Tree Position

R-P312/S116 > Z40481 > ZZ11 > U152/S28 > Z193 > Z40483 > BY3654

Unique Mutations

The mutations unique to this man are summarized in the table below. Those with a '+' or '*' confidence level are considered by FamilyTreeDNA or FullGenomesCorp to be high quality SNPs/INDELs. For completeness, all other mutations of lesser confidence are included as well. These additional mutations may be useful for distinguishing between very closely related men.

Occasionally, some of the mutations listed here will be thought to be shared with other men in which case they might appear in upstream blocks on the tree. When this happens, the 'Blocks' field will indicate what block they appear in. Such a situation might arise with BigY men if the BED data suggests another man may be positive for a SNP, even though it doesn't appear in his VCF data. It might also happen if Chromo2 testing or Sanger sequencing of other men not on the tree show the SNP to be shared.

POS-REF-ALT (hg19) POS-REF-ALT (hg38) Blocks Names Region McDonald BED combBED STRKane38
9619482-T-A 9781873-T-A IR3_Prx +A+
10672178-C-G *A*
18290276-C-A 16178396-C-A P6_Prx +A*
6165974-G-C 6297933-G-C IR3_Dst A*
6195068-G-A 6327027-G-A IR3_Dst A*
6196134-A-C 6328093-A-C IR3_Dst A*
6250889-A-T 6382848-A-T IR3_Dst A*
19717318-G-C 17605438-G-C P5_Prx A*
20730092-C-T 18568206-C-T P4_Prx A*
26081235-A-G 23935088-A-G P1_Y1 A*
26131987-C-T 23985840-C-T P1_Y1 A*
15203861-AAACAAC-A 13091947-AAACAAC-A 12×AAC+
13679679-G-A 11524003-G-A Z2354 PF4685 ++
22237315-C-A 20075429-C-A DYZ19 +
58863074-T-A 56727797-A-T +
21390114-G-A 19228228-G-A BY156909 YY++
21068264-C-CA 18906378-C-CA ++
3793658-GA-G 3925617-GA-G 10×A+**
4976079-G-C 5108038-G-C FT159047 +**
2732951-A-G 2864910-A-G FT390927 YY++
2829683-T-G 2961642-T-G FT390940 YY++
2866756-A-C 2998715-A-C YY+
3140382-A-C 3272341-A-C FT390978 ++
3369109-A-G 3501068-A-G FT391004 ++
3393428-T-A 3525387-T-A FT391008 ++
3432851-T-A 3564810-T-A +**
3478842-G-T 3610801-G-T FT391019 ++
4235941-C-T 4367900-C-T FT391148 ++
4452920-T-C 4584879-T-C FT391181 ++
4593126-T-G 4725085-T-G FT391208 ++
4683272-C-T 4815231-C-T +
5156060-A-G 5288019-A-G FT391280 ++
5229459-A-G 5361418-A-G FT391290 ++
5921114-T-A 6053073-T-A FT391385 ++
9654397-AGAAAGAAG-A 9816788-AGAAAGAAG-A IR3_Prx ++
9722432-G-A 9884823-G-A IR3_Prx +**
9754485-G-A 9916876-G-A FT391827 ++
10753455-A-G FT429716 ++
10855506-C-T +**
11010519-C-T FT393571 ++
13216215-G-A 11060539-G-A BY84521 ++
13487240-CGG-C 11331564-CGG-C +
13487243-C-CAG 11331567-C-CAG +
13549528-A-C 11393852-A-C +**
13626269-T-A 11470593-T-A ++
13673169-G-T 11517493-G-T ++
13696132-A-G 11540456-A-G +
13739713-G-C 11584037-G-C +
11674577-T-A FT451349 ++
14072689-C-A 11951983-C-A FT391918 YY++
14432574-C-G 12311847-C-G FT391990 Y++
14458196-C-T 12337469-C-T YY++
14605352-G-A 12493554-G-A FT392017 YY++
14990114-A-G 12878199-A-G YY+**
15092811-TA-T 12980899-TA-T +**
15118752-G-A 13006839-G-A Y+
15448058-T-A 13336178-T-A FT392127 YY++
15804086-C-T 13692206-C-T Y+
16189008-T-C 14077128-T-C FT392224 YY++
17780178-A-G 15668298-A-G FT392454 YY++
19005409-A-G 16893529-A-G FT392608 YY++
19020937-T-C 16909057-T-C FT392609 YY++
19091965-C-T 16980085-C-T YY++
19168048-G-C 17056168-G-C FT392635 Y++
19226898-A-G 17115018-A-G FT392646 YY++
19251491-G-A 17139611-G-A FT392653 YY++
21384458-G-A 19222572-G-A FT392754 YY++
21429765-T-C 19267879-T-C FT392762 YY++
21458144-G-GT 19296258-G-GT ++
21674001-C-G 19512115-C-G FT392795 YY++
21795443-T-A 19633557-T-A Y+**
21798478-G-T 19636592-G-T YY++
21834882-G-C 19672996-G-C FT392823 Y++
21969367-T-C 19807481-T-C FT392839 YY++
22032322-A-C 19870436-A-C FT392849 YY++
23476015-T-TG 21314129-T-TG ++
23484404-G-T 21322518-G-T YY+**
23836391-G-A 21674505-G-A BY12929 Y++
26344044-C-T 24197897-C-T P1_Y1 +
28647069-T-A 26500922-T-A FT393101 ++
13317742-C-T 11162066-C-T *
10019453-A-AG 10181844-A-AG *
13740008-A-C 11584332-A-C *
13464964-C-T 11309288-C-T *
58865824-T-A 56725047-A-T *
4564938-T-TA 4696897-T-TA 10×A*
13298062-T-C 11142386-T-C *
13740016-T-C 11584340-T-C *
22484529-A-C 20322643-A-C BY224643 DYZ19 *
22278704-A-G 20116818-A-G DYZ19 *
24673369-T-TA 22527222-T-TA P3_b2 10×A*
3107155-A-T 3239114-A-T *
3895183-T-C 4027142-T-C *
7321714-CCA-C 7453673-CCA-C *
13256166-C-T 11100490-C-T *
13326150-TTTC-T 11170474-TTTC-T *
13326375-C-T 11170699-C-T *
13555727-T-A 11400051-T-A *
13555729-G-A 11400053-G-A *
15247995-C-G 13136081-C-G Y*
16175584-GCA-G 14063704-GCA-G *
16723271-C-T 14611391-C-T FT59 Y13×T*
22484530-A-T 20322644-A-T DYZ19 *
9191076-AACAC-A 9353467-AACAC-A 20×AC*
13740309-T-G 11584633-T-G *
28802541-T-A 26656394-T-A *
28802543-G-T 26656396-G-T *
8582982-CAG-C 8714941-CAG-C *
9936735-T-A 10099126-T-A Y*
9964967-G-A 10127358-G-A Y*
13297284-G-T 11141608-G-T *
13306720-C-T 11151044-C-T *
13307024-A-T 11151348-A-T *
13389870-T-G 11234194-T-G *
13411803-C-T 11256127-C-T *
13486592-A-T 11330916-A-T *
21512662-TTC-T 19350776-TTC-T *
22278729-T-G 20116843-T-G PF1118 DYZ19 *
28582492-A-G 26436345-A-G FTB18381 *
22279914-G-T 20118028-G-T DYZ19 *
13726499-GGAATA-G 11570823-GGAATA-G *
6858592-C-CTTTT 6990551-C-CTTTT 25×T*
22422187-C-T 20260301-C-T DYZ19 *
13740294-C-A 11584618-C-A *
26344249-CAAA-C 24198102-CAAA-C P1_Y1 14×A*
22447656-C-T 20285770-C-T DYZ19 *
13473784-T-A 11318108-T-A *
13482028-A-C 11326352-A-C *
22364637-G-C 20202751-G-C DYZ19 *
22364651-G-T 20202765-G-T DYZ19 *
20984748-TTATCTATC-T,TTATC 18822862-TTATCTATC-T,TTATC P4_Dst 12×TATC****
6447791-G-T 6579750-G-T *
4916063-A-AT 5048022-A-AT 10×T*
22484531-G-T 20322645-G-T DYZ19 *
22052900-CA-C 19891014-CA-C 10×A*
9997063-A-C 10159454-A-C A11740 Y*
28008036-CAA-C 25861889-CAA-C P1_Y2 17×A*
13595434-T-C 11439758-T-C *
13745060-G-T 11589384-G-T *
13486465-G-T 11330789-G-T *
22278198-C-T 20116312-C-T DYZ19 *
22508621-C-T 20346735-C-T BY165505 DYZ19 *
23771877-GT-G 21609991-GT-G 10×T*
22479339-G-C 20317453-G-C 6872917-G-ABY48292 DYZ19 *
22316807-G-C 20154921-G-C BY25068 DYZ19 *
21932179-C-CA 19770293-C-CA 9×A*
13288665-C-A 11132989-C-A *
13473969-G-A 11318293-G-A *
58905172-A-T 56685699-T-A *
24385514-G-GT 22239367-G-GT 9×T*
22303327-C-T 20141441-C-T DYZ19 *
7165183-AT-A 7297142-AT-A 8×T*
8843536-ATTTT-A,ATT 8975495-ATTTT-A,ATT 23×T*
6457773-TAA-T 6589732-TAA-T 15×A*
8901991-CTTTTTTTT-C 9033950-CTTTTTTTT-C 19×T*
11029418-T-TTGCATACAC *
11029455-C-A *
11029460-A-G *
11029465-A-G *
11029474-C-G *
11029476-GTCAC-G *
14819674-C-CTT 12707741-C-CTT 15×T*
21148719-AT-A 18986833-AT-A 10×T*
10937787-ATCCAT-A *
13474759-G-A 11319083-G-A *
28588284-A-G 26442137-A-G *
21039312-CT-C 18877426-CT-C 10×T*
5032747-C-CA 5164706-C-CA 10×A*
14934306-C-CTT 12822371-C-CTT 15×T*
7085874-G-GA 7217833-G-GA 10×A*
21687951-AACAC-A 19526065-AACAC-A 17×AC*
19291569-A-AT 17179689-A-AT 10×T*
28536007-TACAC-T 26389860-TACAC-T 12×AC*
5626506-C-CT 5758465-C-CT 10×T*
10988657-T-C *
15259278-C-CAAA 13147362-C-CAAA 15×A*
10894349-A-T *
17302239-TAA-T,TAAA 15190359-TAA-T,TAAA 22×A*
11029456-T-A *
16409013-CT-C,CTT 14297133-CT-C,CTT 18×T*
22580068-CT-C,CTT 20418182-CT-C,CTT 19×T*
21558722-CAA-C,CA 19396836-CAA-C,CA 16×A*
6191304-C-CAA 6323263-C-CAA IR3_Dst 15×A*
13478349-G-T 11322673-G-T *
13465083-C-A 11309407-C-A *
7135407-TTG-T 7267366-TTG-T *
8618781-GT-G 8750740-GT-G 10×T*
4390006-GA-G 4521965-GA-G 10×A*
27264837-T-TA 25118690-T-TA P1_g3 12×A*
7470700-CAA-C,CAAAA 7602659-CAA-C,CAAAA IR1_L 25×A*
28006373-T-TAC 25860226-T-TAC P1_Y2 16×AC*
28804238-C-A 26658091-C-A *
13480905-C-A 11325229-C-A *
14373777-A-C 12253073-A-C YY*
5666756-T-TA 5798715-T-TA 10×A*
5418148-GAA-G 5550107-GAA-G 14×A*
28523123-C-CT 26376976-C-CT 9×T*
28633329-TA-T 26487182-TA-T *
13465049-T-C 11309373-T-C BY85714 *
5035398-G-GA 5167357-G-GA 10×A*
17937252-C-CA 15825372-C-CA 9×A*
10860065-C-A **
4686573-CAAA-C 4818532-CAAA-C 15×A*
13377975-T-A 11222299-T-A *
25815191-A-ATG 23669044-A-ATG P1_b3 13×TG*
13468031-A-G 11312355-A-G *
10020162-C-A 10182553-C-A Y*
16940234-C-T 14828354-C-T YY*
23427133-CAAA-C 21265247-CAAA-C 12×A*
4200055-CAAA-C 4332014-CAAA-C 23×A*
15163300-A-ATT 13051386-A-ATT 15×T*
13482085-C-T 11326409-C-T *
13298038-T-C 11142362-T-C *
13480887-C-A 11325211-C-A *
15928702-CAAAA-C,CAAA 13816822-CAAAA-C,CAAA 19×A*
8281234-C-CA 8413193-C-CA 10×A*
16908451-TAAAA-T,TAAA 14796571-TAAAA-T,TAAA 21×A*
56724874-T-A *
13482308-C-A 11326632-C-A *
15489897-GA-G 13378017-GA-G 9×A*
13465082-G-A 11309406-G-A *
56763834-C-T *
56763836-C-G *
3330251-G-GTT 3462210-G-GTT 12×T*
5204641-CAA-C,CA 5336600-CAA-C,CA 22×A*
14560190-AT-A 12448391-AT-A 10×T*
13488716-A-ATGG 11333040-A-ATGG *
21687983-C-CAG 19526097-C-CAG *
13728730-G-T 11573054-G-T *
17090839-ATT-A,AT 14978959-ATT-A,AT 29×T*
10894208-C-G *
14570756-ATTT-A,ATT 12458956-ATTT-A,ATT 22×T*
13470054-G-A 11314378-G-A *
13252614-C-G 11096938-C-G *
13439247-A-G 11283571-A-G *
13478421-G-T 11322745-G-T *
13486460-C-G 11330784-C-G *
13540248-C-T 11384572-C-T *
13552325-A-G 11396649-A-G *
13590824-A-G 11435148-A-G *
13590830-T-C 11435154-T-C *
13375825-T-C 11220149-T-C *
13375827-T-A 11220151-T-A *
13470502-C-T 11314826-C-T *
13606401-A-C 11450725-A-C *
22486969-T-A 20325083-T-A DYZ19 *
56844819-C-A *
56844821-C-G *
4982523-AT-A,ATT 5114482-AT-A,ATT 23×T*
13420041-T-C 11264365-T-C *
7490622-T-G 7622581-T-G IR1_L *
19059747-CT-C,CTT 16947867-CT-C,CTT 25×T****
17597154-CTTTT-C,CTT 15485274-CTTTT-C,CTT 20×T*
9936698-A-G 10099089-A-G Y*
13408552-T-C 11252876-T-C *
13469401-C-G 11313725-C-G *
6091720-ATTT-A,AT 6223679-ATTT-A,AT 28×T*
23544848-T-C 21382962-T-C YY*
13490000-A-T 11334324-A-T *
4316466-T-C 4448425-T-C *
21086136-TAA-T,TAAA 18924250-TAA-T,TAAA 24×A*
22437694-C-G 20275808-C-G DYZ19 *
3029494-C-T 3161453-C-T *
13362944-C-G 11207268-C-G *
13603629-A-AT 11447953-A-AT 15×T*
18204985-CA-C,CAA 16093105-CA-C,CAA 23×A*
23505495-C-CA,CAA 21343609-C-CA,CAA 23×A*
3672016-A-AT 3803975-A-AT 9×T*
13590835-T-A 11435159-T-A *
22278510-G-A 20116624-G-A DYZ19 *
9976830-C-A 10139221-C-A Y*
13400504-C-CT 11244828-C-CT *
13563578-A-T 11407902-A-T *
56884762-C-T *
22278499-T-A 20116613-T-A DYZ19 *
22278491-C-G 20116605-C-G DYZ19 *
13606877-CAAAA-C,CAAA 11451201-CAAAA-C,CAAA 25×A*
21547859-CTGTG-C,CTG 19385973-CTGTG-C,CTG 17×TG*
3570934-ATT-A 3702893-ATT-A 13×T*
3705659-C-CA 3837618-C-CA 10×A*
19337633-CTTTT-C,CTTT 17225753-CTTTT-C,CTTT 22×T*
3260269-T-C 3392228-T-C *
13443606-T-C 11287930-T-C *
14458558-CA-C,CAA 12337831-CA-C,CAA 21×A*
28536891-T-G 26390744-T-G *
22776653-T-TAA 20614767-T-TAA 12×A*
6020688-G-GTTT 6152647-G-GTTT 23×T*
5260410-CAAAAA-C 5392369-CAAAAA-C 20×A*
13465039-T-A 11309363-T-A *
2993615-AT-A 3125574-AT-A 9×T*
13377552-T-C 11221876-T-C *
13690745-C-G 11535069-C-G *
6402403-A-C 6534362-A-C FT75543 *
13241544-T-A 11085868-T-A *
13730693-T-G 11575017-T-G *
13860000-G-GA 11739294-G-GA *
13860001-G-GGGGA 11739295-G-GGGGA *
22447435-C-G 20285549-C-G DYZ19 *
9984607-G-T 10146998-G-T Y*
13490020-C-A 11334344-C-A *
28813883-A-T 26667736-A-T BY152189 *
13252599-T-C 11096923-T-C *
13462081-C-A 11306405-C-A *
13462097-C-A 11306421-C-A *
13462105-A-C 11306429-A-C *
13462139-C-T 11306463-C-T *
13469400-C-G 11313724-C-G *
10019458-A-AGATAG 10181849-A-AGATAG *
10019462-AG-A 10181853-AG-A *
10019469-GAA-G 10181860-GAA-G *
56850025-A-G *
56850026-TCA-T *
56850031-C-CCT *
13375835-TTTTG-T 11220159-TTTTG-T *
13486036-G-C 11330360-G-C *
13489621-C-CAG 11333945-C-CAG *
13489639-C-CCCAT 11333963-C-CCCAT *
13726488-AAGAAT-A 11570812-AAGAAT-A *
3514522-CTT-C,CT 3646481-CTT-C,CT 16×T****
10662173-A-AC *
13463618-C-T 11307942-C-T *
13463623-G-A 11307947-G-A *
13463643-C-T 11307967-C-T BY85662 *
13469366-A-G 11313690-A-G *
13462063-A-C 11306387-A-C *
13462069-A-T 11306393-A-T *
13462076-G-C 11306400-G-C *
13464032-C-T 11308356-C-T *
13730561-A-G 11574885-A-G *
17459485-CA-C,CAA 15347605-CA-C,CAA 25×A*
13563544-G-T 11407868-G-T *
13252615-C-G 11096939-C-G *
13469152-G-C 11313476-G-C *
13475325-T-G 11319649-T-G *
13475337-A-AAG 11319661-A-AAG *
13475338-GTT-G 11319662-GTT-G *
10632799-TC-T *
13508327-ACT-A 11352651-ACT-A 8×CT*
13745127-C-CAT 11589451-C-CAT *
13745128-TCG-T 11589452-TCG-T *
13475336-G-A 11319660-G-A *
10894185-CCA-C *
10894188-TTCC-T *
13478490-G-C 11322814-G-C *
13478491-G-C 11322815-G-C *
13489855-C-A 11334179-C-A *
13489860-G-A 11334184-G-A *
2859986-T-C 2991945-T-C YY*
3010355-G-T 3142314-G-T *
3086559-A-T 3218518-A-T *
3300992-C-CAA 3432951-C-CAA 12×A*
3367394-A-T 3499353-A-T *
3480844-C-CTG 3612803-C-CTG *
3557049-AT-A 3689008-AT-A *
3842634-T-A 3974593-T-A *
3846106-T-C 3978065-T-C *
3858633-G-GT 3990592-G-GT *
3910053-C-T 4042012-C-T *
3939770-T-C 4071729-T-C *
4008588-C-CAA 4140547-C-CAA 10×A*
4317681-C-A 4449640-C-A *
4440890-G-T 4572849-G-T *
4464429-GT-G 4596388-GT-G 10×T*
4505437-GCA-G 4637396-GCA-G *
4594333-T-C 4726292-T-C *
4644842-G-A 4776801-G-A *
4792510-A-AG 4924469-A-AG *
4965913-C-A 5097872-C-A *
4983778-T-A 5115737-T-A *
5014948-G-T 5146907-G-T *
5207651-T-G 5339610-T-G *
5227087-CAAA-C,CAA 5359046-CAAA-C,CAA 21×A*
5232769-G-T 5364728-G-T *
5278411-C-CAA 5410370-C-CAA 13×A*
5337399-C-CT 5469358-C-CT 8×T*
5486876-CA-C,CAAA 5618835-CA-C,CAAA 21×A*
5512901-G-T 5644860-G-T *
5565319-T-G 5697278-T-G *
5743562-T-A 5875521-T-A *
6103758-T-TAA 6235717-T-TAA 12×A*
6206248-T-C 6338207-T-C IR3_Dst *
6446346-A-G 6578305-A-G ***
6525162-AT-A,A 6657121-AT-A,A 11×T*
6595250-A-ACG 6727209-A-ACG *
6601232-T-C 6733191-T-C *
7076612-CAA-AAA,C 7208571-CAA-AAA,C 29×A*
7085377-G-GAA 7217336-G-GAA 10×A*
7104855-A-G 7236814-A-G YY*
7208352-T-G 7340311-T-G YY*
7490650-T-G 7622609-T-G IR1_L *
7758515-C-A 7890474-C-A Y*
8428944-CAAA-C,CA 8560903-CAAA-C,CA 25×A*
8525215-T-C 8657174-T-C YY*
8563745-CTTT-C,CTTTT 8695704-CTTT-C,CTTTT 21×T*
8644324-CAAAAA-C 8776283-CAAAAA-C 32×A****
8892481-T- *
8812563-G-T 8944522-G-T Y***
8888375-CTT-C,CT 9020334-CTT-C,CT 25×T*
8908007-A-G 9039966-A-G *
9177921-CTTTGTG-C 9340312-CTTTGTG-C *
9340316-GTGTT- *
9240978-C-G 9403369-C-G Y*
9303195-C-A 9465586-C-A Y*
9316517-C-T 9478908-C-T Y*
9318952-CT-C 9481343-CT-C *
9318957-G-A 9481348-G-A Y*
9412202-T-C 9574593-T-C Y*
9412267-C-G 9574658-C-G Y*
9412309-T-C 9574700-T-C Y*
9412310-G-T 9574701-G-T Y*
9510732-CCTCTCTCT-C,C 9673123-CCTCTCTCT-C,C 14×CT*
9577038-A-T 9739429-A-T IR3_Prx *
9945424-AT-A 10107815-AT-A *
9965775-G-A 10128166-G-A Y*
10020330-A-G 10182721-A-G Y*
10025246-C-A 10187637-C-A Y*
10052016-G-A 10214407-G-A *
10621141-A-G *
10632765-CAACTG-C *
10756986-A-ATT *
10756988-CCG-C *
10889251-G- *
10987853-C- *
10987856-T- *
10987862-TCCA- *
10987867-TCC- *
10988586-ATTCCATT-A *
13270009-A-T 11114333-A-T *
13279998-CAAAA-C,CAA 11124322-CAAAA-C,CAA 26×A*
13283105-CT-C 11127429-CT-C *
13287720-G-A 11132044-G-A *
13296184-G-GTTTT 11140508-G-GTTTT 14×T*
13303106-A-G 11147430-A-G *
13392768-C-CA 11237092-C-CA 11×A*
11292649-CA- *
11295257-TTCTAC- *
13461102-C-G 11305426-C-G *
13463647-G-T 11307971-G-T *
13463667-A-G 11307991-A-G *
13464975-C-G 11309299-C-G *
13464979-G-A 11309303-G-A *
13464983-A-C 11309307-A-C *
13464991-G-T 11309315-G-T *
13465020-A-T 11309344-A-T *
13465024-G-A 11309348-G-A *
13465027-A-T 11309351-A-T *
13465035-C-A 11309359-C-A *
13465072-G-C 11309396-G-C *
13469202-T-A 11313526-T-A *
13470473-G-A 11314797-G-A *
13470492-C-A 11314816-C-A *
13470510-G-A 11314834-G-A *
13470516-A-G 11314840-A-G *
11316691-G- *
11316692-T- *
13476537-C-T 11320861-C-T *
13476658-A-T 11320982-A-T *
13476664-A-T 11320988-A-T *
13476686-T-C 11321010-T-C *
13478582-G-T 11322906-G-T *
13478614-C-G 11322938-C-G *
13478619-T-A 11322943-T-A *
13478847-C-A 11323171-C-A *
13478854-A-ACC 11323178-A-ACC *
13479159-C-CCAT 11323483-C-CCAT *
13480290-A-T 11324614-A-T *
13480410-T-G 11324734-T-G *
13480903-T-G 11325227-T-G *
13481355-G-T,T 11325679-G-T,T *
13481363-C-A,A 11325687-C-A,A *
13481386-A-T,T 11325710-A-T,T *
13481395-G-T,T 11325719-G-T,T *
13481402-C-A,A 11325726-C-A,A *
13481407-A-C,C 11325731-A-C,C *
13482076-T-C 11326400-T-C *
13482082-G-A 11326406-G-A *
13482093-A-C 11326417-A-C *
13482094-G-T 11326418-G-T *
13482317-T-C 11326641-T-C *
13483183-AGAGTTATAT-A 11327507-AGAGTTATAT-A *
13484142-C-A 11328466-C-A *
11333032-G- *
11333033-T- *
13488966-G-A 11333290-G-A *
13488976-G-C 11333300-G-C *
11333949-A- *
13489627-CACCA-C 11333951-CACCA-C *
11333958-C- *
11333959-A- *
13489762-C-CTAT 11334086-C-CTAT *
13497440-G-A 11341764-G-A *
13504721-T-TG 11349045-T-TG *
13535447-C-CAATGCCA 11379771-C-CAATGCCA *
13547146-C-T 11391470-C-T *
13547149-T-A 11391473-T-A *
13547167-C-CT 11391491-C-CT *
13588908-G-C 11433232-G-C *
13608647-C-CAAAA 11452971-C-CAAAA 27×A*
13690726-T-C 11535050-T-C *
13690756-C-G 11535080-C-G *
11544839-C- *
13701922-C-T 11546246-C-T *
13701934-G-C 11546258-G-C *
13702104-G-T 11546428-G-T *
13705310-T-C 11549634-T-C *
13706030-CATAGA-C 11550354-CATAGA-C *
13706150-A-T 11550474-A-T *
13711816-A-ACG 11556140-A-ACG *
11562635-G- *
13718564-T-A 11562888-T-A *
13737378-C-G 11581702-C-G *
13965269-CAAAA-C,CAAA 11844563-CAAAA-C,CAAA 21×A*
14071354-CTTTTT-C,CTTTT 11950648-CTTTTT-C,CTTTT 25×T*
14203430-CAAAAAA-C,CAAA 12082724-CAAAAAA-C,CAAA 23×A****
14373779-C-T 12253075-C-T YY*
14381548-G-A 12260844-G-A Y*
14385440-A-G 12264736-A-G Y*
14450598-T-C 12329871-T-C YY*
14794351-CT-C,CTTT 12682422-CT-C,CTTT 14×T*
14826129-TTA-T 12714196-TTA-T *
14949379-T-C 12837453-T-C YY*
14995444-G-A 12883529-G-A YY****
15118761-G-A 13006848-G-A Y*
15203861-AAACAAC-A,A 13091947-AAACAAC-A,A 12×AAC*
15208868-A-T 13096954-A-T YY*
15248058-G-A 13136144-G-A Y*
15248074-G-A 13136160-G-A Y*
13152819-TGGGG-T,TGGG 13×G****
15320883-CAA-C,CA 13209001-CAA-C,CA 11×A*
15507783-G-GT,T 13395903-G-GT,T 25×T*
15882393-C-A 13770513-C-A YY*
15920422-A-G 13808542-A-G Y*
15949889-G-A 13838009-G-A YY*
16022023-G-T 13910143-G-T Y*
16064231-C-T 13952351-C-T Y*
16134195-G-A 14022315-G-A *
16545441-A-C 14433561-A-C YY*
16979426-T-C 14867546-T-C Y*
17118396-T-TTC 15006516-T-TTC *
17143891-ATTT-A,ATTTT 15032011-ATTT-A,ATTTT 35×T*
17159620-C-A 15047740-C-A YY*
17284492-T-C 15172612-T-C FTB48827 YY*
17321250-T-C 15209370-T-C YY*
17538501-G-A 15426621-G-A Y*
18019832-CT-C,CTT 15907952-CT-C,CTT 22×T*
18060167-T-C 15948287-T-C YY*
18340731-G-GTT 16228851-G-GTT P6_Prx 13×T*
18516264-G-A 16404384-G-A P6_Dst *
18516265-G-A 16404385-G-A P6_Dst *
18516268-G-A 16404388-G-A P6_Dst *
18516271-G-A 16404391-G-A P6_Dst *
18762178-TA-T 16650298-TA-T *
18762368-T-C 16650488-T-C YY*
19047974-C-T 16936094-C-T YY*
19102997-A-G 16991117-A-G YY****
19125694-CA-C,CAA 17013814-CA-C,CAA 24×A*
19128651-A-G 17016771-A-G YY*
19223052-TA-T 17111172-TA-T *
19223220-G-T 17111340-G-T YY****
19271381-A-G 17159501-A-G YY*
18658115-T- P4_Gap *
21373561-A-G 19211675-A-G YY*
21475872-T-C 19313986-T-C Y*
21992963-T-TA,TAA 19831077-T-TA,TAA 23×A*
22001992-A-T 19840106-A-T YY*
22286573-C-A 20124687-C-A DYZ19 *
22299726-AG-A 20137840-AG-A DYZ19 *
22422179-G-C 20260293-G-C BY48251 DYZ19 *
22424373-C-T 20262487-C-T DYZ19 *
22438600-C-T 20276714-C-T DYZ19 *
22441112-A-T 20279226-A-T DYZ19 ***
22443201-G-A 20281315-G-A DYZ19 *
22443202-G-A 20281316-G-A DYZ19 *
22475785-A-G 20313899-A-G DYZ19 ***
22484520-C-G 20322634-C-G DYZ19 *
22510983-C-T 20349097-C-T DYZ19 *
22528335-G-T 20366449-G-T Y*
22564740-C-T 20402854-C-T YY*
22564743-C-T 20402857-C-T YY*
22722338-CT-C,CTTT 20560452-CT-C,CTTT 24×T*
22914674-CAA-C,CA 20752788-CAA-C,CA 27×A*
24043877-A-C 21897730-A-C Y*
24389735-GTTTT-G 22243588-GTTTT-G 14×T*
25937661-AT-A 23791514-AT-A P1_Y1 9×T*
28372162-A-AT 26226015-A-AT P1_gr2 9×T*
28480209-C-T 26334062-C-T 12×A*
28508007-CA-C,CAAA 26361860-CA-C,CAAA 14×A*
28620579-G-T 26474432-G-T Y*
28620782-C-G 26474635-C-G Y*
28740774-A-G 26594627-A-G *
28791752-A-ATT 26645605-A-ATT *
28791754-TGG-T 26645607-TGG-T *
28797741-AG-A 26651594-AG-A *
28797743-G-C 26651596-G-C *
26659085-T- *
28812845-AG-A 26666698-AG-A *
28812847-G-C 26666700-G-C *
26673051-A- *
56685786-GAA-G *
56706869-T-C *
56706959-C-CAATGG 4×AATGG*
56749628-A-G *
56749829-T-G *
56756844-C-G 8×AATGG*
56763409-A-T *
56763413-C-T *
56827152-A- *
56827157-C- *
56830554-GCAT- *
56830555-C- *
56835388-C- *
56864091-A-T *
56866191-CAAG-C *
56876942-C-A *
56880509-A-T *
20574963-TG-T 18413077-TG-T P5_Dst **
13455808-C-G 11300132-C-G **
6752310-T-G 6884269-T-G **
6230938-G-T 6362897-G-T IR3_Dst **
9825043-A-T 9987434-A-T **
20107252-CG-C 17995372-CG-C P5_Dst **
20744322-T-A 18582436-T-A P4_Prx **
6915796-ATT-A,ATTT 7047755-ATT-A,ATTT 22×T***
18890464-CA-C,CAA 16778584-CA-C,CAA 15×A***
17006261-CTTTT-C,CTTT 14894381-CTTTT-C,CTTT 17×T***
13962042-CTT-C,CT 11841336-CTT-C,CT 28×T***
7199342-CTTT-C,CTTTT 7331301-CTTT-C,CTTTT 24×T***
4375372-T-C 4507331-T-C ***
15138012-CTTTT-C,CTTTTTT 13026099-CTTTT-C,CTTTTTT 15×T***

In the table above, the meaning of the confidence field depends on whether the data comes from an FTDNA kit or an FGC kit. For FTDNA kits, + implies a "PASS" result with just one possible variant, * indicates a "PASS" but with multiple variants, ** indicates "REJECTED" with just a single variant, and *** indicates "REJECTED" with multiple possible variants. 'A*' are heterozygous variants not called by FTDNA, but still pulled from the VCF file. For FGC kits, + indicates over 99% likely genuine (95% for INDELs); * over 95% likely genuine (90% for INDELs); ** about 40% likely genuine; *** about 10% likely genuine. Manual entries read directly from a BAM file will be either + indicating positive, or * indicating that the data show a mixture of possible variants.

For the FTDNA kits, the BED data is encoded in the background color of the cells. Those cells with a white background have coverage, those with a grey background indicate no coverage in the BED file, and those with a pink background indicate the mutation is on the edge of a coverage region. These pink regions often indicate that the individual may be positive for a SNP even if there is no corresponding entry in the vcf file.

The combBED column indicates whether or not the mutation is a SNP and falls in the combBED region defined in Defining a New Rate Constant for Y-Chromosome SNPs based on Full Sequencing Data by Dmitry Adamov, Vladimir Guryanov, Sergey Karzhavin, Vladimir Tagankin, Vadim Urasin.

The McDonald BED column indicates whether or not the mutation is a SNP and falls in the BED region used by Dr. Iain McDonald in the age analysis he does for R-U106 men.