-C-CAA 16870667-C-CAA 39×A*
21438785-TAA-T 19276899-TAA-T 31×A*
20332111-C-CA 18170225-C-CA P5_Dst 30×A*
3545398-G-GT 3677357-G-GT 13×T*
17251895-C-CA 15140015-C-CA 11×A*
17348297-CAA-C 15236417-CAA-C 17×A*
8706675-C-CAG 8838634-C-CAG 15×AG*
28478038-T-G 26331891-T-G 23×AG*
21980001-C-CA 19818115-C-CA 27×A*
20970352-CA-C 18808466-CA-C P4_Dst 12×A*
27761295-G-GA 25615148-G-GA P1_Y2 15×A*
16598984-CAA-C 14487104-CAA-C 25×A*
23025229-C-CA 20863343-C-CA 29×A*
7149622-CTT-C 7281581-CTT-C 19×T*
3086544-CAA-C 3218503-CAA-C 18×A*
8296263-GA-G 8428222-GA-G 17×A*
5135238-CT-C 5267197-CT-C 26×T*
13624352-G-GTA 11468676-G-GTA 11×TA*
14102794-G-GTCTA 11982088-G-GTCTA 11×TCTA*
15003172-C-CT 12891257-C-CT 10×T*
17923883-T-G 15812003-T-G Y45382 YY*
17678621-C-CT 15566741-C-CT 26×T*
3146672-AGTGT-A 3278631-AGTGT-A 21×GT*
16638458-TTG-T 14526578-TTG-T 9×TG*
21367863-CAT-C 19205977-CAT-C 9×AT*
13451866-C-CCCATT 11296190-C-CCCATT *
26379411-CA-C 24233264-CA-C P1_Y1 22×A*
9836888-G-T 9999279-G-T BY186918 YY20×T*
15810962-G-T 13699082-G-T L69 S163 PF2681 YY19×GT*
17592345-CTTT-C 15480465-CTTT-C 24×T*
13451188-C-A 11295512-C-A *
18738827-GTA-G 16626947-GTA-G 10×TA*
3279734-T-TAAATAAAC 3411693-T-TAAATAAAC *
19036703-GT-G 16924823-GT-G 40×T*
21138364-GAC-G 18976478-GAC-G 10×AC*
17196756-A-G 15084876-A-G YY*
23976848-TTG-T 21830701-TTG-T 8×TG*
16535053-CT-C 14423173-CT-C 35×T*
8030030-TA-T 8161989-TA-T 26×A*
20959438-A-AT 18797552-A-AT P4_Dst 11×T*
23484359-T-TTA 21322473-T-TTA 9×TA*
15548847-GACAC-G 13436967-GACAC-G 15548847GACAC-G 18×AC*
18434859-CAG-C 16322979-CAG-C P6_Dst *
27824063-GT-G 25677916-GT-G P1_Y2 10×T*
17459485-CAA-C 15347605-CAA-C 25×A*
14884698-GA-G 12772764-GA-G 26×A*
16558177-TTA-T 14446297-TTA-T 11×TA*
6792019-TA-T 6923978-TA-T 11×A*
24305272-CAAA-C 22159125-CAAA-C P3_t1 21×A*
58977261-T-C 56831114-T-C *
28679303-TA-T 26533156-TA-T 10×A*
21687951-AAC-A 19526065-AAC-A 17×AC*
19206741-TAA-T 17094861-TAA-T 29×A*
13494555-AT-A 11338879-AT-A 13×T*
4555316-T-G 4687275-T-G *
3402899-C-T 3534858-C-T *
23271732-TA-T 21109846-TA-T 11×A*
17218300-CT-C 15106420-CT-C 16×T***
58972181-C-T 56826034-C-T *
2984707-AAT-A 3116666-AAT-A *
2995229-TTG-T 3127188-TTG-T 8×TG*
2996639-GAC-G 3128598-GAC-G 10×AC*
3103284-T-C 3235243-T-C FT316086 *
3172660-T-C 3304619-T-C *
3257945-C-G 3389904-C-G *
3387546-T-A 3519505-T-A *
3400962-C-G 3532921-C-G FT317094 *
3402868-G-A 3534827-G-A *
3402948-C-T 3534907-C-T FT135514 *
7375259-C-CT 7507218-C-CT 11×T*
3475308-G-C 3607267-G-C *
3475494-C-T 3607453-C-T *
3541033-C-A 3672992-C-A *
4067369-T-A 4199328-T-A 26×A*
4327337-G-A 4459296-G-A FT7421 *
4512176-A-G 4644135-A-G *
4545124-G-GAC 4677083-G-GAC 12×AC*
4554737-C-T 4686696-C-T FTA42700 *
4554780-A-G 4686739-A-G *
4554832-C-G 4686791-C-G *
4555159-A-G 4687118-A-G *
4555206-T-C 4687165-T-C FT321015 *
4555311-T-C 4687270-T-C FT321016 *
13451631-A-ATCCAT 11295955-A-ATCCAT 4×TCCAT*
15490256-TA-T 13378376-TA-T 10×A*
5882071-AT-A 6014030-AT-A 10×T*
6597340-TAAAAAA-T 6729299-TAAAAAA-T 28×A*
19318178-C-CTTT 17206298-C-CTTT 28×T*
27998485-CA-C 25852338-CA-C P1_Y2 30×A*
18290815-CAA-C 16178935-CAA-C P6_Prx 20×A*
5563451-CT-C 5695410-CT-C 11×T*
3403444-T-TAATA 3535403-T-TAATA 10×AATA*
7535856-A-T 7667815-A-T YY*
28592004-A-ATG 26445857-A-ATG 18×TG*
8535120-CGT-C 8667079-CGT-C 8×GT*
19202928-C-CA 17091048-C-CA 25×A*
8154808-C-CT 8286767-C-CT 11×T*
23505495-C-CAAAA 21343609-C-CAAAA 23×A*
15491941-G-A 13380061-G-A FT329633 YY19×TA*
4650522-C-T 4782481-C-T *
16857854-A-AT 14745974-A-AT 11×T*
26479590-CA-C 24333443-CA-C P1_Y1 16×A*
19138349-CTA-C 17026469-CTA-C 11×TA*
28515523-T-TA 26369376-T-TA 11×A*
4634602-AAT-A 4766561-AAT-A 9×AT*
21617605-CAA-C 19455719-CAA-C 23×A*
20425803-CA-C 18263917-CA-C P5_Dst 15×A*
5179515-G-GAT 5311474-G-GAT 13×AT*
8907673-ATGTG-A 9039632-ATGTG-A 18×TG*
13940857-A-AAG 11820151-A-AAG 18×AG*
3889019-C-CT 4020978-C-CT 15×T*
22577951-G-GA 20416065-G-GA 24×A*
7107017-A-C 7238976-A-C YY*
24637476-TTG-T 22491329-TTG-T P3_t2 11×TG*
8589494-G-GA 8721453-G-GA 12×A*
8565786-AT-A 8697745-AT-A 10×T*
23488834-T-TAAAAAA 21326948-T-TAAAAAA 30×A*
16904706-T-A 14792826-T-A YY*
10673523-A-T *
16046631-T-TAC 13934751-T-TAC 17×AC*
7100954-CTTT-C 7232913-CTTT-C 32×T*
26414228-C-CA 24268081-C-CA P1_Y1 12×A*
5081843-G-GA 5213802-G-GA 10×A*
8172687-C-CTT 8304646-C-CTT 22×T*
13489483-C-A 11333807-C-A *
9398041-GAAA-G 9560432-GAAA-G 15×A*
7939472-TA-T 8071431-TA-T 35×A*
27462006-G-T 25315859-G-T P1_Y2 *
16077543-CAAA-C 13965663-CAAA-C 36×A*
24472448-A-G 22326301-A-G Y*
13896047-AT-A 11775341-AT-A 9×T*
56878253-GCA-G 9×CA*
17843091-A-ATT 15731211-A-ATT 18×T*
17831207-C-CTT 15719327-C-CTT 17×T*
2649802-CAA-C,CA 2781761-CAA-C,CA 24×A****
7187998-A-AT 7319957-A-AT 11×T*
14319448-GATAT-G 12198742-GATAT-G 8×AT*
8600009-CTT-C 8731968-CTT-C 13×T*
20084490-C-A 17972610-C-A P5_Dst *
6457773-T-TA 6589732-T-TA 15×A*
15683628-CAA-C 13571748-CAA-C 24×A*
13965269-CAAA-C 11844563-CAAA-C 21×A*
23415342-AT-A 21253456-AT-A 21×T*
19479688-AGTGT-A,AGT 17367808-AGTGT-A,AGT 20×GT*
14062010-CAAA-C 11941304-CAAA-C 34×A*
14779486-G-GT 12667556-G-GT 11×T*
24472454-A-G 22326307-A-G Y*
2925592-C-CT 3057551-C-CT 15×T*
56841661-C-T *
28506063-C-CT 26359916-C-CT 11×T*
15794218-CAA-C 13682338-CAA-C 14×A*
24472451-C-G 22326304-C-G Y*
4005957-AT-A 4137916-AT-A 12×T*
19130738-C-CT 17018858-C-CT 33×T*
13489492-G-T 11333816-G-T *
22920605-CTTT-C 20758719-CTTT-C 25×T*
27971726-C-CAA 25825579-C-CAA P1_Y2 27×A*
7280952-CT-C,CTT 7412911-CT-C,CTT 26×T*
14224265-CT-C 12103559-CT-C 10×T*
7470700-CAAA-C 7602659-CAAA-C IR1_L 25×A*
27617573-G-GA 25471426-G-GA P1_Y2 14×A*
21224779-ATTTT-A 19062893-ATTTT-A 19×T*
28508109-CA-C 26361962-CA-C 11×A*
15557124-A-AAT 13445244-A-AAT 19×AT*
17622755-CA-C 15510875-CA-C 11×A*
28545723-T-A 26399576-T-A *
10796157-C-T *
18462580-TACAC-T,TAC 16350700-TACAC-T,TAC P6_Dst 20×AC*
13722703-G-A 11567027-G-A *
10673553-A-G *
18565061-CAAAA-C 16453181-CAAAA-C 27×A*
3646872-CAA-C 3778831-CAA-C 15×A*
18984950-CTTTT-C 16873070-CTTTT-C 20×T*
8666723-GTT-G,GT 8798682-GTT-G,GT 25×T*
13711993-A-T 11556317-A-T *
21123539-T-TA 18961653-T-TA 13×A*
3638582-A-AT 3770541-A-AT 11×T*
13489498-G-A 11333822-G-A *
28517963-CAA-C 26371816-CAA-C 11×A*
14307953-CAA-C 12187247-CAA-C 15×A*
8428944-CAAAA-C 8560903-CAAAA-C 25×A*
17802166-TAA-T 15690286-TAA-T 30×A*
10993129-C-A *
5967927-C-A 6099886-C-A *
14875592-GTTTT-G 12763662-GTTTT-G 28×T*
2769237-GA-G 2901196-GA-G 11×A*
7166641-T-TA 7298600-T-TA *
10993130-A-T *
9403152-A-ATG 9565543-A-ATG 14×TG*
17482895-G-GA 15371015-G-GA 11×A*
9416731-G-GTTT 9579122-G-GTTT 23×T*
11017494-G-C *
18297912-C-A 16186032-C-A P6_Prx *
56832753-C-T *
18928753-G-GA 16816873-G-GA 9×A*
15593274-CA-C,CAA 13481394-CA-C,CAA 23×A*
19127667-TAC-T 17015787-TAC-T 18×AC*
18038962-GA-G 15927082-GA-G 11×A*
56861664-C-A *
17250010-TA-T 15138130-TA-T 13×A*
8309492-AT-A 8441451-AT-A 10×T*
10878239-G-GATTCC *
4213860-ATG-A 4345819-ATG-A 12×TG*
10892169-A-T PF30FT191151 *
2752415-TA-T,TAA 2884374-TA-T,TAA 23×A*
13489462-T-C 11333786-T-C *
5008883-A-AT 5140842-A-AT 13×T****
14825125-CT-C,CTT 12713192-CT-C,CTT 20×T*
4847447-T-TA 4979406-T-TA 11×A*
15497972-ATT-A 13386092-ATT-A 26×T*
13476897-A-C 11321221-A-C *
13257481-A-G 11101805-A-G *
3990664-C-CAA 4122623-C-CAA 18×A*
5267534-G-T 5399493-G-T *
11017495-G-T *
21623812-GTTT-G 19461926-GTTT-G 25×T*
22185347-T-TA 20023461-T-TA 13×A*
12377234-AT-A *
16904707-C-A 14792827-C-A YY*
8739154-A-AAATAAT 8871113-A-AAATAAT 13×AAT*
23435181-G-GT,GTT 21273295-G-GT,GTT 20×T*
10761260-T-TTTCCA *
13722710-T-A 11567034-T-A *
10673535-T-C *
13268891-C-CT 11113215-C-CT 11×T*
14465787-G-GT 12345060-G-GT 10×T*
22115622-A-AT 19953736-A-AT 14×T*
22437895-A-T 20276009-A-T BY218449 DYZ19 *
13449095-T-TTCCAC 11293419-T-TTCCAC *
16336897-GTT-G 14225017-GTT-G 23×T*
21104606-TGAGA-T 18942720-TGAGA-T 11×GA*
27967276-G-GTA 25821129-G-GTA P1_Y2 9×TA*
8901074-CACATAT-C 9033033-CACATAT-C *
15411308-CA-C 13299428-CA-C 30×A*
6043970-CTTTT-C 6175929-CTTTT-C 22×T*
7110518-A-AT 7242477-A-AT 12×T*
14986616-T-TTC 12874684-T-TTC 17×TC*
9833358-GA-G 9995749-GA-G 10×A*
7107011-CTA-C 7238970-CTA-C 20×TA*
5125451-AT-A 5257410-AT-A 11×T*
15495167-C-CA 13383287-C-CA 14×A*
15358761-GA-G 13246880-GAA-G 26×A*
22165202-CA-C 20003316-CA-C 28×A*
56837026-C-G *
56849702-A-G *
10673534-A-T *
2845821-CA-C 2977780-CA-C 28×A*
9747152-T-G 9909543-T-G *
7414277-CAAA-C 7546236-CAAA-C 27×A*
23807578-CAAA-C 21645692-CAAA-C 21×A*
2733022-A-AT 2864981-A-AT 11×T*
4790634-G-GA 4922593-G-GA 14×A*
16969400-C-CT 14857520-C-CT 11×T*
4425038-AT-A 4556997-AT-A 13×T*
5066184-CTT-C 5198143-CTT-C 22×T*
8977029-C-CA 9139420-C-CA 16×A*
16945883-TAA-T 14834003-TAA-T 15×A*
4164327-T-TA 4296286-T-TA 11×A*
8288815-TAA-T 8420774-TAA-T 23×A*
4539205-CA-C 4671164-CA-C 11×A*
14681188-C-CA 12569254-C-CA 13×A*
15421470-C-CA 13309590-C-CA 10×A*
8396370-C-CA 8528329-C-CA Y130610 8×A*
13254022-C-A 11098346-C-A *
17361058-CAA-C 15249178-CAA-C 25×A*
13576122-C-CT 11420446-C-CT 14×T*
7008302-CAAT-C 7140261-CAAT-C 11×AAT*
17963685-ATT-A 15851805-ATT-A 14×T*
2950223-G-GTA 3082182-G-GTA 10×TA*
3963833-CA-C 4095792-CA-C 22×A*
22468467-T-A 20306581-T-A DYZ19 *
6027539-AT-A 6159498-AT-A 10×T*
58972817-GTCCA-G 56826670-GTCCA-G *
4976787-CA-C 5108746-CA-C 21×A*
20104256-GGAGA-G 17992376-GGAGA-G P5_Dst 22×GA*
22468469-T-G 20306583-T-G DYZ19 *
21148589-CA-C 18986703-CA-C 30×A*
56881325-TA-T 11×A*
7131386-ACCC-A 7263345-ACCC-A 14×C*
7033240-C-CA 7165199-C-CA 15×A*
23046252-TA-T 20884366-TA-T 10×A*
2892719-AT-A 3024678-AT-A 10×T*
10789940-C-T *
15252842-TA-T 13140928-TA-T 10×A*
8611886-C-CA 8743845-C-CA 14×A*
7775119-G-GA 7907078-G-GA 10×A*
2686435-C-CA 2818394-C-CA 13×A*
15449885-G-T 13338005-G-T YY*
10673496-G-C *
3796333-C-CTA 3928292-C-CTA 9×TA*
20574944-G-GT 18413058-G-GT P5_Dst 19×T*
19088523-TA-T 16976643-TA-T 10×A*
15876360-CAAA-C 13764480-CAAA-C 21×A*
27971751-AAAC-A 25825604-AAAC-A P1_Y2 *
4880709-GTT-G 5012668-GTT-G 22×T*
23476043-G-GT 21314157-G-GT 9×T*
7165306-G-GTT 7297265-G-GTT 20×T*
10673493-A-T *
10006873-G-GA 10169264-G-GA 11×A*
18423874-C-A 16311994-C-A P6_Gap 12×A*
10924711-G-T FT92031 *
3603491-ATTTT-A 3735450-ATTTT-A 24×T*
10673502-C-A *
13845459-G-GA 11724753-G-GA 9×A*
5989040-A-AT 6120999-A-AT 12×T*
21556919-C-CT 19395033-C-CT 23×T*
28542416-CAAA-C 26396269-CAAA-C 17×A*
17090839-ATTT-A 14978959-ATTT-A 29×T*
56849800-T-G *
16305924-C-CA 14194044-C-CA 24×A*
18997240-C-CA 16885360-C-CA 11×A*
56849801-T-A *
21104437-TAA-T 18942551-TAA-T 22×A*
22936288-CTTT-C 20774402-CTTT-C 25×T*
9847289-ATTTT-A,ATTT 10009680-ATTTT-A,ATTT 28×T*
4292835-T-TA 4424794-T-TA 13×A*
9056794-A-C FT327763 *
25967636-T-G 23821489-T-G P1_Y1 **
14168106-A-G 12047400-A-G **
13632903-G-A 11477227-G-A FT268544 **
26379410-CCA-C 24233263-CCA-C P1_Y1 **
27583064-C-A 25436917-C-A P1_Y2 **
26393206-A-C 24247059-A-C P1_Y1 **
15497972-AT-A 13386092-AT-A 26×T**
16146467-TA-T 14034587-TA-T P8_Dst 10×A**
16868746-CATATATAT-C 14756866-CATATATAT-C 22×AT**
27583041-C-A 25436894-C-A P1_Y2 **
7288129-C-T 7420088-C-T **
10991236-GTTCCATTCCA-G **
22268553-C-T 20106667-C-T DYZ19 **
22517658-T-G 20355772-T-G FT177458 **
14005951-TAATA-T 11885245-TAATA-T 10×AATA**
19903780-T-G 17791900-T-G P5_Prx **
14832009-A-G 12720076-A-G **
13595498-C-T 11439822-C-T FT200144 **
24607229-AGT-A 22461082-AGT-A P3_t2 10×GT**
19811327-G-T 17699447-G-T P5_Prx **
19412004-AAG-A 17300124-AAG-A **
3550571-ACT-A 3682530-ACT-A **
20040482-G-C 17928602-G-C BY40571 P5_Prx 4×GCAAGCAC**
23802082-CA-C 21640196-CA-C 24×A**
13457725-C-A,CTTTC 11302049-C-A,CTTTC ***
13464440-C-A 11308764-C-A ***
11031716-C-T ***
28799725-T-A 26653578-T-A ***
13258102-T-C 11102426-T-C ***
13253148-G-A 11097472-G-A ***
22147864-C-CT 19985978-C-CT 12×T***
21746730-C-T 19584844-C-T ***
10949782-C-A ***
8314169-TTG-G,T 8446128-TTG-G,T ***
13566991-ATTT-A 11411315-ATTT-A 17×T***
13448686-T-C 11293010-T-C ***
13258109-A-G 11102433-A-G ***
11014478-A-G ***
5434020-G-GT 5565979-G-GT 13×T***
19394245-AT-A 17282365-AT-A 11×T***
5962109-C-CAT 6094068-C-CAT 20×AT***
14914672-C-CTT 12802739-C-CTT 17×T***
10802375-T-TCATTC ***
8058452-CTTT-C 8190411-CTTT-C 15×T***
4832773-C-CT 4964732-C-CT 14×T***
13535639-GTA-G 11379963-GTA-G 21×TA***
13480414-G-C 11324738-G-C ***
22298335-T-C 20136449-T-C DYZ19 ***
15230842-CTT-C 13118928-CTT-C 13×T***
15324319-CTT-C,CT 13212437-CTT-C,CT 25×T***
10987246-T-C ***
3389049-T-TA 3521008-T-TA 10×A***
13825471-T-A 11704765-T-A ***
13452240-A-T 11296564-A-T ***
7100954-CT-C 7232913-CT-C 32×T***
23415341-TA-T 21253455-TA-T ***
22715144-TAA-T 20553258-TAA-T 23×A***
21575566-G-A 19413680-G-A ***
4067369-TA-T 4199328-TA-T 26×A***
3908945-C-CA 4040904-C-CA 15×A***
22540538-GTATATA-G 20378652-GTATATA-G 17×TA***
13452226-TCCACT-T,TCCACA 11296550-TCCACT-T,TCCACA ***
14825824-C-CT 12713891-C-CT 18×T***
4377969-CTTT-C,CT 4509928-CTTT-C,CT 19×T***
21575565-T-C 19413679-T-C ***
5932017-G-A 6063976-G-A ***
13825470-C-A 11704764-C-A ***
10671833-A-G ***
17030757-ATT-A 14918877-ATT-A 24×T***
6457484-C-CT 6589443-C-CT 17×T***
13448344-A-G 11292668-A-G ***
11021346-CCTCTCTACTG-C ***
28700731-CTATA-C 26554584-CTATA-C 17×TA***
21054379-CAA-C 18892493-CAA-C 18×A***
15164608-AATAT-A 13052694-AATAT-A 12×AT***
13447314-T-TTCCAC 11291638-T-TTCCAC 8×TCCAC***
13470007-G-A 11314331-G-A ***
21575553-C-T 19413667-C-T ***
59004640-G-C 56858493-G-C ***
5540254-C-CGT 5672213-C-CGT 10×GT***
5354713-CAT-C 5486672-CAT-C 16×AT***
10949789-T-A ***
2688622-A-ATTT 2820581-A-ATTT 29×T***
2741101-CTTT-C 2873060-CTTT-C 19×T***
56855237-A-ATTTT ***
13476572-T-C 11320896-T-C ***
3103334-A-G 3235293-A-G ***
3253200-G-A 3385159-G-A ***
3253205-C-T 3385164-C-T ***
3427048-G-T 3559007-G-T FT317184 ***
13478283-C-T 11322607-C-T ***
24415718-TTATATATA-T 22269571-TTATATATA-T 31×TA***
10671811-G-C ***
10985116-T-C ***

In the table above, the meaning of the confidence field depends on whether the data comes from an FTDNA kit or an FGC kit. For FTDNA kits, + implies a "PASS" result with just one possible variant, * indicates a "PASS" but with multiple variants, ** indicates "REJECTED" with just a single variant, and *** indicates "REJECTED" with multiple possible variants. 'A*' are heterozygous variants not called by FTDNA, but still pulled from the VCF file. For FGC kits, + indicates over 99% likely genuine (95% for INDELs); * over 95% likely genuine (90% for INDELs); ** about 40% likely genuine; *** about 10% likely genuine. Manual entries read directly from a BAM file will be either + indicating positive, or * indicating that the data show a mixture of possible variants.

For the FTDNA kits, the BED data is encoded in the background color of the cells. Those cells with a white background have coverage, those with a grey background indicate no coverage in the BED file, and those with a pink background indicate the mutation is on the edge of a coverage region. These pink regions often indicate that the individual may be positive for a SNP even if there is no corresponding entry in the vcf file.

The combBED column indicates whether or not the mutation is a SNP and falls in the combBED region defined in Defining a New Rate Constant for Y-Chromosome SNPs based on Full Sequencing Data by Dmitry Adamov, Vladimir Guryanov, Sergey Karzhavin, Vladimir Tagankin, Vadim Urasin.

The McDonald BED column indicates whether or not the mutation is a SNP and falls in the BED region used by Dr. Iain McDonald in the age analysis he does for R-U106 men.

Age Analysis Information (work in progress)

Kit: 9088091524985195950578403651
Kit: 9088091551575395512958399914
Used in age calculations1551575395950578403651
Counts of SNPs9872
Variant counts last updated 2022-07-13 03:00:41.

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