Tree Position

R-P312/S116 > Z40481 > ZZ11 > DF27/S250 > ZZ12 > Z46512 > FGC78762 > ZZ19 > Z31644 > Z42772 > 8742535-G-GT > BY4143 > PH2054 > BY19173

Unique Mutations

The mutations unique to this man are summarized in the table below. Those with a '+' or '*' confidence level are considered by FamilyTreeDNA or FullGenomesCorp to be high quality SNPs/INDELs. For completeness, all other mutations of lesser confidence are included as well. These additional mutations may be useful for distinguishing between very closely related men.

Occasionally, some of the mutations listed here will be thought to be shared with other men in which case they might appear in upstream blocks on the tree. When this happens, the 'Blocks' field will indicate what block they appear in. Such a situation might arise with BigY men if the BED data suggests another man may be positive for a SNP, even though it doesn't appear in his VCF data. It might also happen if Chromo2 testing or Sanger sequencing of other men not on the tree show the SNP to be shared.

POS-REF-ALT (hg19) POS-REF-ALT (hg38) Blocks Names Region McDonald BED combBED STRBigY2
6277021-G-A 6408980-G-A BY59568 IR3_Dst A*
19789601-G-A 17677721-G-A P5_Prx A*
19920004-G-A 17808124-G-A E766 P5_Prx A*
19831584-A-G 17719704-A-G ZS3709 Y1896 P5_Prx A*
22291534-G-C 20129648-G-C DYZ19 A*
22257045-A-G 20095159-A-G BY2805 DYZ19 A*
22244306-C-A 20082420-C-A DYZ19 A*
18351965-T-G 16240085-T-G E898 P6_Prx A*
28817695-A-T 26671548-A-T A*
13687209-A-T 11531533-A-T A*
28817533-G-C 26671386-G-C A*
21178998-A-G 19017112-A-G Y16665 YYA*
20646333-C-T 18484447-C-T P4_Prx A*
20629092-C-T 18467206-C-T P4_Prx A*
19930954-A-T 17819074-A-T P5_Prx A*
19759923-T-C 17648043-T-C P5_Prx A*
6271441-C-T 6403400-C-T FT18396 IR3_Dst A*
26151433-A-G 24005286-A-G BY46203 P1_Y1 A*
6171019-G-A 6302978-G-A IR3_Dst A*
6111185-C-CA 6243144-C-CA A*
23714782-G-T 21552896-G-T SUR66 A*
17989081-G-A 15877201-G-A P7_Prx YA*
17992361-T-A 15880481-T-A P7_Prx YA*
18338887-A-G 16227007-A-G P6_Prx A*
18359685-T-A 16247805-T-A P6_Prx A*
28817680-A-T 26671533-A-T A*
28817617-T-A 26671470-T-A A*
6106629-T-G 6238588-T-G BY16700 A*
6106896-C-T 6238855-C-T A16709 A*
6107138-A-G 6239097-A-G BY45851 A*
19657846-C-T 17545966-C-T BY2777 P5_Prx A*
19705898-A-G 17594018-A-G P5_Prx A*
22231574-C-A 20069688-C-A BY16355 DYZ19 A*
23174469-A-G 21012583-A-G YA*
19573693-A-G 17461813-A-G ZS1823 P5_Prx YA*
6309245-A-G 6441204-A-G A14844 A14828 IR3_Dst A*
19809680-T-A 17697800-T-A A13455 P5_Prx A*
19783189-G-A 17671309-G-A A15121 P5_Prx A*
18380139-T-C 16268259-T-C BY1428 P6_Prx A*
25943696-C-T 23797549-C-T P1_Y1 A*
7476576-G-A 7608535-G-A FGC44966 IR1_L A*
6325313-A-T 6457272-A-T BY3400 IR3_Dst A*
6214798-C-T 6346757-C-T BY21543 IR3_Dst A*
20661813-C-T 18499927-C-T A8207 BY1670 P4_Prx A*
6186483-A-C 6318442-A-C A17235 IR3_Dst A*
25957213-T-G 23811066-T-G BY16398 P1_Y1 A*
17988418-T-A 15876538-T-A Y1892 P7_Prx YA*
26160914-T-A 24014767-T-A P1_Y1 A*
25969849-T-A 23823702-T-A BY40568 P1_Y1 A*
26064759-A-G 23918612-A-G BY443 P1_Y1 A*
19816546-G-C 17704666-G-C FGC54023 P5_Prx A*
22256982-T-G 20095096-T-G BY1881 DYZ19 A*
13687725-T-C 11532049-T-C A*
19198969-G-GGT 17087089-G-GGT A*
13687057-G-T 11531381-G-T A*
16121606-G-A 14009726-G-A Z18268 P8_Prx A*
23715836-G-A 21553950-G-A A*
23890856-C-T 21728970-C-T Y16649 YA*
19846629-T-G 17734749-T-G BY1603 P5_Prx A*
24256415-C-T 22110268-C-T P3_b1 A*
24269090-C-T 22122943-C-T BY16406 P3_b1 A*
22282357-C-T 20120471-C-T BY165727 DYZ19 A*
6104174-G-C 6236133-G-C FGC3549 A*
25956332-T-C 23810185-T-C BY2413 P1_Y1 A*
23718323-C-A 21556437-C-A A4901 A*
22290909-G-C 20129023-G-C BY216342 DYZ19 A*
22290889-G-T 20129003-G-T BY48505 DYZ19 A*
20647539-G-T 18485653-G-T A202 ZS2500 P4_Prx A*
28817365-G-A 26671218-G-A A*
6181555-A-AT 6313514-A-AT IR3_Dst A*
8202282-A-G 8334241-A-G Y16652 YYA*
16491135-T-C 14379255-T-C CTS5815 PF6044 YA*
6222516-A-G 6354475-A-G IR3_Dst A*
6264647-G-C 6396606-G-C IR3_Dst A*
14810672-G-A 12698743-G-A Z2648 PF3714 CTS3296 YY*
8552155-C-A 8684114-C-A SK1270 YY*
22109679-C-T 19947793-C-T PF3820 Z2667 YY*
21709779-G-A 19547893-G-A Z2666 PF3812 YY*
21447601-C-T 19285715-C-T Z2664 PF3802 YY*
19321949-C-T 17210069-C-T Z2660 CTS10194 PF3791 V4013 YY*
8571993-T-C 8703952-T-C PF3893 YY*
8627920-C-T 8759879-C-T FGC35583 YY*
18032844-A-G 15920964-A-G Z2647Z2658 CTS8444 YY*
16843773-C-CA 14731893-C-CA 8×A*
16671358-C-A 14559478-C-A CTS6096 PF3749 Z2654 YY*
16459388-T-C 14347508-T-C CTS5727 Z2653 PF3745 YY*
21359407-C-G 19197521-C-G L503 YY*
22479517-T-A 20317631-T-A Z2669 DYZ19 *
13982073-G-A 11861367-G-A CTS1600 AM00533 Y*
13670781-C-A 11515105-C-A Z2643 PF3690 FGC64978 *
10025634-C-A 10188025-C-A FGC12073 Y*
8876165-G-T 9008124-G-T PF3669 Z2640 Y*
8567995-G-A 8699954-G-A Z2638 PF3664 V2273 YY*
8634040-C-A 8765999-C-A SK1266 S6631 YY*
8267123-C-G 8399082-C-G PF3652 YY*
8211182-C-G 8343141-C-G PF3651 YY*
7728344-G-T 7860303-G-T PF3644 Z2634 YY*
6652911-T-C 6784870-T-C Z2632 PF3626 YY*
6398212-T-C 6530171-T-C PF3619 *
14238700-G-T 12117994-G-T Z2647Z2647 CTS2257 PF3704 YY*
23998554-T-C 21852407-T-C Y16659 Y*
24505970-CCTT-C 22359823-CCTT-C *
14556851-C-. 12445052-T-C *
23563087-A-T 21401201-A-T Y16674 YY*
23566624-T-C 21404738-T-C M3935 PF3934 S6610 YY*
15111148-G-. 12999235-C-G *
15078469-C-. 12966559-G-C *
15037433-C-. 12925521-G-C *
15026424-A-. 12914512-C-A *
8204747-G-C 8336706-G-C Y5339 FGC18075 YY*
14898094-A-. 12786160-G-A *
14864191-T-. 12752257-C-T *
12707114-T-TTTTG 4×TTTG*
14637352-T-. 12525421-C-T *
14433100-G-. 12312373-A-G *
23759054-A-G 21597168-A-G PF3849 Z2674 Y*
23574749-C-CT 21412863-C-CT *
23646509-G-A 21484623-G-A Y16675 Y*
15509722-T-C 13397842-T-C BY102083 YY*
23739160-C-G 21577274-C-G Y16656 *
19109627-G-A 16997747-G-A Y16648 YY*
9861793-G-A 10024184-G-A PF3897 YY*
23765723-G-A 21603837-G-A Y16658 Y*
22443077-G-T 20281191-G-T 8831592-G-CFGC82874 DYZ19 *
8453396-C-T 8585355-C-T BY72905 YY*
8510462-A-G 8642421-A-G SK1271 YY*
23989924-C-G 21843777-C-G BY63604M4099 Y*
15451348-G-T 13339468-G-T Z26381 YY*
2735658-C-T 2867617-C-T Y16418 YY*
21402723-A-G 19240837-A-G M170[I]PF3800 YY*
22459264-G-A 20297378-G-A FGC7049 DYZ19 *
2723755-G-A 2855714-G-A CTS88 PF3571 V1031 YY*
23479970-A-C 21318084-A-C PF3847 YSC0000300 YY*
14230485-G-A 12109779-G-A Z26376 YY*
23154034-C-T 20992148-C-T L847 PF3841 YSC0000298 YY*
23113271-C-G 20951385-C-G M170[I]CTS11441 YY*
22919332-T-G 20757446-T-G FGC7872 YY*
22845794-A-G 20683908-A-G CTS10941 PF3838 YY*
22573702-G-A 20411816-G-A PF3837 YY*
22485425-A-T 20323539-A-T PF3833 DYZ19 *
22471388-C-T 20309502-C-T PF3831 DYZ19 *
22469589-G-T 20307703-G-T FGC8105 DYZ19 *
14222271-G-T 12101565-G-T BY422 YY*
14822264-AT-A 12710331-AT-A *
22115103-G-A 19953217-G-A YSC0000272 YY*
22100087-T-C 19938201-T-C PF3819 YY*
21978311-GC-G 19816425-GC-G *
21841289-G-T 19679403-G-T PF3815 Y*
21839183-A-G 19677297-A-G PF3814 Y*
21689728-A-G 19527842-A-G Y1909 FGC2412 YY*
21556106-G-A 19394220-G-A M170[I]PF3809 YY*
21465033-C-A 19303147-C-A PF3804 YY*
21452125-A-G 19290239-A-G PF3803 YY*
14189829-G-T 12069123-G-T Y31614 BY16408 YY*
13891261-G-A 11770555-G-A S6659 PF3898 YY*
14244446-C-T 12123740-C-T Z26377 YY*
6273754-G-A 6405713-G-A FGC47151 IR3_Dst *
8721536-AAAG-A 8853495-AAAG-A *
15304351-C-T 13192450-C-T PF3903 S3330 YY*
13679294-G-T 11523618-G-T BY16407 *
8823900-C-T 8955859-C-T FGC18085 Y5340 YY*
23156725-C-T 20994839-C-T CTS11540 PF3842 Y*
22525421-T-G 20363535-T-G PF3836 Y*
9000947-CT-C 9163338-CT-C *
15339054-A-G 13227172-A-G Y16425 YY*
15337178-T-C 13225296-T-C Z26380 YY*
9093819-A-G 9256210-A-G BY78022 Y*
22200336-G-A 20038450-G-A PF3822 YY*
9386752-C-T 9549143-C-T BY16403 Y*
9403861-G-A 9566252-G-A S12355 YY*
15029012-C-G 12917100-C-G Z26379 YY*
10031545-C-A 10193936-C-A BY46474 Y*
14972202-TA-T 12860277-TA-T *
17525137-A-G 15413257-A-G CTS7540 PF3761 YY*
15799074-C-T 13687194-C-T PF3735 CTS4752 YY*
15536759-T-C 13424879-T-C PF3728 CTS4272 V3027 YY*
13689194-C-A 11533518-C-A PF3691 *
9856175-G-A 10018566-G-A Y16667 YY*
9376351-T-C 9538742-T-C PF3672 Y*
8536868-C-G 8668827-C-G L758 PF3663 YSC0000285 V2199 YY*
8504226-G-A 8636185-G-A Y1934 YY*
8466652-G-A 8598611-G-A PF3660 V2048 YY*
9954320-G-A 10116711-G-A BY82141 Y*
10017745-T-G 10180136-T-G FGC18089 Y*
23979593-A-AAAAAC 21833446-A-AAAAAC 5×AAAAC*
23509482-G-C 21347596-G-C Y16660 YY*
8117774-C-G 8249733-C-G Y16421 YY*
19225126-G-T 17113246-G-T PF3922 YY*
18964233-T-A 16852353-T-A Z26398 YY*
19001469-G-A 16889589-G-A PH4144 YY*
2660712-T-A 2792671-T-A SK1275 YY*
19107761-G-A 16995881-G-A PH4230 YY*
16756192-G-A 14644312-G-A Z26388 YY*
19148793-C-T 17036913-C-T Z26399 YY*
19150959-C-T 17039079-C-T Z26400 YY*
16666338-G-T 14554458-G-T Z26387 YY*
16526276-T-C 14414396-T-C S6728 PF3911 YY*
16414126-G-A 14302246-G-A Z26386 YY*
19186048-C-A 17074168-C-A BY127041 Y*
19358816-C-A 17246936-C-A Y16683 YY*
18886528-TGA-T 16774648-TGA-T *
19420184-G-T 17308304-G-T BY128943 YY*
19498475-C-A 17386595-C-A Z26401 YY*
7069574-C-T 7201533-C-T Y16650 YY*
16332338-G-C 14220458-G-C SK1276 YY*
7107991-G-A 7239950-G-A BY63366 YY*
16282755-C-T 14170875-C-T BY106638 YY*
16248397-G-A 14136517-G-A Z26385 YY*
15945757-G-A 13833877-G-A PH1912 YY*
15826294-C-A 13714414-C-A Z26384 YY*
21032419-T-A 18870533-T-A Y16430 Y*
18923595-A-T 16811715-A-T Z26397 YY*
18811190-G-A 16699310-G-A S6655 YY*
7518826-G-C 7650785-G-C Y16419 Y*
17872184-T-A 15760304-T-A BY117973 YY*
6289689-A-G 6421648-A-G BY59577 IR3_Dst *
17185064-G-C 15073184-G-C BY112885 YY*
6063713-G-T 6195672-G-T S9168 *
17255504-T-C 15143624-T-C BY423 YY*
13813931-G-A 11693225-G-A PF3693 Z2644 *
17410706-C-T 15298826-C-T Y16653 YY*
17573042-TC-T 15461162-TC-T *
17598938-C-A 15487058-C-A SK1277 YY*
17668868-G-A 15556988-G-A S6603 YY*
17800885-CT-C 15689005-CT-C *
17845779-T-A 15733899-T-A Z26394 YY*
17880323-C-T 15768443-C-T BY118059 YY*
18639875-T-C 16527995-T-C BY122776 YY*
17894231-G-A 15782351-G-A Y16428 YY*
17926020-A-G 15814140-A-G PH3525 YY*
17949064-G-A 15837184-G-A PH3539 YY*
17951892-C-T 15840012-C-T S6669 YY*
17144262-C-T 15032382-C-T PH2860 YY*
17137399-C-T 15025519-C-T PH2849 YY*
16966375-TTGCAAA-T 14854495-TTGCAAA-T *
18065776-T-C 15953896-T-C PH3653 YY*
16961554-TCA-T 14849674-TCA-T *
16918493-T-C 14806613-T-C Z26390 YY*
16873676-T-A 14761796-T-A Z26389 YY*
18393376-G-GT 16281496-G-GT P6_Gap *
21063329-G-A 18901443-G-A PH4607 YY*
21184198-G-A 19022312-G-A S22693 YY*
23495412-C-T 21333526-C-T PH5443 YY*
22631482-A-T 20469596-A-T BY44132 Y*
22294455-G-T 20132569-G-T BY216539 DYZ19 *
22303484-G-C 20141598-G-C BY48243 DYZ19 *
22420031-A-G 20258145-A-G Y5337 FGC18127 DYZ19 *
22437612-A-G 20275726-A-G BY40565 DYZ19 *
22438951-G-T 20277065-G-T BY4301 DYZ19 *
22445168-C-A 20283282-C-A BY40566 DYZ19 *
22466938-G-A 20305052-G-A FGC18130 DYZ19 *
22471211-G-T 20309325-G-T BY16412 DYZ19 *
22476769-C-G 20314883-C-G BY50571 DYZ19 *
22477646-C-G 20315760-C-G BY44017 DYZ19 *
22626296-C-A 20464410-C-A Z26408 SK1273 YY*
22796477-C-G 20634591-C-G Y5335 FGC18133 YY*
7956096-G-T 8088055-G-T Y5332 FGC18074 YY*
15711521-G-A 13599641-G-A Y16426 YY*
22829941-A-C 20668055-A-C Y16655 YY*
8001008-T-C 8132967-T-C PF3889 YY*
22899448-G-A 20737562-G-A S24842 YY*
23410866-G-A 21248980-G-A Z26409 YY*
22459490-G-A 20297604-G-A FGC18129 DYZ19 *
23130412-C-G 20968526-C-G Y58769 YY*
23149057-G-GA 20987171-G-GA *
15680425-T-C 13568545-T-C Z26383 Y*
23391059-A-AT 21229173-A-AT 8×T*
23413444-G-T 21251558-G-T PF3931 YY*
22293610-T-G 20131724-T-G BY40564 DYZ19 *
7919753-A-T 8051712-A-T Y16651 YY*
21319718-C-T 19157832-C-T Y16684 YY*
21693717-C-A 19531831-C-A Z26405 YY*
21384092-C-A 19222206-C-A Y16673 YY*
16182699-A-AT 14070819-A-AT 10×T*
7642686-G-A 7774645-G-A Y16677 YY*
7658938-G-T 7790897-G-T Y16678 YY*
21384132-G-C 19222246-G-C Z26403 YY*
7671807-T-A 7803766-T-A Y16679 YY*
21516760-T-A 19354874-T-A BY133536 YY*
21594210-C-T 19432324-C-T Z26404 YY*
21638517-G-T 19476631-G-T BY134354 YY*
21649234-C-T 19487348-C-T BY134456 YY*
21687596-C-CA 19525710-C-CA 9×A*
21755782-T-A 19593896-T-A BY135221 YY*
22287192-T-C 20125306-T-C BY2817 DYZ19 *
21974236-A-T 19812350-A-T Z26407 YY*
22141028-G-GT 19979142-G-GT *
22155834-C-T 19993948-C-T Y16672 YY*
7676292-A-C 7808251-A-C Y16668 YY*
9420892-G-CCT 9583283-G-CCT *
9124676-GAC-G *
21130059-A-G 18968173-A-G PF3797 YY*
7676449-G-T 7808408-G-T Y16662 YY*
7682114-G-C 7814073-G-C BY421 YY*
7811939-T-C 7943898-T-C Y16420 YY*
22269985-T-C 20108099-T-C FGC18126 DYZ19 *
22272402-C-G 20110516-C-G BY40562 DYZ19 *
21155653-C-T 18993767-C-T Y1903 FGC2414 Y*
24444622-T-C 22298475-T-C Y*
21067903-C-T 18906017-C-T PF3794 YY*
9065725-G-GCTAACA 9228116-G-GCTAACA *
8416058-A-C 8548017-A-C YY*
8685083-G-A 8817042-G-A YY*
8411202-G-A 8543161-G-A YY*
8696594-A-G 8828553-A-G YY*
8194310-A-C 8326269-A-C V1699 YY*
8845380-T-C 8977339-T-C YY*
8149348-G-A 8281307-G-A YY*
8676330-A-G 8808289-A-G YY*
9098922-T-C 9261313-T-C Y*
9171956-A-T 9334347-A-T Y*
9841700-C-G 10004091-C-G YY*
14117810-T-C 11997104-T-C YY*
8070532-A-T 8202491-A-T YY*
15480547-G-C 13368667-G-C V2974 YY*
8633545-C-T 8765504-C-T YY*
8619538-A-G 8751497-A-G PF303 br1 YY*
15944828-C-G 13832948-C-G YY*
7549445-A-T 7681404-A-T V1195 YY*
2817429-G-C 2949388-G-C CTS216 YY*
6630931-G-A 6762890-G-A YY*
6670461-G-T 6802420-G-T YY*
6931040-G-C 7062999-G-C CTS655 YY*
7459474-A-G 7591433-A-G CTS1518 IR1_L *
9084870-T-G 9247261-T-G YSC0000082 Y*
7628900-A-G 7760859-A-G YY*
8516929-A-G 8648888-A-G YY*
7714986-G-T 7846945-G-T YY*
7848043-G-C 7980002-G-C YSC0000279 YY*
8257661-G-A 8389620-G-A YY*
8326618-T-C 8458577-T-C V1809 YY*
8334875-G-A 8466834-G-A YY*
8881927-G-GGT 9013886-G-GGT *
15648415-T-C 13536535-T-C CTS4437 YY*
16331558-A-G 14219678-A-G YY*
9170545-A-C 9332936-A-C Y*
22094491-T-C 19932605-T-C YY*
20812228-C-T 18650342-C-T P4_Gap *
17986687-A-C 15874807-A-C YSC0000269 Y*
21811108-T-G 19649222-T-G YY*
7220727-G-A 7352686-G-A YY*
21867787-A-G 19705901-A-G YY*
22003770-A-G 19841884-A-G YSC0000227 F597 YY*
22808370-T-C 20646484-T-C CTS10859 YY*
19144375-T-C 17032495-T-C YY*
23342709-A-C 21180823-A-C YY*
23489203-T-C 21327317-T-C YY*
23550924-C-A 21389038-C-A YY*
23979899-T-C 21833752-T-C Y*
24443836-T-G 22297689-T-G Y*
24485562-A-G 22339415-A-G *
7548900-A-G 7680859-A-G V1194 YY*
7762947-C-T 7894906-C-T YY*
16489668-T-G 14377788-T-G CTS5808 YY*
7854412-G-A 7986371-G-A V1478 YY*
16497020-C-T 14385140-C-T YY*
16535034-G-A 14423154-G-A CTS5884 YY*
16713287-A-G 14601407-A-G YY*
8050994-C-G 8182953-C-G YY*
7960019-A-G 8091978-A-G YY*
16769601-C-CT 14657721-C-CT *
17341676-G-A 15229796-G-A CTS7194 YY*
19067469-T-C 16955589-T-C YSC0000270 V3732 YY*
17470112-A-G 15358232-A-G YY*
17508337-T-C 15396457-T-C YY*
18028661-G-A 15916781-G-A Y*
7771131-A-G 7903090-A-G YY*
18116596-T-C 16004716-T-C YY*
18831084-G-A 16719204-G-A YSC0000966 V3529 YY*
2686727-A-G 2818686-A-G YY*
18720028-T-C 16608148-T-C YY*
2902839-C-T 3034798-C-T Z43714 YY*
17301401-A-G 15189521-A-G CTS7122 YY*
20828795-A-G 18666909-A-G P4_Gap *
20838224-G-A 18676338-G-A P4_Gap *
21117888-C-T 18956002-C-T PF6141PF6141 YY*
21166358-G-T 19004472-G-T PF6142 YY*
21843090-G-C 19681204-G-C YY*
17461478-C-T 15349598-C-T CTS7400 FGC33 YY*
7203-G-C *
19291359-C-T 17179479-C-T V3993 YY*
17285993-T-C 15174113-T-C YY*
17281258-G-T 15169378-G-T E101 YY*
17132580-T-C 15020700-T-C YY*
17240-C-G *
22750583-A-C 20588697-A-C YY*
16939406-C-A 14827526-C-A YY*
20811307-A-G 18649421-A-G P4_Gap *
19179606-C-A 17067726-C-A V3867 Y*
16773870-G-A 14661990-G-A YY*
18066156-T-C 15954276-T-C YY*
17782178-G-C 15670298-G-C YY*
17716251-T-C 15604371-T-C YY*
18017528-T-G 15905648-T-G FGC197 SK2005 Y*
17594966-G-C 15483086-G-C CTS7659 FGC50 YY*
18026855-A-G 15914975-A-G Y*
17589518-T-C 15477638-T-C CTS7650 FGC44 S1164 YY*
18095336-C-A 15983456-C-A CTS8591 FGC64 YY*
19045552-T-C 16933672-T-C YSC0000207 YY*
18117193-T-C 16005313-T-C YY*
18137831-C-T 16025951-C-T CTS8665 FGC464 YY*
18167403-T-C 16055523-T-C YY*
18394634-C-T 16282754-C-T P6_Gap *
18656508-C-G 16544628-C-G YY*
18719565-C-T 16607685-C-T YY*
16856357-C-T 14744477-C-T YY*
22796697-C-T 20634811-C-T CTS10834 YY*
20682133-C-T 18520247-C-T BY315 P4_Prx *
13657777-C-T 11502101-C-T L777 YSC0000248 *
15510064-G-T 13398184-G-T V2997 YY*
7474294-T-C 7606253-T-C ZS3822 IR1_L *
14317555-A-G 12196849-A-G YY*
13822833-T-G 11702127-T-G FGC36 E159 *
8498913-G-GT 8630872-G-GT *
13807475-A-C 11686769-A-C FGC189 *
13656660-A-G 11500984-A-G *
15594523-G-A 13482643-G-A V3064 YY*
13617318-G-A 11461642-G-A FGC206 *
10038192-A-G 10200583-A-G A702 Z8137 *
10008791-T-C 10171182-T-C Y*
17881230-C-G 15769350-C-G YY*
9788914-G-T 9951305-G-T FGC196 Y*
13664389-C-T 11508713-C-T BY40560 *
24394612-A-G 22248465-A-G Y*
16751825-A-G 14639945-A-G YY*
16742224-G-A 14630344-G-A YY*
22818334-T-C 20656448-T-C YY*
22889018-A-G 20727132-A-G YY*
23035132-A-G 20873246-A-G YY*
23134896-T-C 20973010-T-C PF6079 YSC0000237 YY*
23403749-A-G 21241863-A-G YY*
23452965-C-T 21291079-C-T YY*
23476936-T-G 21315050-T-G YY*
15667208-C-G 13555328-C-G YSC0000179 FGC1168 SK2006 Y*
23631629-A-C 21469743-A-C YY*
23811761-G-T 21649875-G-T Y*
23845409-C-T 21683523-C-T Y*
23984056-A-G 21837909-A-G Y*
16629782-C-T 14517902-C-T YY*
16376495-C-A 14264615-C-A CTS5577 FGC38 YY*
16183412-A-C 14071532-A-C Y*
22024891-CA-C 19863005-CA-C *
21570974-A-G 19409088-A-G YY*
17844018-C-T 15732138-C-T YY*
9827411-G-A 9989802-G-A YSC0000256 YY*
8643763-A-G 8775722-A-G PF3665 YY*
2810583-G-A 2942542-G-A CTS207 YY*
8728974-T-G 8860933-T-G PF3666 YY*
8834072-T-TA 8966031-T-TA Y1953 *
8873160-G-T 9005119-G-T PF3668 FI4 Y*
9516653-T-G 9679044-T-G PF3675 *
24370605-G-A 22224458-G-A *
8484606-C-A 8616565-C-A PF3661 V2111 YY*
14202119-C-A 12081413-C-A PF3702 CTS2159 Z2646 YY*
14214481-G-T 12093775-G-T PF3703 CTS2193 YY*
14337364-T-C 12216659-T-C PF3706 CTS2514 YY*
14646409-C-T 12534473-C-T PF3712 CTS3076 YY*
14974451-C-T 12862526-C-T YSC0000260 PF3718 L1197 V2731 YY*
15023364-T-C 12911452-T-C PF3721 M258 YY*
8485677-C-A 8617636-C-A M170[I]YSC0000284 PF3662 L756 V2113 FI3 YY*
8465165-C-T 8597124-C-T M170[I]YSC0000283 PF3659 L755 YY*
15389836-T-C 13277956-T-C PF3868 CTS4088 YY*
6926038-T-A 7057997-T-A M170[I]PF3629 CTS646 Y*
2884029-T-C 3015988-T-C YSC0000275 PF3572 L844 YY*
19347315-T-C 17235435-T-C CTS10247 PF3792 Z2661 YY*
2688442-T-A 2820401-T-A CTS48 PF3569 YY*
2974782-A-C 3106741-A-C PF3574 *
5586317-G-C 5718276-G-C PF3611 *
6662712-C-T 6794671-C-T V218 PF3627 YY*
6943522-C-T 7075481-C-T PF3630 CTS674 FI1 YY*
8392226-G-A 8524185-G-A PF3657 Z2636 YY*
7681156-T-A 7813115-T-A PF3640 YY*
7688470-T-C 7820429-T-C PF3641 V1369 YY*
7856500-C-T 7988459-C-T YSC0000280 PF3646 L846 YY*
8017527-A-AATAG 8149486-A-AATAG *
8046731-A-C 8178690-A-C PF3649 V1582 YY*
8267857-G-A 8399816-G-A M170[I]PF3653 L578 YY*
15349855-G-A 13237974-G-A PF3723 CTS4039 Z2650 YY*
15479899-T-A 13368019-T-A PF3726 CTS4209 V2971 YY*
23301413-T-TC 21139527-T-TC *
18581138-T-C 16469258-T-C CTS8959 Z2659 YY*
17940414-G-A 15828534-G-A CTS8333 PF3771 YY*
18018313-C-A 15906433-C-A CTS8420 PF3773 Y*
18078759-T-A 15966879-T-A CTS8545 PF3775 YY*
18078974-CA-C 15967094-CA-C *
18257568-G-A 16145688-G-A CTS8876 PF3778 *
18394743-A-G 16282863-A-G L751 PF3779 YSC0000291 P6_Gap *
18582617-C-T 16470737-C-T CTS8963 YY*
17745203-T-TA 15633323-T-TA Y1960 *
18700150-C-T 16588270-C-T L68 PF3781 S329 YY*
18992894-T-C 16881014-T-C CTS9618 PF3786 V3671 YY*
19048602-G-A 16936722-G-A L41 PF3787 YY*
19104986-G-A 16993106-G-A CTS9860 PF3790 YY*
19163922-ATTC-A 17052042-ATTC-A *
19233673-A-G 17121793-A-G CTS10058 V3934 YY*
17818847-G-A 15706967-G-A CTS8064 PF3768 YY*
17692855-T-A 15580975-T-A M170[I]CTS7831 PF3766 YY*
15506055-T-C 13394175-T-C PF3727 CTS4239 V2992 YY*
16548548-G-A 14436668-G-A PF3747 CTS5908 YY*
15536870-C-T 13424990-C-T PF3729 CTS4273 YY*
15615533-C-A 13503653-C-A YSC0000263 PF3731 L772 YY*
15859012-TC-T 13747132-TC-T *
15862842-C-T 13750962-C-T PF3736 CTS4848 V3186 FI7 YY*
15937959-C-T 13826079-C-T PF3737 CTS4982 V3251 YY*
16415916-A-G 14304036-A-G PF3744 CTS5650 YY*
16567253-A-G 14455373-A-G PF3748 CTS5946 YY*
17528966-C-CA 15417086-C-CA Y1959 8×A*
16751000-C-T 14639120-C-T CTS6231 PF3750 YY*
16836079-C-A 14724199-C-A CTS6343 PF3753 YY*
16836548-G-A 14724668-G-A CTS6344 PF3754 YY*
17030339-A-AAC 14918459-A-AAC *
17090238-C-G 14978358-C-G CTS6751 PF3757 YY*
17279829-AAAC-A 15167949-AAAC-A *
17424807-C-T 15312927-C-T CTS7329 YY*
15642277-A-AG 13530397-A-AG 8×G*
8262092-C-T 8394051-C-T Y1869 FGC2413 YY*
23069523-A-G 20907637-A-G FGC1572 F3402 S2 YY*
28707130-A-G 26560983-A-G Y5336 FGC18140 Y*
17510402-C-G 15398522-C-G YY*
17200869-G-A 15088989-G-A FGC1565 CTS6932 YY*
17040447-C-A 14928567-C-A FGC1584 F2366 YY*
17012180-C-A 14900300-C-A YSC0000289 PF3546 L748 YY*
16966024-T-C 14854144-T-C FGC1577 F2345 YY*
16839810-C-T 14727930-C-T FGC1575 CTS6349 YY*
15529876-C-T 13417996-C-T YY*
14330570-A-T 12209864-A-T YY*
14171812-T-G 12051106-T-G CTS2071 YY*
14144593-A-G 12023887-A-G PF3536 P129 YY*
22909101-C-T 20747215-C-T YSC0001317 PF3566 F3368 YY*
13676377-G-T 11520701-G-T FGC1574 *
18633084-C-A 16521204-C-A YSC0001311 F2794 V3346 YY*
8906357-C-T 9038316-C-T F1460 *
8888300-G-A 9020259-G-A YSC0001300 FGC1583 F1450 Y*
8679843-T-G 8811802-T-G YY*
8590752-C-T 8722711-C-T PF3526 P127 YY*
6701239-A-G 6833198-A-G YY*
6868118-A-G 7000077-A-G YY*
6912992-G-T 7044951-G-T CTS623 FGC37 YY*
8558969-A-T 8690928-A-T PF3525 P130 S22 YY*
8222299-T-C 8354258-T-C L403 FGC1573 YY*
7922133-G-A 8054092-G-A Y1866 FGC1587 YY*
7694266-G-A 7826225-G-A YSC0000070 FGC1564 YY*
7190277-A-G 7322236-A-G FGC1579 F922 YY*
17660074-T-G 15548194-T-G YY*
14031334-T-A 11910628-T-A IJPF3535 P125 M429 YY*
21225770-C-G 19063884-C-G P126 FGC1566 YY*
2887824-A-C 3019783-A-C YY*
21461202-G-A 19299316-G-A PF3562 YY*
21507294-C-G 19345408-C-G YY*
20837553-T-C 18675667-T-C P4_Gap *
19360192-C-T 17248312-C-T V4038 YY*
21040853-A-C 18878967-A-C F3102 Y*
19166861-T-C 17054981-T-C PF3554 P123 F4281 Y*
22866703-C-G 20704817-C-G YY*
14757463-C-T 12645532-C-T **
14297240-C-A 12176534-C-A **
14717459-G-T 12605527-G-T **
14683570-T-C 12571636-T-C **
14029431-G-A 11908725-G-A **
14367897-G-A 12247193-G-A **
14009653-G-A 11888947-G-A **
14743156-A-G 12631224-A-G **
15276450-A-C 13164539-A-C **
14776909-C-T 12664978-C-T **
16032409-T-G 13920529-T-G **
14253127-C-A 12132421-C-A **
15355234-T-G 13243353-T-G **
13480560-A-G 11324884-A-G **
15963956-C-A 13852076-C-A Y16671 **
15386546-C-T 13274666-C-T **
15924035-A-G 13812155-A-G **
15315428-C-A 13203533-C-A **
15916508-G-A 13804628-G-A **
15971212-G-A 13859332-G-A **
16070866-C-A 13958986-C-A **
16041022-C-A 13929142-C-A **
16246146-A-C 14134266-A-C **
16351715-C-A 14239835-C-A **
16342566-A-G 14230686-A-G **
14451054-C-A 12330327-C-A **
14035995-C-T 11915289-C-T **
15342797-T-G 13230916-T-G **
14508645-C-T 12396850-C-T **
14041043-G-C 11920337-G-C **
16271841-G-A 14159961-G-A **
13468182-G-T 11312506-G-T **
16236109-C-A 14124229-C-A **
16044866-C-A 13932986-C-A **
16199731-T-G 14087851-T-G **
14518677-C-A 12406878-C-A **
16118934-C-T 14007054-C-T P8_Prx **
14571454-T-A 12459654-T-A **
14589268-T-A 12477468-T-A **
16071783-G-T 13959903-G-T **
14680260-T-G 12568326-T-G **
14376597-A-C 12255893-A-C **
15791214-A-G 13679334-A-G **
14858858-A-G 12746924-A-G **
14198398-C-A 12077692-C-A **
14858861-G-T 12746927-G-T **
15648724-G-C 13536844-G-C **
14949035-A-G 12837109-A-G Y16424 **
15698596-C-A 13586716-C-A **
13718538-A-T 11562862-A-T **
11648277-G-T **
15433632-G-T 13321752-G-T **
14191086-A-T 12070380-A-T **
11651865-AGAATTGAATG-A **
11677797-G-T **
15636193-T-C 13524313-T-C **
13526429-C-A 11370753-C-A **
15575072-A-C 13463192-A-C **
15570836-A-G 13458956-A-G **
15109202-A-T 12997289-A-T **
15503368-G-A 13391488-G-A **
13919281-C-G 11798575-C-G **
13922885-G-T 11802179-G-T **
15140855-A-G 13028942-A-G **
14424054-C-A 12303329-C-A **
15221337-G-T 13109423-G-T **
13586005-G-A 11430329-G-A **
14191087-T-A 12070381-T-A **
15775747-T-C 13663867-T-C **
15763997-C-T 13652117-C-T **
15773544-C-A 13661664-C-A **
14218548-A-C 12097842-A-C **
15497930-T-C 13386050-T-C **
13486973-C-G 11331297-C-G **
14143426-C-A 12022720-C-A **
14195156-C-A 12074450-C-A **
13974088-G-T 11853382-G-T **
13486974-C-T 11331298-C-T **
13955655-C-A 11834949-C-A **
15748022-CCTACTA-C 13636142-CCTACTA-C **
14158299-T-C 12037593-T-C **
15743754-G-T 13631874-G-T **
14858874-A-G 12746940-A-G **
15400062-A-G 13288182-A-G **
13487004-T-C 11331328-T-C **
14858881-A-C 12746947-A-C **
13940675-A-G 11819969-A-G **
15400081-A-C 13288201-A-C **
13487017-T-C 11331341-T-C **
15410563-G-A 13298683-G-A **
14445548-A-C 12324821-A-C **
19056315-A-G 16944435-A-G **
16394476-G-T 14282596-G-T **
22690882-G-T 20528996-G-T **
22447703-C-G 20285817-C-G DYZ19 **
28708393-T-C 26562246-T-C **
22483911-A-T 20322025-A-T DYZ19 **
22564598-C-A 20402712-C-A **
22614886-C-A 20453000-C-A **
22689968-T-C 20528082-T-C **
22703576-A-C 20541690-A-C **
22359698-A-T 20197812-A-T DYZ19 **
22730640-T-C 20568754-T-C **
22811947-C-G 20650061-C-G **
22881408-T-A 20719522-T-A **
22949902-G-T 20788016-G-T **
22949909-A-G 20788023-A-G **
23137260-A-C 20975374-A-C **
22429980-T-C 20268094-T-C DYZ19 **
28716419-A-T 26570272-A-T **
23144149-A-G 20982263-A-G **
21806892-C-A 19645006-C-A **
21118577-G-C 18956691-G-C **
21241721-A-T 19079835-A-T **
21503338-A-G 19341452-A-G **
21534814-C-T 19372928-C-T **
21555649-G-C 19393763-G-C BY133778 **
28776167-A-T 26630020-A-T **
21974829-G-A 19812943-G-A **
28748278-G-A 26602131-G-A **
21979761-A-C 19817875-A-C **
22135865-C-A 19973979-C-A **
22146384-C-A 19984498-C-A **
22170491-T-A 20008605-T-A **
22204508-A-G 20042622-A-G **
28767202-A-G 26621055-A-G **
28758076-A-C 26611929-A-C **
23144144-G-T 20982258-G-T **
23188433-G-A 21026547-G-A **
21048276-A-G 18886390-A-G **
28485982-C-A 26339835-C-A **
24415734-AT-A 22269587-AT-A **
25709418-G-A 23563271-G-A P1_b3 **
25709417-TGA-T 23563270-TGA-T P1_b3 **
28499325-A-G 26353178-A-G **
28497050-A-C 26350903-A-C **
28496144-C-A 26349997-C-A **
28481262-C-A 26335115-C-A **
24404178-G-A 22258031-G-A FGC38473 **
27808645-C-A 25662498-C-A P1_Y2 **
25709444-G-C 23563297-G-C P1_b3 **
26991257-C-A 24845110-C-A P1_r4 **
26400758-A-G 24254611-A-G P1_Y1 **
26344204-A-C 24198057-A-C P1_Y1 **
26228718-AG-T 24082571-AG-T P1_Y1 **
28515385-C-A 26369238-C-A **
28529641-C-A 26383494-C-A **
23231321-C-A 21069435-C-A **
23570116-T-A 21408230-T-A **
23260789-A-T 21098903-A-T **
23311210-TCC-T 21149324-TCC-T **
23398208-G-C 21236322-G-C **
23401063-G-T 21239177-G-T **
23468575-T-A 21306689-T-A **
28679088-T-C 26532941-T-C **
23723593-ATATATA-T 21561707-ATATATA-T **
28537197-G-C 26391050-G-C **
23778225-T-A 21616339-T-A **
21751101-A-T **
13416742-C-A 11261066-C-A **
21754114-C-T **
24267274-G-T 22121127-G-T P3_b1 **
28567138-C-A 26420991-C-A **
28545260-A-G 26399113-A-G **
21118526-G-C 18956640-G-C **
20980026-GTTTTAT-G 18818140-GTTTTAT-G P4_Dst **
16422370-C-A 14310490-C-A **
17561329-T-G 15449449-T-G **
17337664-A-G 15225784-A-G PH2988 **
17387431-C-A 15275551-C-A **
17498955-A-T 15387075-A-T **
17534686-T-C 15422806-T-C **
17545349-G-C 15433469-G-C **
17545423-C-A 15433543-C-A **
56855648-A-C **
17260016-C-T 15148136-C-T **
17576168-G-T 15464288-G-T **
17597932-G-GAA 15486052-G-GAA 9×A**
17605300-G-T 15493420-G-T **
17605301-G-T 15493421-G-T **
17654046-A-C 15542166-A-C **
17716996-CA-C 15605116-CA-C **
17324093-AG-A 15212213-AG-A **
17211575-T-C 15099695-T-C **
17722661-A-C 15610781-A-C **
16703497-C-G 14591617-C-G Y32640 **
16428982-G-A 14317102-G-A **
16451701-C-A 14339821-C-A **
16498142-T-C 14386262-T-C **
16506735-A-T 14394855-A-T **
16652022-G-GT 14540142-G-GT **
16688041-T-C 14576161-T-C **
16719617-C-T 14607737-C-T **
17193120-C-A 15081240-C-A **
16720621-C-A 14608741-C-A **
16721642-T-G 14609762-T-G **
16757158-T-C 14645278-T-C **
16952959-C-A 14841079-C-A **
17032453-A-C 14920573-A-C **
17032470-T-G 14920590-T-G **
17130026-A-C 15018146-A-C **
17722660-G-C 15610780-G-C **
17775036-A-C 15663156-A-C **
20712425-C-T 18550539-C-T P4_Prx **
19435797-A-G 17323917-A-G **
56839203-G-C **
19044624-A-T 16932744-A-T **
19052064-G-T 16940184-G-T **
56839092-A-C **
19274701-C-A 17162821-C-A **
19423705-C-T 17311825-C-T **
19475100-A-G 17363220-A-G Y16429 **
18926889-AG-T 16815009-AG-T **
19677905-C-CACCG 17566025-C-CACCG P5_Prx **
20215945-T-TATATAC 18054059-T-TATATAC P5_Dst **
20569369-A-C 18407483-A-C P5_Dst **
20569462-A-C 18407576-A-C P5_Dst **
20673678-A-G 18511792-A-G P4_Prx **
20673699-T-G 18511813-T-G P4_Prx **
18932697-G-A 16820817-G-A **
56840057-A-T **
17928528-G-C 15816648-G-C **
18628063-T-G 16516183-T-G **
18093963-A-G 15982083-A-G **
18155555-T-C 16043675-T-C **
18165970-T-G 16054090-T-G **
18270289-A-C 16158409-A-C **
18308737-A-C 16196857-A-C P6_Prx **
56854609-A-G **
18645950-T-C 16534070-T-C **
18891210-A-G 16779330-A-G **
56850223-A-C **
18847899-T-A 16736019-T-A **
18847935-C-A 16736055-C-A **
18868946-T-A 16757066-T-A **
18868952-T-C 16757072-T-C **
18891201-A-T 16779321-A-T **
18891204-A-G 16779324-A-G **
13433550-A-G 11277874-A-G **
5844538-A-T 5976497-A-T **
13327757-G-A 11172081-G-A **
2701263-C-A 2833222-C-A **
21583964-C-A 19422078-C-A **
14845338-C-A 12733404-C-A **
13327767-C-A 11172091-C-A **
14077902-C-A 11957196-C-A **
6231137-C-A 6363096-C-A IR3_Dst **
3606354-C-A 3738313-C-A **
11026178-C-A **
2750870-G-A 2882829-G-A **
6780742-G-T 6912701-G-T **
2768379-C-A 2900338-C-A **
2790508-G-C 2922467-G-C **
2895352-C-T 3027311-C-T **
2979649-GA-G 3111608-GA-G **
2979746-T-C 3111705-T-C **
3016455-G-C 3148414-G-C **
3032624-T-A 3164583-T-A **
17884752-C-A 15772872-C-A **
22804047-G-A 20642161-G-A Y38050 **
3051790-A-C 3183749-A-C **
22809812-C-A 20647926-C-A **
22739709-T-A 20577823-T-A **
17648604-C-A 15536724-C-A **
10773165-T-C **
8079411-A-T 8211370-A-T **
7282400-C-A 7414359-C-A **
24273499-C-A 22127352-C-A P3_b1 **
21561384-C-A 19399498-C-A **
27808427-G-A 25662280-G-A P1_Y2 **
3965285-C-A 4097244-C-A **
14180688-A-C 12059982-A-C **
10955300-C-A **
13485633-C-T 11329957-C-T **
10677252-G-T **
22212053-C-A 20050167-C-A **
16430565-C-A 14318685-C-A **
14524089-C-A 12412290-C-A **
3032640-G-T 3164599-G-T **
3061190-T-G 3193149-T-G **
13522140-G-T 11366464-G-T **
5425886-T-G 5557845-T-G **
4357448-T-C 4489407-T-C **
4473569-A-G 4605528-A-G **
4929248-A-C 5061207-A-C **
5022147-G-A 5154106-G-A FGC18531 Y7201 **
5170655-T-A 5302614-T-A **
5212551-A-C 5344510-A-C **
5242664-C-A 5374623-C-A **
5426372-T-C 5558331-T-C **
4114715-C-A 4246674-C-A **
5449518-T-A 5581477-T-A **
5471592-CCT-C 5603551-CCT-C **
5523631-T-C 5655590-T-C **
5587346-G-T 5719305-G-T **
5627699-T-G 5759658-T-G **
5669138-A-G 5801097-A-G **
5688499-G-C 5820458-G-C **
5712990-G-T 5844949-G-T **
4178545-A-T 4310504-A-T **
4113135-T-A 4245094-T-A **
3079467-A-G 3211426-A-G **
3347536-C-T 3479495-C-T **
13319045-G-C 11163369-G-C **
3250796-T-G 3382755-T-G **
3258273-A-C 3390232-A-C **
3282679-T-C 3414638-T-C **
3287298-C-A 3419257-C-A **
3287308-C-A 3419267-C-A **
3330353-A-T 3462312-A-T **
3347558-A-T 3479517-A-T **
4094968-T-A 4226927-T-A **
3374097-A-G 3506056-A-G **
3620636-C-A 3752595-C-A **
3640523-C-A 3772482-C-A **
3791011-C-T 3922970-C-T **
3836914-C-G 3968873-C-G **
3995179-C-T 4127138-C-T **
4075910-A-C 4207869-A-C **
4075948-A-C 4207907-A-C **
15730452-C-A 13618572-C-A **
28700762-TATAC-T 26554615-TATAC-T **
5817326-C-A 5949285-C-A **
26358766-C-A 24212619-C-A P1_Y1 **
14396611-C-A 12275907-C-A **
15881878-C-A 13769998-C-A **
10889699-C-A **
7270309-A-T 7402268-A-T **
10939035-T-A **
10939055-C-T **
10660802-T-C **
56841661-C-A **
28558541-C-A 26412394-C-A **
10885208-A-T **
15654944-C-A 13543064-C-A **
15671149-G-T 13559269-G-T **
21324256-G-T 19162370-G-T **
3250718-A-C 3382677-A-C **
15860200-C-A 13748320-C-A **
9351140-A-T 9513531-A-T **
10885204-T-G **
56846268-G-A **
6395070-G-T 6527029-G-T **
8218069-CTT-C 8350028-CTT-C **
15379806-C-A 13267926-C-A **
15727271-A-C 13615391-A-C PF3906 **
9891668-G-A 10054059-G-A PF3677 **
17071135-C-CGAAG 14959255-C-CGAAG 5×GAAG**
5170248-G-A 5302207-G-A 11×AGGA**
7105069-C-T 7237028-C-T Z38939 **
22023250-T-G 19861364-T-G **
13799986-C-T 11679280-C-T Y5333 FGC18092 **
6308050-G-A 6440009-G-A IR3_Dst 9×CA**
19847659-TTTTG-T 17735779-TTTTG-T P5_Prx **
22164510-C-A 20002624-C-A **
9702947-G-A 9865338-G-A IR3_Prx **
13718506-G-A 11562830-G-A BY211351 **
22739703-C-A 20577817-C-A **
18937395-A-T 16825515-A-T **
13565707-A-G 11410031-A-G **
14212056-A-G 12091350-A-G Y16423 **
23438878-A-C 21276992-A-C **
10987627-G-T **
10671075-C-A **
10885238-T-A **
10885239-T-C **
10885260-C-G **
13235664-C-A 11079988-C-A **
23723610-C-T 21561724-C-T **
22188777-C-A 20026891-C-A **
9965625-G-T 10128016-G-T **
21320168-C-A 19158282-C-A **
10885182-CAT-C **
25376566-A-T 23230419-A-T P2_r2 **
13255659-T-C 11099983-T-C **
3849344-A-G 3981303-A-G **
7314587-C-A 7446546-C-A **
10773173-A-T **
10773182-T-TGTTCC **
22690807-G-T 20528921-G-T **
15971625-C-A 13859745-C-A **
10885221-C-A **
10885181-C-CTG **
21387220-C-A 19225334-C-A **
16450333-C-A 14338453-C-A **
5321152-C-A 5453111-C-A **
26222512-T-TA 24076365-T-TA P1_Y1 **
10864648-C-G **
8173700-C-A 8305659-C-A **
14146746-C-A 12026040-C-A **
7414270-T-A 7546229-T-A **
6147475-T-G 6279434-T-G IR3_Dst **
22739701-A-G 20577815-A-G **
9730974-C-A 9893365-C-A IR3_Prx **
6337844-T-C 6469803-T-C IR3_Dst **
7286921-C-A 7418880-C-A **
19168555-C-A 17056675-C-A **
14380276-C-A 12259572-C-A **
13612008-A-T 11456332-A-T **
18088464-C-A 15976584-C-A **
20654923-A-G 18493037-A-G P4_Prx **
6459888-C-A 6591847-C-A **
5796157-A-G 5928116-A-G **
3250762-A-T 3382721-A-T **
5910350-T-G 6042309-T-G **
10659401-A-G **
9577295-A-AT 9739686-A-AT IR3_Prx **
9669054-A-T 9831445-A-T IR3_Prx **
9980458-A-T 10142849-A-T **
9996311-G-A 10158702-G-A **
5935434-C-T 6067393-C-T **
10658833-C-A **
10660798-T-G **
9351139-C-T 9513530-C-T **
10663513-T-C **
10669327-C-G **
10671447-C-T **
10673493-A-C **
10673947-C-A **
10677244-T-C **
9433815-C-T 9596206-C-T **
9063767-G-T 9226158-G-T **
10682667-G-C **
8345508-T-A 8477467-T-A **
7717691-T-G 7849650-T-G **
7721278-G-T 7853237-G-T **
7774980-T-C 7906939-T-C **
7969668-C-A 8101627-C-A **
8076303-C-A 8208262-C-A **
8293878-A-C 8425837-A-C **
8351648-A-G 8483607-A-G **
9015952-C-A 9178343-C-A **
8399171-C-A 8531130-C-A **
8668329-T-G 8800288-T-G **
8735162-C-T 8867121-C-T **
8735209-C-A 8867168-C-A **
8735216-C-A 8867175-C-A **
8762005-G-T 8893964-G-T **
8762013-G-T 8893972-G-T **
10677259-A-C **
10683352-A-G **
7641092-C-A 7773051-C-A **
10996481-T-A **
10925289-C-A **
10925320-A-G **
10925324-C-A **
10932647-A-C **
10964937-A-C **
10980537-G-C **
11016073-A-G **
10877830-A-G **
11020056-C-A **
11025758-T-C **
11028059-C-G **
11037601-C-A **
13218458-G-A 11062782-G-A **
13227136-C-A 11071460-C-A **
13236594-T-A 11080918-T-A **
10921339-T-C **
10877817-C-A **
10683373-A-C **
10798684-C-CTCCAT **
10687242-G-GCGTTC **
10757412-T-A **
10757914-C-A **
10758080-C-A **
10786045-C-A **
10789273-T-C **
10814258-T-C **
10877764-A-T **
10820704-C-T **
10835394-A-C **
10836540-A-C **
10841483-A-C **
10861106-C-A **
10863651-C-G FT55293 **
10863802-C-T **
7641101-C-A 7773060-C-A **
10658074-C-T **
36947-C-G **
6096884-T-A 6228843-T-A **
7033422-A-C 7165381-A-C **
7045068-G-A 7177027-G-A **
6312727-T-A 6444686-T-A IR3_Dst **
6308052-A-AAC 6440011-A-AAC IR3_Dst **
6096888-T-A 6228847-T-A **
7063618-A-G 7195577-A-G **
7105064-T-G 7237023-T-G **
7020596-A-G 7152555-A-G **
7105108-G-C 7237067-G-C **
7152949-T-G 7284908-T-G **
7200836-G-T 7332795-G-T **
7200849-A-T 7332808-A-T **
6541335-T-G 6673294-T-G **
7200852-C-T 7332811-C-T **
7033420-C-A 7165379-C-A **
6930489-C-T 7062448-C-T **
7200864-C-T 7332823-C-T **
6752202-G-A 6884161-G-A **
6519629-A-C 6651588-A-C **
6510614-A-T 6642573-A-T **
6752126-A-C 6884085-A-C **
6346082-T-G 6478041-T-G 21×TA**
6337855-G-T 6469814-G-T IR3_Dst **
6337854-G-C 6469813-G-C IR3_Dst **
6780755-C-A 6912714-C-A **
6916226-A-G 7048185-A-G **
6798875-C-T 6930834-C-T **
7433484-G-A 7565443-G-A **
6798949-A-T 6930908-A-T **
6830804-C-A 6962763-C-A **
6337841-C-T 6469800-C-T IR3_Dst **
6882438-C-G 7014397-C-G **
7200854-G-T 7332813-G-T **
6541362-A-G 6673321-A-G **
7383677-C-A 7515636-C-A **
7341019-G-T 7472978-G-T **
7276271-A-G 7408230-A-G **
7224033-C-A 7355992-C-A **
7385968-C-A 7517927-C-A **
7423691-G-T 7555650-G-T **
7338423-T-G 7470382-T-G **
7428198-C-A 7560157-C-A **
18883231-A-T 16771351-A-T ***
18986087-A-G 16874207-A-G CTS9604 ***
16222561-T-C 14110681-T-C YSC0000186 ***
9885733-G-A 10048124-G-A ***
11649413-G-A ***
20603508-G-A 18441622-G-A BY212218 P5_Dst ***
10060320-C-T 10222711-C-T ***
19095285-A-G 16983405-A-G ***
10992656-C-A ***
14416216-G-. 12295513-A-G ***
14829196-C-. 12717263-T-C ***
13835003-T-C 11714297-T-C Y1880 FGC2415 ***
10969829-C-A ***
17126136-CT-C 15014256-CT-C ***
16780748-C-G 14668868-C-G PF3871 CTS6265 ***
21603164-G-T 19441278-G-T ***
17392632-AT-A 15280752-AT-A 8×T***
56847417-A-G ***
13858589-G-T 11737883-G-T ***
13862420-G-T 11741714-G-T BY48421 ***
13314117-G-A 11158441-G-A BY16360 ***
28590278-A-G 26444131-A-G ***
13902709-T-C 11782003-T-C Z26373 ***
22733758-G-C 20571872-G-C ***
21917832-C-T 19755946-C-T ***
17013730-A-G 14901850-A-G YSC0000194 ***
19315988-T-A 17204108-T-A V4004 ***
13821157-TG-T 11700451-TG-T ***
22099636-A-T 19937750-A-T ***
18927031-T-C 16815151-T-C CTS9484 PF3785 ***
14636150-ATTTGTTTG-A 12524219-ATTTGTTTG-A 7×TTTG***
14847792-A-C 12735858-A-C M170[I]PF3715 M170 ***
13572928-C-T 11417252-C-T PF3686 ***
23267211-G-A 21105325-G-A CTS11779 PF3844 ***
21414141-T-A 19252255-T-A PF3801 Z2663 ***
21220741-T-C 19058855-T-C Y1830 FGC1560 ***
18786174-G-A 16674294-G-A CTS9264 PF3782 V3496 ***
8677159-TGAG-T 8809118-TGAG-T ***
17307987-C-A 15196107-C-A ***
10024269-T-TCTCC 10186660-T-TCTCC ***
16354708-G-A 14242828-G-A U179 PF3742 ***
15718964-G-A 13607084-G-A Z2647PF3733 CTS4568 Z2652 ***
14986989-T-G 12875055-T-G PF3719 CTS3517 V2740 ***
14072906-T-A 11952200-T-A PF3698 CTS1799 Z2645 ***
17284768-G-A 15172888-G-A PH2930 ***
2810390-GA-G 2942349-GA-G ***
13843938-T-A 11723232-T-A BY26338 ***
13304792-G-A 11149116-G-A FT144539 ***
15472863-T-C 13360983-T-C ***
6740001-AAACAAC-A 6871960-AAACAAC-A FGC43418 11×AAC***
28659410-T-A 26513263-T-A Y16433 ***
23412989-A-G 21251103-A-G CTS12003 Z2673 PF3846 ***
22463089-G-A 20301203-G-A FGC18067 DYZ19 ***
22237750-C-A 20075864-C-A FGC12072 DYZ19 ***
3545070-T-A 3677029-T-A M170[I]P212 PF3580 ***
6388343-A-C 6520302-A-C FGC21990 SUR9 ***
19132669-T-TC 17020789-T-TC ***
8443332-A-G 8575291-A-G Z2637 PF3658 V1992 ***
17321298-G-T 15209418-G-T Y16427 ***
3831248-A-G 3963207-A-G PF3585 ***
24422043-G-A 22275896-G-A ***
16447158-AACACACACAC-A 14335278-AACACACACAC-A 22×AC***
19184005-T-A 17072125-T-A BY127027 ***
13996307-C-A 11875601-C-A ***
15277053-C-A 13165142-C-A ***
16043221-G-A 13931341-G-A FGC18101 Y5330 ***
9965502-C-A 10127893-C-A ***
8839295-G-A 8971254-G-A S6601 ***
21167088-AA-A,AT 19005202-AA-A,AT ***
9419125-A-G 9581516-A-G PF3896 ***
7329429-C-A 7461388-C-A ***
9420177-T-A 9582568-T-A ***
21403385-C-T 19241499-C-T S23033 ***
15176296-C-A 13064382-C-A ***
24013837-G-A 21867690-G-A ***
18778639-G-A 16666759-G-A Y16682 ***
18769962-C-A 16658082-C-A ***
9796337-C-G 9958728-C-G Y16680 ***
15365842-A-T 13253962-A-T ***
13487492-C-A 11331816-C-A ***
14949704-T-G 12837778-T-G FGC18576 BY53 ***
2747786-A-AATAT 2879745-A-AATAT 8×AT***
15859437-CTTTTT-C,CTT 13747557-CTTTTT-C,CTT 17×T***
15903475-G-T 13791595-G-T FGC18589 Y5341 ***
7386935-A-T 7518894-A-T BY64889 ***
8052804-A-G 8184763-A-G ***
2693469-C-A 2825428-C-A ***
19498958-C-A 17387078-C-A ***
19512009-C-A 17400129-C-A ***
8409340-A-T 8541299-A-T ***
15396682-C-A 13284802-C-A ***
8468083-A-G 8600042-A-G ***
8638918-C-T 8770877-C-T S11759 ***
2783750-C-A 2915709-C-A S8314 ***
8713244-C-T 8845203-C-T Y16670 ***
13992215-G-A 11871509-G-A ***
2803970-GA-G 2935929-GA-G 8×A***
18887888-T-A 16776008-T-A L597 S333 ***
17502729-G-T 15390849-G-T ***
8874970-C-T 9006929-C-T 17×T***
23158925-G-A 20997039-G-A Y7869 FGC18136 ***
10837808-A-T FT90747 ***
6861912-G-C 6993871-G-C S9539 ***
22010479-G-A 19848593-G-A ***
28766436-TC-T 26620289-TC-T ***
22675615-T-C 20513729-T-C ***
14197631-G-A 12076925-G-A L596 S292 PF6907 ***
3992103-AC-A 4124062-AC-A ***
6788888-A-C 6920847-A-C SK1274 ***
22949510-TTC-T 20787624-TTC-T ***
13854495-C-A 11733789-C-A ***
16742894-C-A 14631014-C-A ***
4581701-C-G 4713660-C-G BY420 ***
16818677-AATAT-A 14706797-AATAT-A 12×AT***
22528161-A-G 20366275-A-G ***
10839099-C-A ***
9852648-C-A 10015039-C-A ***
22230750-C-G 20068864-C-G BY16390 DYZ19 ***
14900615-T-A 12788682-T-A Y16681 ***
21875732-C-T 19713846-C-T BY136110 ***
10627626-T-G BY49429 ***
18401516-C-T 16289636-C-T P6_Gap ***
13971-A-T FGC77139 ***
10661396-C-A ***
22228664-G-A 20066778-G-A BY47870 DYZ19 ***
7139501-GATATT-G 7271460-GATATT-G ***
10677327-A-G ***
13489307-C-T 11333631-C-T BY86239 ***
18267437-T-C 16155557-T-C Z26396 ***
14215159-C-CA 12094453-C-CA 9×A***
7098856-C-A 7230815-C-A ***
14519678-C-T 12407879-C-T PF3902 ***
10777958-T-A ***
16412241-C-A 14300361-C-A ***
21469242-A-T 19307356-A-T ***

In the table above, the meaning of the confidence field depends on whether the data comes from an FTDNA kit or an FGC kit. For FTDNA kits, + implies a "PASS" result with just one possible variant, * indicates a "PASS" but with multiple variants, ** indicates "REJECTED" with just a single variant, and *** indicates "REJECTED" with multiple possible variants. 'A*' are heterozygous variants not called by FTDNA, but still pulled from the VCF file. For FGC kits, + indicates over 99% likely genuine (95% for INDELs); * over 95% likely genuine (90% for INDELs); ** about 40% likely genuine; *** about 10% likely genuine. Manual entries read directly from a BAM file will be either + indicating positive, or * indicating that the data show a mixture of possible variants.

For the FTDNA kits, the BED data is encoded in the background color of the cells. Those cells with a white background have coverage, those with a grey background indicate no coverage in the BED file, and those with a pink background indicate the mutation is on the edge of a coverage region. These pink regions often indicate that the individual may be positive for a SNP even if there is no corresponding entry in the vcf file.

The combBED column indicates whether or not the mutation is a SNP and falls in the combBED region defined in Defining a New Rate Constant for Y-Chromosome SNPs based on Full Sequencing Data by Dmitry Adamov, Vladimir Guryanov, Sergey Karzhavin, Vladimir Tagankin, Vadim Urasin.

The McDonald BED column indicates whether or not the mutation is a SNP and falls in the BED region used by Dr. Iain McDonald in the age analysis he does for R-U106 men.

Age Analysis Information (work in progress)

Kit: 396187966410078695247759716
Used in age calculations966410078695247759716
Counts of SNPs366344
Variant counts last updated 2019-11-29 02:42:28.

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